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Love and Deep Feelings come from Confessions

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Heartfelt confessions are coming your way!! Yes this means my computer is fixed. Thank me, love me, use me, abuse me, fuck me... it's your choice!! (please no raping. You can't rape the willing!)

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The next day we woke up and walked down the stairs. Everybody looked at us and smiled. No one was mad? That's a little weird. Maybe they didn't know. Oh well, that just means we're off the hook from a bad lecture. "Good morning everyone!" I smiled. Hopefully today was going to be a new step in mine and Pete's relationship.

"Good morning sis! I need to talk to you! Come on." Laura got up and pulled me into the kitchen by my arm. Within the next second everyone's ears were pressed against the door. "So explain, what exactly happened last night and in full detail." Ok so now's my chance to lie. No I won't lie, I'll just leave the kiss out! Yea that's what I'll do!

"Well Pete took me to the beach to have dinner there. It was really sweet cause' it was the way I always wanted an anniversary to be. Then after dinner we laid on the sand and watched the stars. After a while we decided to come home. It was seriously the best night of my life."

"Good try Mandy. What about the kiss you shared?"

"How'd you find out about that?" I asked in hushed tones. I didn't want anyone to hear about that.

"I didn't I just guessed. So how was it?"

"Shhh I don't want them to know they might hurt Pete. I couldn't take that. If Pete dies I'm going with him. I'm serious about this. Let's take this up to your room. It's soundproof!" We walked up to her room and sat on her bed. All the guys were pissed when we went up there because they knew they couldn't hear us now. All they heard was that she thought we kissed. They didn't know for sure.

"So you really are in love with him huh?" At this point Patrick opened the door a crack so he and the rest of the guys could hear.

"Yes I really am in love with him, more than anything in the world. I mean, you know how heartbroken I was when Nick and I split for the 5th time, I stopped eating. This time, if something were to happen to Pete I think I might as well kill myself. He's like the other thing I have." She started to cry and so did I.

"So how was the kiss? You never really did tell me." She asked, through sobs and tears.

"It was the most amazing thing ever. I felt like I was floating for the rest of the night. I couldn't help but smile or anything. You can feel so much through someone's kiss and I could tell that he really cares about me. More then anyone ever did. That's exactly when I knew I was in love with him. I don't think I can stand any more than an hour away from him now. I mean this is even torture." She cut me off before I could say anything else.

"Sounds like you're falling fast!"

"No I fell, fast and hard at that." She smiled and wiped a tear from my cheek.

"Go out there and get your man, Mandy. He deserves you, and you deserve him just the same." With that I hugged her and got up to walk to the door.
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