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Fall out Boy and My chemical Romance, are the worlds best vampire slayers...but also vampires themselves. What happens when they team up to try and destroy the strongest vampire of all time? Im ...

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A little less sixteen candles, a little more sweet revenge.

Pete was shoving a wide range of things into the blender, Joe was watching him with curiosity. Pete added in a tomato, an onion, lipgloss, a dead rat, perfume -
"What are you doing Pete?" Asked Joe, unable to hide his curiosity any longer. Pete didnt look at Joe as he replied, but instead gazed into the blender, clearly thinking.
"I'm trying to come up with a new drink thats more like blood than the stuff I drink you think it needs another rat?" He looked at Joe for his answer, Joes mouth was slightly agape.
"Erm...I dunno, whats the rat for?" He asked. Pete looked back into the blender.
"Its for blood, I need to have some blood. The perfume is the only thing that tastes remotely like copper, obviously sticking copper into a blender would be pretty dumb, cos' it would break the blender being solid metal, so I use perfume" He replied. Joe was still confused.
"Why copper?" He asked.
"Because copper and blood taste the same" Said Pete, dropping in another dead rat, putting the lid on and pressing the 'on' button. He stood back and watched the contents spin round so fast it was almost making a whirl pool.
"Why dont you just drink blood?" Asked Joe.
"Because I dont want to kill the human" Said Pete, his voice going cold.
" dont have to kill them, just drink a small amount of blood, It will be enough to sustian you for at least a week" Said Joe. Pete glared at Joe.
"The vampire who blooded me was one of the strongest and most blood thirsty vampires around. Part of his blood runs in my veins so if I dare try drinking out of a human, I wont be able to contain myself and I'll end up killing them. This way - I dont run the risk" He said and turned off the blender. Joe watched Pete pour the thick red liquid into a glass, Pete went to take a sip but then he looked at Joe.
"Want to try some?" He asked. Joe looked shocked at the question.
"Well...whats it like?" He asked, Pete held out the glass.
"Try" He said, slowly, Joe took the glass and gingerly took a sip. It tasted of blood, but of other things aswell. It could fool someone who had never drank blood before into thinking it was real blood, but to a vampire who drank blood every week, it was obviously fake. But it would be enough to keep a vampire alive. Which, at the end of the day, was the only reason why Pete drank it. Pete took the glass back off Joe and downed it. He put the glass on the side and wiped away the liquid from round his mouth away with the back of his hand. Joe helped Pete put away his 'ingerdiants' before following him into the next room, where Patrick sat at a desk, typing on a keyboard, the computer screen infront of him showing facts and figures that only Patrick could understand. Pete sat down next to him and Joe walked off to talk to Andy who was lookiong bored, sitting on an old couch with a book.
"Found out anything interesting?" Asked Pete. Patrick typed for a minute or two more before turning to face Pete.
"Yeah - theres other vampire slayers out there like us." He said, Pete laughed hollowly.
"Theres a lot of vampire slayers" He replied. Patrick shook his head and hit the print button on the keyboard before turning back to Pete.
"I mean, theres five vampires who are slaying vampires like us" He said.
"Ooooh" Said Pete nodding his head. Many humans tried to slay vampires but none succeeded, its imposible for a human to slay a vampire, no matter what the human believed. The only ones who could kill vampires were - Werewolves, other vampires, the devil himself. Up until now Pete, Patrick, Joe and Andy had been the only vampire slayers...well, so they thought, but according to Patrick, there were five others.
"I found a name on a myspace profile called 'Vampireslayer' I got a wierd feeling from it so I hacked into 'vampire slayers' computer and checked out all the folders and what not. Turns out its a guy called Gerard Way, he knows all the information we know and some new stuff aswell, theres pictures of him and his friends up until the ages of, in his case, 23, and the youngest guys case, 19. After that theres no more photos, but he's got descriptions of vampires they've killed, so it means there vampires and must have been blooded around there late teens early 20's. I think we should meet them, I found out his IP address, we can team up with them, we need more people with us if we've got a chance to kill the vampires down in East Street right?"
Pete nodded his head in agreement, Joe and Andy had been listening and they too agreed. East Street, was an underground club, it was secret and only ever visited by vampires. It was the jack pot and Pete, Patrick, Joe and Andy were planning to bust a raid.
"When are we gonna go meet them?" Asked Andy. Patrick got up and crossed the room, after putting on his jacket he turned to face the others.
"We'll go now. This Gerard guy only lives about a half hour flit away. In New Jersey. We'll go to his house and see if we can meet him there. Obviously he has no idea that I've hacked in his files, he's not gonna know we even exist, so the sooner we go, the sooner we can explain who we are, and the sooner we can bust East Street" The rest agreed and gathered there jackets before leaving the 'house' which was more of a hidden headquarters. Once they reached a long stretch of road, they paused took a deep breath and then ran until they reached flitting speed, once they did, Patrick lead the way to New Jersey - racing through the dark night in search of the fellow vampire slayers.

A/N: Just want to clear a few things up. 1. Flitting is something I took from the Darren Shan vampire books, its basically running so fast that you cant be seen, so when a vampire dissapears and re appears somewhere else, they actually flitted. 2. Some of the ideas are taken from the video for a little less sixteen candles... but the whole of FOB are vampires, and so are all of MCR.
Anyway please review and tell me what you think.
XxlovefrankieroxX xxx
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