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Private Pools Aren't Always Private

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[Frerard] [First Person; Frank POV] Why NOT go swimming in fifty five degrees weather? Especially if you have a heater built into your pool. Swimming with your best friend in your boxers...and of c...

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Oh gods, I am so sorry. This plot is too played out...but I thought I'd give it an edge by writing it in First Person. Yeahhh...
This was written for mistressxwinter, as always, and it is also for RyanRossIsLove ^^ AND IT'S ALSO BECAUSE I'VE READ ALL THE UNDER PG-13'S ON FICWAD AND MYCHEMICALSLASH.LIVEJOURNAL .________.;;


Hands revolved around one another seductively, but in a weird and sick way, I was only seducing myself. Sweat egged me on, making my hands slippery and wet with my own bodily fluid. But, move and move they did, around and around each other, nervous and maybe even a bit terrified. I was only nervous, because, well, in all honesty, I was with /him/. A deep breath befell my chest, slowly escaping my mouth like some sickly gas, hovering in front of my lips momentarily. I stared down at the bubbling mass of white condensed air before it faded away into nothing.

"What are you doing?" I asked, fighting to keep my teeth from chattering. Damn, them (my teeth, that was); always betraying me, even when I was trying to act as tough as possible.

He grinned at me, those long, thick-yet-thin lips pulling back to his ears, quite literally. Black hair cascaded so lusciously down his face, making my thoughts turn towards delusions and dreams that I had once had of the two of us together, but I had not wanted to think of recently. I shuddered visibly, not from the cold, but rather from the thoughts that were running and riding wildly unbidden through my so sick and twisted mind.

Fingers gripped the hem of his shirt, before tugging sweetly over his bare and pale chest (it took all my self control not to completely lose control at that very moment), finally rising over his chest, and then to his neck. Lightly the shirt popped from his neck to the top of his head, sliding kindly down the arms I wished to caress. He discarded his shirt carelessly on the marble ground, raising his head and his beautiful emerald eyes to meet mine.

"Wanna go for a swim?" he asked carelessly, that smile pulling so nicely at his lips once again. I blinked, wrapping my arms around myself once again, before eyebrows pulled together in confusion.

I stared at him, watching as he tugged his pants off to reveal white boxers with a heart print on them. "Gee, are you nuts? It's, like, forty degrees right now-"

He shook his head, now stripped completely, but with boxers on. It was all my tainted and rather disgusting dreams and wishes rolled into one, glorious, real moment. "Actually," he said airily, "it's only fifty five. But, hey. The pool's heated-I set it to eighty, so we should be good!"

I shook my head at the crazy teen, trying not to let my betraying eyes dawdle too much down at the crotch area. Looking down at my thick sweatshirt, I doubted the temperature was as Gerard had said.

Then, of course, he nailed me. He nailed me /hard/. "Frankie? Please?" I let my eyes rest on his face, at that irresistible puppy-dog look on his face, at the utter and complete longing that his face revealed. He stared at me; emerald's glistening in the pit of his face, begging me...

I sighed, rolling my eyes, and tugged off my sweatshirt. He let out a whoop of happiness as cold, rigged air hit me full blast. Teeth chattering once again, I glared at him with true bitterness in my gaze. He twirled his hair around his finger, giggling like a school girl, in such a way that it was impossible not to snort with laughter at him.

Finally, shirt over my head, I let myself get used to the cold before slipping my shoes off and tugging my pants down to my ankles. I had forgotten which boxers I had worn, and was slightly embarrassed at what they proved to be; Spongebob. Gerard choked with laughter at me, pointing down to my crotch (which was, thankfully, a normal size) and literally doubling over.

"Yeah, yeah," I muttered darkly, hands cold and clammy from the fact that I had been so sweaty moments before. Then, like a fish, Gerard dove into the water and sprayed water all around. Water slopped over the edges of the all-too-nice marble walkway. I winced as the frigid water spilled over my toes, making me jump back and yelp with surprise.

I moaned out a quick, "Fuck you, Gerard Way," before jumping into the pool. Feet tucked beneath my body, I felt the water part for my form as I slowly sank to the bottom of the eight-foot pool. Then, with a quick swerve of my hands and parted fingers, I resurfaced, flipping my hair back to get the water away from my face.

He snickered, the noise making my insides melt slightly. He swam over to me, so elegant and graceful, like a seal. Personally? I was reminding myself of a metal anvil, the way my chin was bobbing in and out of the water, feet kicking pitifully at the currents of warm water. I rolled my eyes at the approaching Gerard, who some how, majestically, was able to keep neck AND some of his chest above the water.

"Lazy fucker," Gerard chuckled, latching on to my arm. "You could have used the stairs, ya'know." Round and boyish face made me die a little on the inside as he slowly tugged me away from the too-deep surroundings, towards the four-foot section, which was, literally, not quite over my head. Finally feeling my feet make purchase, I began to walk. Gerard, however, did not let go of my arms. He merely changed positions slightly, water parting like the red sea for him as he moved in front of me.

His eyes bore into mine, making my breath become shallow, my mind to suddenly disappear. "You know...," he murmured, eyelids drooping languidly over his eyes slightly, voice barely above a drunken slur. "You're quite gorgeous when you're...wet."

I blinked, feeling for a moment that I had lost all memory of how to breathe. Finally regaining the ability and trying not to gasp for breath like the floundering fish I was, I watched as his hand slowly snaked towards my face. I held my breath again as his fingers brushed softly against the side of my face, flicking the lock of hair that was hanging so evilly there, before turning back and caressing my face.

Freezing, body stiffening, mind no longer belonging to me, I felt his fingers slightly tip-toe towards my lips. He ran one unbearably warm finger move slight circles around my lips, that drunken smile still on his face. Everything I had ever let my ears burn red over.

And then, so suddenly it was almost alarming, his lips were in place of his fingers. They worked gently across my lips. They were drugs, truly and completely; one taste, and it was enough to make me hooked. I eagerly grabbed his face, kissing him back, unable to control myself any longer.

We deepened the kiss, tongues rolling against one another, both telling a story of wanting to feel one another for only too long. We pulled away for breath, in which case Gerard flung his arms around my neck, pressing his lips on my shoulder. His lips suctioned there, sucking gently, making me run my fingers eagerly through his hair, gripping his head to my shoulder tightly.

"Don't...don't stop," I told him as he pulled his head away slightly. He pressed his lips firmly against mine, pulling away only too quickly. I gave out a whimper, trying to hold him closer, but at the look of intense concentration on his face, I knew something was wrong.

Slowly, his head revolved towards the door to his house. And we saw his parents, staring intently at us with a look of horror on their faces.

Gerard looked at me, face reddening slightly. But, then, as if trying to calm me as much as himself, his hand gripped my own.
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