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This Is How The Gods Killl

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What happens when you take your religeon too far? What happens that religeon happens to be the most socially unacceptable religeon in the world? What happens, when that religeon, not only takes oth...

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I would just like to state, that I do know about satanism, and that this is not just off the top of my head. The rituals and the beliefs in this story are real. My brother has been a satanist since he was 14, and so has my brother in law, I was raised around this shit. I know my facts. No, I'm not a satanist. This story will have graffic content with the rituals and what not. So, if you're not into really dark stories, don't read this. This was inspired by many bands and movies that are close to my heart and deal with the satanic faith. This is a tribute to those, and to my brother. Please do no disrespect the satanic faith, please do not get on me about how the guys are out og charactor from how they are in real life. This is fiction.

Chapter 1.

I followed Gerard quietly down the narrow, dark passage-way; our footsteps being lit by the torch in his hand.
I kept my head low as I watched Gerard's bare feet poke out from under his black robe everytime he took a step forward.
The passages in the caves we practiced in were so dark, it made even the darkest nights seem like broad daylight.
There was some certain eeriness about what we did in those caves, that made the darkness seem even moreso.

I never even knew much about this religeon. Frank and Gerard came to me one day with the black bible in their hands, smirks on their faces and cruel intent on their minds.
At the time, I was desperate for anything different and dangerous.

I was bored. Bored, and crazy enough to delve into the satanic world. It's not like you wake up one day and decide you're going to become a satanist. At least, I certainly hope people give it more thought than I did. I had no idea what I was in for. At first, I thought it was a joke; I mean, Frank was raised a catholic and taught everything against what he was venturing into. And didn't suprise me as much. Growing up, he was always the darker of us two, mom never worried; although now, I think she should have. I was just good little Mikey, never getting into trouble and always doing well in school.
I had never even touched drugs untill I found this new faith, or, shall I say, was thrust into this faith.

I have no idea what pushed me over the edge. Something inside me wanted danger and excitment, I was tired of a dead end job at a bookstore, and going home at night wasting my brain away in front of the tv or losing myself in music. It was enough, and I suppose once a human being reaches their breaking point of boredom, they'll try anything. This I think, was the case with me.

I read the entire Satanic Bible the night it was given to me by Gerard.
"Just read it, and let us know something." he said, walking away from, setting the book on the table and turning back to smirk at me while sticking a Marlboro Red between his lips.
I stared at the black book on the kitchen table, drawn to it out of pure curiosity.
The lack of rules (which is pretty much all it is) intrigued me. The freedom to do whatever the hell you wanted; guilt fucking free.

I read the entire book that night, pouring over each page in horror and delight.
The rest is history. The forgotten caves, the acceptance ritual, and the horror of our first sacrifice. Gerard jumped right into it all. Constantly asking me: "Mikey, are you scared of me?".
I never knew how to react when he'd ask me that. The truth? I was fucking terrified. The first time Gerard killed an innocent girl, I knew, we had gone too far. The terror in her eyes, the blood on the cave walls, I wanted out, I wanted to fucking die.

And everytime I even thought about backing out, Gerard's words would run through my head: "Once in always in, Mikey. Forever."
It gave me shivers just thinking about it, thinking about what we had to do to please our "god"; all the innocent blood that was on our hands. We were in deep shit and we didn't even know it yet.

"Mikey, keep up!" Gerard hissed, his profile visible only from the side of his black hood, framed a shadow on the torch lit dirt wall.
We came to the wooden door that led to our sanctuary and Gerard stopped in his tracks, fumbling with the keys in his hands.
I blinked my eyes hard as the door unlocked and swung open, revealing the open sanctuary heavily decorated with candles and wall inscriptions. I slipped my heartagram neckalace over my head and kissed the tips of my fingers, placing them gently on the metal weighing against my chest.

I looked around the room and spotted Ray sitting crossed legged in the floor, staring at his fingers as he brushed them over the dirt floor. Bob was lighting the last of the candles and Gerard and Frank had dissapeared somewhere in the caves.
I shrugged my shoulders and went to help Bob light the alter candles.
I picked up a box of matches and began to light the long, black candles surrounding the black alter spread out on the long table. The disgusting irony of this table, is that it use to be used in a church as a comunion table; Gerard snatched it when we first started our coven.

A loud band tore my attention from the table in front of me, to the door behind me. Gerard and Frank crashed in holding a young girl with long black hair and a terrified expression on her pale face.
Gerard laughed and slung her slender body to the floor of the cavel hovering over her like a bird over it's prey.

Was I about to let this happen..again?
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