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Car crashes are always life-altering experiences...but not always like this one. Meh. Another one. I don't know how I'll keep up now.

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o n e.

I was going to be late for work. It was 4:10 and my shift started at 4:15. Even with traffic in Chicago at its best at this hour, I'd be at least 10 minutes late. I knew it was a bad idea to apply for another job so late in the afternoon, but I couldn't afford living in my apartment. Well, I couldn't now that my roommate had moved out. I had to get more money to pay for the apartment until I found a new roommate, and I knew I sure as hell couldn't ask my parents for more money.

I ran down to my car and sped out of the parking garage I was parked in. As soon as I got on the freeway, I knew I'd be at least 45 minutes late. I whipped out my phone and tried to plead with one of the other girls to take the first hour of my shift. No luck with the first one, Jenny. I couldn't ask Sam either, because she was working her other job in the afternoon.

Quickly changing lanes, I dialled Alex's number. She picked up after a good five rings just as I was about to hang up, and I begged her to take the first hour. She finally agreed, and I hung up. I kept driving, willing myself to get there just as my first hour was over. There were just three more exits. Traffic was horrendous, but it was moving, giving me hope that I'd get there within the next 30 minutes. Which was wonderful, because that was when I'd have to relieve Alex of my job.

Two more exits now. I wasn't doing bad at all. Only two more exits and 25 more minutes. I'd make it. I was sure of it.

Who am I kidding? Traffic was at a virtual stand-still now, and I knew I wouldn't make it in time. Frustrated, I took the next exit and took back roads to the diner where I worked. There wasn't as much traffic, so I sped up to just above the speed limit. I got to a stop sign near the diner and pressed the gas as soon as I was sure no one was coming. I got to the middle of the intersection, and then time seemed to stand still.

In slow motion, a car came careening into the driver side of my car, causing it to roll over and eventually land on my side. The glass from the windshield and windows was broken all over me, and my chest hurt from where the seat belt had pulled my body. I couldn't move at all, mostly because of the shock, and partly because I didn't want to. My head hurt like hell, and I felt like I was about ready to puke all over myself. I looked down and saw blood running down my arms, making me even queasier and a bit light-headed. The last thing I heard was a slew of "Fuck"s and a lot of footsteps running towards me before I finally blacked out.
A/N: I know it was short, but it was the first chapter. They get better. I hope.

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