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Tonight Ashley's going to a house party... with Frank of course. Which means there will be alcohol. Which, in turn means Frank will drink it. Which means an upside for Ashley if she wants to get in his pants. Oh god. They've been together for about a month and a half now, upside is? I got new arm warmers. Black and white striped actually. Also I'm half surprised that they are allowing them at school, even if it is the freezing cold season of Winter. They were needed for other purposes though, don't think I need to go into details, but it's not pretty. I think I nearly fainted the other night... I feel sick with myself. It's not a good feeling. I think Frank knows I still do it, though I have a feeling he's ignoring it.

I shouldn't act like I'm surprised.
"Emily!" I looked to my right where Frank was trying on shirts.
"Yes, Sir-I-Can't-Choose-A-Shirt-Because-I'm-A-Typical-Man-Who-Has-To-Rely-On-Women-For-Fashion-Sense?" He smirked.
"Funny. Red or Green?" He asked holding up two different shirts to himself.
"Umm.. How about you go with the classic, 'Black' look?" I asked. He groaned.
"I wish. Ashley wants me to wear colour.. and I just got a new slipknot shirt too man." I pointed and laughed.
"Suck shit." I watched as he pouted and stuck out his tongue.
"Gosh.. Colour? What has the world come to?" I asked, pretending to be shocked. He rolled his eyes.
"Who knows." I looked intently as he ran through his cupboard, looking for shirts, then I jumped as he hit his arm on the side of the cupboard door and yelped.
"You ok?" I asked, getting up.
"Yeah I'm fine.. just hit my.... Elbow." I laughed.
"Again, suck shit. Gosh Karma must hate you." I said. He threw me a mock evil look from around the door.
"For your information, Karma absolutely adores me." I rolled my eyes.
"You just keep telling yourself that mate." I went to sit down again, before my pocket started vibrating and scared the shit out of me.
"Oooh, vibration. Kinky." I stuck out my tongue at Frank as I flipped open my phone.
"Emily!" Inside, a dragon roared.
"Yes Ashley?"
"Tell Frank to hurry up, I'm outside." I didn't bother saying yes or no, I just hung up.
"Your princess is ready and waiting your highness." I said, making a low bow and with one swift movement picked up a shirt from under his bed.
"My Greenday shirt! I love you!" He said, hugging me and putting it on over his long sleeved undershirt.
"Beautiful, now run before she kills you with a high heel." I said, following him out his bedroom door. He laughed and jogged down the stairs and out the door, shutting it behind us. Ashley waved from her car. I swear to god if it only was a pink convertible you would have thought it was a life-size Malibu Barbie.
"I'm going to go home, ring if you need anything." I said to Frank as he hopped in the car, closing the door after him. He nodded and smiled.
"Thanks Em." I started to walk down the concrete path back to my place, just as they were pulling out of the driveway. Now, for some good old fun at home. Mum's in a shitty mood at the moment, Dad wants nothing to do with me now that Ray's home. I don't have anything against Ray.. Just the fact that he gets all the love kind of get's on my nerves.
"Stuff it." I muttered to myself, and headed left instead of right to the park. I kicked loose pebbles under my feet as I walked, hands in pockets, head down. Ok, Yeah. I looked kind of depressed, what really could I do about it? Run up to random people, shaking their hands and offering to help them across the street? Hell no For more reasons than getting some sort of foreign disease. As I reached the park, I slowly looked up to see where I was going so I wouldn't hit any trees. The grass wasn't so green today.. more of a dark green. Though the extremely cold weather could have something to do with it as well. I found the tree, which Frank and I usually hang around in.. or used to, and sat down underneath. The bark was cold against my back, even though I was wearing a thick hooded jacket, and I shivered. Well.. It's better than being at home that's for sure.
What are you doing now?
Oh my god. Stop doing that!
Doing what?
Talking to me! This is me! I'm talking to myself! That's fucking.. crazy.
No silly, You are you, and I am your brain. Simple.
Whatever. Nothing could be really worse from here anyway.
Tell him how you feel. Maybe he feels the same.. Listen to Ray's advice!
No way! Go to hell.
The longer you stick around here and mope.. the more saddened and depressed you're going to feel.
I know but... Wait.
Oh God. What?
You just gave me an idea. The longer I say around HERE. I feel upset. Maybe.. If I got away for a while..
no.. NO! You're fucking crazy! That wasn't what I meant anyway, I meant-
I know what you meant, but I mean. Think about it.. How else am I going to get rid of how I feel? If I can't do anything about it to fight it.. and obviously can't join it, I mose well run away from it.
I don't know you. Seriously I don't There is absolutely no point in trying to discuss something with you.
Oh shut the fuck up.
I just hope to god you know what you're doing.

3 hours later.
It's about 8:00pm now, and I've already decided what I'm going to do. Yeah, a bit over-dramatic? I thought so too. But whatever, it's my life, I can live it however I want.. but just not here I can't. I had packed all my things that I wanted with me, well, all the things I needed anyway. I had also spoken to Ray about it, and I think he suspects something, but is happy for the fact that I'm moving to the college he went to.
Apparently if you had an older sibling that went there you are automatically accepted. Meaning.. I just got in at the end of this Semester and could start my journey there tomorrow, so I would get there in about 2 days and get everything unpacked and ready by the time Term starts. Excellent. All I have to do now is tell the people who would want to know. I sighed and flopped down on my bed, opening my phone.
The first person I dialed, was Michaela, who in turn told Gerard. Michaela was a bit upset.. she knows, I think, about the feelings I have for Frank, and she didn't want me to leave. But my excuse was that I wanted a better education, a good career etc. Not much else I /could/ say really. After Michaela, there were only then two people that I would have to tell. Ok, Ashley? She can wait. She sleeps in the same room as me right? Then.. Frank.
/Oh Fuck./
How the hell was he going to react to this? I'm not going to pretend he won't care. He's probably going to kill me actually. I stared at the screen name on my phone, contemplating weather or not I should ruin his time at the party or not.
Ashley will be with him.
Good point. I clicked the green button and pressed the phone up to my ear, listening to it ring.
"Hello?" He sounded.. bored?
"Hey Frank."
"Emily! What's the matter?" He asked, his tone getting a bit lighter.
"Well, I was wondering.. Can you come to my house early tomorrow morning?" I had to tell him face-to-face.
"Umm, Sure. Why, what's up?"
"I'll tell you in the morning.. you go have fun. See you later."
"Ok, bye." I hung up and dropped my phone on my desk, bring my hands up to my face and covering it. I hope this is for the best, and if it's not..
Don't blame me!
Why not? You gave me the idea.
You thought up the plan! Not my fault! I shook my head. I was fucking arguing with my own brain, that's not a good sign at all.
What's wrong with talking to me?
Just.. shut-up. My eyes started to droop and I was fucking exhausted. I closed my eyes completely, and let myself drift off to sleep.

Next Morning.
"Emily, wake up it's Ray. You've got to leave in about 2 hours, 'cmon."


I'm sorry, had to put it out there. I've been bouncing off the walls for the last few days.. screaming it. Printing off the confirmation sheet and shoving it under unsuspecting bystander's noses. Ahh.
I hope you guys liked it.. I personally think it's fucked up. If you agree with me, please tell me. I'm not going to bite, just rewrite! Haha, I rhymed. That can be a catch phrase.
Ok maybe not. But seriously dudes, I would really be more than happy to fix it up, like always.: (=
I love you all. Thank you so much for the reviews, they've been great and helped me to much.
I also dedicate this chapter to Kathryn's FIRST My Chem Shirt. =D Claps for Kathryn.
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