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Well! This was unexpected.

by Alorkin

Hermione rewards Harry for being such a good guy. ONE-SHOT!

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Well: This was unexpected!


Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter (et al). That privilege goes to the talented and lovely J. K. Rowling, to whom I am eternally indebted, both for a fascinating read and for many bedtime stories for my daughter.

Disclaimer 2: This story is so NOT HBP compliant! happened. Nope! Thbbbbbttttt! I'm in the state of Denial. It's a lovely state. Lotsa pretty scenery. I can draw you a map if you want. Anyone got a crayon?

A/N: This is a one shot, written just for fun. There will be no continuation.

"Oh, thank you so much, Harry! I don't know how I can ever repay you!" Hermione practically gushed as she hugged Harry tightly enough to ensure some breathing difficulties. On the other hand, with a sharp 'pop', the lingering ache in Harry's back suddenly seemed to vanish.

The reason Hermione was wrapped so tightly around him, was that he'd cast a hurried shield between the Gryffindor's and the Slytherins during the last part of class, protecting her cauldron from 'accidental' contamination. The piece of arsenic Malfoy had tossed across the aisle bounced off the magical shield and fell harmlessly onto the floor. Slughorne had seen the entire exchange and awarded Harry points for his quick thinking. He'd rebuked Malfoy as to the dangers of introducing such a caustic alkaloid into a potion such as the 'Genus Inversus' potion Hermione had been brewing. Malfoy, of course, had claimed that Harry had in fact, propelled the bit of poison using the shield, however, the small chunk of the deadly metalloid under Crabbe's, desk gave lie to his words. Harry's actions had not only prevented an explosion that would likely have put Hermione into the hospital wing, if not killed her outright, but also guaranteed a perfect potion and therefore another perfect 'O' for Hermione, he'd also provided them all with a bit of entertainment, in the form of Slughorne docking fifty points from Slytherin, for the sabotage and another twenty for the blatant lie, assigning a fifteen foot essay to Malfoy on the dangers of introducing hazardous materials into a sensitive potion, and handing the ferret a handful of detentions with Professor McGonagall.

As soon as they'd been released for the evening, Hermione had dragged Harry off to the Room of Requirement to thank him, in a sincere and heartfelt manner. She knew that Harry was far too much a gentleman to ask for anything as reward for his gallantry, but thought she'd give him the opportunity anyway.

Now, that she had finished her babbling, Hermione discovered that she didn't know the 'boy who lived' nearly as well as she had thought. Harry met her eyes and said, with a perfectly calm face: "Well, I suppose a blowjob would be nice."

"What!?!" Hermione was shocked. She stared at her long time friend, aghast. Surely she hadn't heard what she thought she had.

She had.

"Well, Hermione, It's not like I've ever had one before, and with my luck, it's not likely I ever will." Harry tried to hide it, but his eyes began to twinkle as brightly as anything Dumbledore had ever managed.

Unfortunately, he schooled his features a fraction too late. Hermione had seen the twinkle, and despite what Ron had long avowed, she was neither afraid to break rules, nor was she adverse to a good prank now and then.

She pretended to think about it for a second, then nodded firmly. "You know, you're right, Harry. But just this once, OK?"

Taking Harry's stupefaction as assent, Hermione reached for Harry's belt. In seconds, she had his trousers undone and pooling around his ankles. His pants quickly followed, as she pushed Harry back toward the bed that suddenly appeared behind him. Harry felt his knees hit the edge of the bed and folded and he plonked down in utter shock.

Hermione knelt between Harry's knees, and set-to with a will, a naughty gleam in her own eyes, softly squeezing and rubbing him to tumescence. It didn't take long.

"Hermione!" Harry protested in a near panic: "I was only joking! I didn't really mean for you to give me a OHGOD!" Harry groaned out the last word as Hermione's warm, wet mouth, enveloped the tip of his erection.


Ron Weasley was furious! He watched in the scrying mirror he'd 'borrowed' from Lavender, as Hermione, the girl he'd wanted for so long, gave his best mate a knobber. Damn that Potter, anyway! He was supposed to have Hermione while Potter got his stupid little sister! That's how things were supposed to be!

As angered as he was, he was also fascinated that his bookish friend actually knew how to pleasure a man. Truth be told, he was also becoming more than a bit aroused.


Ginny Weasley wandered into the room searching for a scrying mirror that had vanished, only to find her older brother gaping like a pervert as Hermione and Harry finally got together. Grinning, she announced her presence.

"Ron, have you seen Lavender's scrying...what are you doing?" Ron, on hearing his sister's voice, immediately turned in the direction and flung wide his cloak to prevent Ginny seeing the disgraceful things his best mates were doing. Unfortunately, Ron was seventeen, and being seventeen he had a libido that would react to a bee pollinating a flower. He'd been watching his friends, and the physical evidence was plain for all to see.

Ginny giggled: "Oh, Ron. I know what they're doing. I've done it myself."

Ron's eyes almost popped out of his skull at his young and innocent sister's pronouncement.

"What the bloody hell d you mean you've done it yourself?" Ron demanded, reaching out and gripping Ginny's arm, hard. A quick flip that Harry had taught her, and Ron was nursing a twisted wrist while Ginny rubbed her bruised arm.

"Do that again, Ron, and I swear I'll break it!" She snarled. She turned to watch Hermione bobbing her head on Harry's shaft, sometimes fast and more often slowly. 'Hmm.' She thought. 'Good technique. Looks like he's getting close. I wonder if she swallows?'


Harry began to shift his hips rapidly, and with an expression of purest bliss and the ultimate agony, he hiked his hips up straining against himself as he released. Ginny watched the convulsive motions of Hermione's throat. And answered her unasked question. 'Yup, she swallows. He seems to like it, though. I'll have to try that.'

Ron seeing that he couldn't shield his sister had seen the last of Hermione's actions. As she lifted her head, and wiped her mouth, he sneered: "Hah! Looks like Potter has a hair trigger! The great Harry Potter is a 'Minute-Man'!" In the mirror, Hermione had wrapped her arms around Harry and he did the same.

"Oh, shut it, Ron! It was most likely his first time. All boys shoot fast, their first time."

Again, Ron gaped at his sister. He was going to find the guy responsible for his sister learning anything about giving blowjobs, and kill him dead!

Seconds later, Harry tipped Hermione's chin up and joined his lips to hers.

"Gaah!" Ron groaned in disgust. "He just came in her mouth and now he's kissing her? Urgh!"

Ginny ignored her brother for the loving scene before her. She thought it was very sweet of Harry and Hermione to share themselves that way.


Preparing to return the pilfered mirror to it's rightful owner, Ginny cancelled the scrying spell on Lavender's mirror just a second too soon. If she'd left it running, she would have seen Harry tumble a laughing Hermione onto her back.


In the room of requirement, Hermione giggled: "Harry! What are you doing?"

Harry swiftly knelt between her legs and pulled her knickers off. He dropped his head to her cleft, murmuring: "Returning the favor!"

Hermione gasped, first in uncertainty, then in exquisite pleasure as his tongue met her soft folds of flesh.


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