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Everthing We Had

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Verity has a mixed up life, enter Peter Wentz

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When I was a little girl I was always treated like Daddy's little princess, he made me feel like I was the only thing that mattered in his life and no one could replace me in his heart after Mommy died, I was all he had left and all he needed to see at the end of a long day at work. I was a little girl with Golden hair and bright green eyes, both which I inherited from Mommy and I had a heart shaped head, which was from Daddy. Like most other kids I was shy and quiet around people I didn't know but I could be heard from 100 miles away if I needed to be. One day, my Daddy's friend picked me up after a long day at school and took me home, just like any other day, but that night, Daddy didn't come home. I had lost all my immediate family, Daddy was murdered by the 'bad man' and Mommy died from cancer, But Mommy had one Sister who I was forced to live with after Daddy left me alone in the world. I didn't speak for five years after Daddy died, which was pretty extreme for a 7 year old. My Auntie always thought I was just 'special' as she liked to put it, but I could talk, just there was never a reason to anymore, when ever a door opened and someone came walking through it, I always hoped it was Daddy coming home and playing with me again, I missed feeling like a Princess, I missed being Daddy's princess, I missed having an actual family. And still to this day I still felt like half of me was missing, my Daddy always completed that other half of me, but at least I had started talking again. On my 13th Birthday I cried and kicked and screamed and ran away from home for 2 days until my Uncle found me somewhere just outside of Chicago. He took me home, and didn't say a word to me, not really knowing what to say, I wasn't the 'ideal' teenager at this point, so I turned the tables I told him straight out "You shouldn't have ever found me" and marched off to my room leaving him the speechless one for once in his life.
I am now twenty and I had moved completely away from my Auntie, Uncle and cousin, I had moved to L.A were I started a whole new life, going to University for Design courses and showing my personal designs to various designers. I was still shy and quiet and hardly talked unless needed, which wasn't often anyway. I moved into a house with some money I had saved in a life account for me, my mother and father started when I was born. It was a very modern house that seemed a little to big for one person but the bigger the house the better, I had a claustrophobic problem after I my father died and I always had to have fresh air and a lot of empty space around me. I had loved this house 'cause I didn't have my claustrophobic problem happen and I had a great view, besides my next door neighbour who always had company around at his house, whether it be, friends, lovers, parties anything that'd keep me up to the early hours of the morning, then the sound of his Lamborghini exiting his driveway a few hours later. I never understood how someone could do that to themselves, even if I never even met him before today. I was at star bucks about to leave to go home and work on those new designs I had though of in my mind before someone grasped my coffee when I did.
"Oh sorry" I blushed and took my hand off of it waiting for the next coffee to be placed over the counter.
"You can take this one if you want" I shook my head and waited again
"No, I insist" I once again shook my head.
"So, what is your name" I smiled.
"Verity, your coffee is ready" Rory, my friend said over the counter, I walked up and grabbed the cup and nodded to Rory
"I'll call you tomorrow, okay?" I smiled and nodded
"Bye" She said
I walked past the man I had an encounter with at Star bucks, smiled and brushed past him.
"Wait up"
I walked a little faster and out the door. Why was he following me, I hadn't even said a word to him and he was chasing after some girl he met at a coffee shop.
"Verity is it?" I nodded
"I'm Pete" I nodded
"Are you going to say anything?"
"Hello Pete" I replied, I hate being forced to talk
"She talks!" I looked down.
"Oh, no, that wasn't meant to be rude" I smiled slightly, why was he all weird?
"Its fine, I have to go, bye Pete"
Not even waiting for his reply I walked off down the road about to cross into my street, when Pete was following me, making me pace faster, but he didn't stop following me, but at least I was at my house after I crossed the road so he wouldn't be able to follow me into there.
I crossed the road, as did Pete, doesn't he know when to back off.
I looked into my purse and pulled out my keys opening the front door, and entering my lovely home, as I was about to closed my door, no Pete, Where'd he go?
I closed the door and considering it was pretty hot, I went for a swim to clear my mind and cool me down. I changed into my White bikini and walked outside with my AP magazine and placed myself in the pool, not taking my eyes from the magazine when I heard my next door neighbour getting at it again, talking about testosterone boys, Panic! At The Disco was in this article about must have CD collections. It was so weird seeing my cousin in a band, on the front cover of my AP, he never really came across as a good guitarist, not that I ever heard him and he never really knew who I was. My cousin being Adam Siska and according to this magazine he goes by 'sisky' these days and playing in a band called 'The Academy Is...' I was interrupted from my thoughts when a familiar head popped out from over the fence; I held the magazine higher in hope that they wouldn't be able to see me
"You like my boys?" A voice commented
"Your boys?"
"I signed them and they are like my brothers"
"And who would you happen to be" Fuck its Pete
"Verity, you are my next door neighbour"
"So it seems"
"Oh my, I hope all the noise I make isn't to much for you" I smiled and shook my head, placed my magazine on the edge of the pool and went under the water swimming to the steps where I walked out of the pool and got my towel and walk back inside. I really hated talking to much to people I only just met. I wasn't so used to meeting new people and to be honest, I didn't know how to act 'cause I didn't want them to know what has happened in my lifetime. I heard a loud group noise from next door again, just like every weekend, Pete was my next door neighbour, he was the one who kept me up till early hours of the morning, then drove off in his Lamborghini. It was weird, I went up to my room and had gotten a call from my Auntie

"Hello" I answered

"Hey Verity, I just wanted to tell you that in a few days me and your Uncle and cousin are coming up to L.A soon and we wanted to know if you'd be able to catch up from the last year I haven't seen you?"

"Oh, er...sure, when should I be expecting you?" I replied

"Tomorrow lovey, but Adam has to do some work up there with his band and meet his manager, but you and him will see each other at some point, I promise, we are actually staying for three days"

"Okay, well, tomorrow drop by and I'll do my work here instead of going to the office and I'll see you when you come around I guess, so see you tomorrow"

"Sure sweetie, have a nice night"

"You two, bye"


And now tomorrow I had to see my cousin, Auntie and Uncle, this wasn't going to be as eventful as expected.

I went into my work studio in my house and started on those designs I had thought of before while sipping at my water bottle every now and then. As the hours passed I decided to have an early night by finishing it with a shower and going to bed.

One of my first stories. Tell me what you think =]. Please be nice =]
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