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Sorry to keep you waiting. Chapters shit, and i;m sorry to say it probably wasn't worth the wait. Very short too. sorry.

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I need progress. Nothing has happened between me and Ryan so far.
I mean i kinda think i get the feeling he may possibly like me...but i dunno..why hasn't he asked me out yet?
I know one thing though, like Reese keeps telling me, i'd better get things moving otherwise it'll all end up in some big
messy pile of crap. Her exact words.

I'd decided that i'd better snap into action, so when i meet him for another piano lesson tonight
i'm going to flirt my absolute butt off, and if that doesn't work, then reality is i'm gonna have to ask him.
I really have no other choice.

7 0'clock , i visited his apartment again for his weekly lesson.

Unusually i wasn't greeted by Jon and the guys as aparrantly they were all out with their girlfriends.
'Aw and what about your girlfriend?' I asked him.
'Don't have one' He shrugged, setting up the stools again.'And your boyfriend?'
'Pfft. You heard the conversation i had with my mother.

He laughed and we sat down and got to 'work'.

15 minutes in, i congratulated myself for all the so called 'flirting' i said i would do.

'Oh wait' I said 'you have to pretend there's a mouse under your hands.'
'Huh?' Was his response.
'It's what my piano teacher used to tell me.Look' i said, taking his hands and sorting them in the right position.
'Oh i see' he said, then looked me in the eyes. I suddenly realised that i was still touching his hands so i broke away quickly.
'' I said a little flustered 'where were we??'

'You were showing me the chords.'
'Uh right , yeah' i said 'um, show me what you know.'

'It was good' I said once he'd finished playing me the piece. 'but you started playing D sharp instead of E sharp.'
He shook his head 'Are you sure? I'm pretty sure i played E sharp.'
'No look.' I said, leaning over him and placing my hands on the keys 'this is E sharp.'
'That's what i was playing.'
'No THAT's what you were playing.' I said pointing to the D sharp.

H sighed 'if you say so.....but i still say it was E'
'You should ,listen to me, i am the teacher here' i joked, sitting up straight 'you must respect me.'

And absolutely glorious timing, i don't know how i did it, but i managed to fall off my stool.
Yes, very,very welldone Ella.

Ryan of course found this hilarious and couldn't stop laughing .
'S--s-orry.' He choked trying to hold back the laughter.
He reached out a hand to help me up. I grabbed it, and my hand tingled as it held his.
He pulled me up so i was sat on the stool again.
I looked deep into his chocolate brown momo eyes, his hand still holding mine.
He had stopped laughing by now.And instead stared silently back into my own grey eyes
And then next thing i knew , his sweet lips were gently brushing mine.
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