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Chapter 24 - Persuaisia

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A/N: Hey look it's me... yet again talking... anyways I added the part of chapter 22 where we left Frank and Gerard. Wooah corny much?! Anyways I'll shut up now so you can read it hahah rock on!

--Recap: " Fuck... we have to hurry if you want to save her life." She started to jog forwards. Frank and I loaded up the things she gave us onto our backs and caught up with her.

" Why do we have to hurry?" I asked. She looked over at me fearfully. It was the first time I ever saw that she was scared.

" She's going to kill herself, and soon..."

--End Recap--

Gerard's P.O.V:

I stood wide eyed, the most shocked and afraid that I've ever been in my entire life.

" She can't do this. I can save her why is she even thinking like this?" I whispered to myself staring down at the palms of my hands, trying to understand why she would kill herself. I heard the small clashing of metal as the weapons and items on the Haroquel and Frank's backs and belts as they came running back to me. She grabbed my arm and yanked on it hard enough to make me move ahead with them.

" Gerard, this is not the place to be doing this. For all I know there could be things beyond mentionable following, or coming after us at this moment. We're going to save her, if it's the last thing I do, believe me that," she told me sternly as she looked onward, observing places to run.

I tried to shake the thoughts out of my head as we started to run forwards, gaining momentum every few feet. Luckily I managed to put all thoughts behind me for now but I knew that they'd soon catch up with me, no matter how hard I tried to escape them.

We were running for only a little more than a minute when we came across something adorned in a large black robe with a hood covering its face. We stopped within the second of spotting it.

" What is that?" I whispered to the woman.

" Just an evil spirit. It won't be hard to get rid of it."

" State your purpose here," a low, demented voice demanded from underneath the fabric. I tried to get a good glimpse of what it looked like but failed. The mysterious Haroquel stepped forward.

" Nadagtha estern!" she yelled as she stuck her hand out in front of herself pointing it towards the dark spirit. A bright light came from the center of her palm as it let out a large ear piercing shriek and disappeared.

" Come, we mustn't leave a moment to spare until we reached our destination for today," she said as if it was an everyday occurrence. Frank and I looked at each other wondering what was that all about.

" Does that happen often or something Natalie?" Frank asked. I looked back at him puzzled.

" That is my name. Sorry for not telling you earlier but I didn't want to interrupt you rudely. And to answer your question Frank, yes. I am a type of guardian rescuer of Haroquels in danger from dark demons or spirits, if that makes sense. " We both nodded as we huffed and puffed our way through the cold, stone streets of the underworld.

As we were running, we past what seemed to be oddly shaped houses and stores lingered with shadows. Everywhere we past I could feel eyes upon me. Frank and I discussed it in- between ourselves as we sped onward.

" Just keep running and they won't bother us," was what Natalie kept telling us. We stopped running and just started to walk fast as we were getting tired. After a long, 11 hour treacherous journey we found ourselves at what looked like the edge of a town.

" So, where exactly are we going?" Frank asked, looking around himself. I turned my sight to where Natalie was. She started to walk towards a medium sized rock and tapped on it in a strange rhythm. To our surprise, the boulder strangely moved to reveal a large hole with a set of stairs leading into the ground and an old lady who seemed wise of age yet wearing the most tattered clothes I've ever seen and holding a lantern.

" Whom may I state is in my presence?" she asked adjusting the lantern so she could see us.

" Ah I was waiting for your company, young one. And you have brought them. Good, good. Enter before they see you out here. You'll all be killed," she told us stepping aside so we could come inside.

There were mazes of solid concrete stairways and halls that she glided us through. Soon we reached a room filled with many scrolls and books that dated back to centuries past. Most were in old English but there were quite a few in the tongue of the ancient language immortals speak.

" Come. Sit, sit. You all have ventured a hard, long journey from Hargualem and you still have a ways to go tomorrow. You need time to rest before you must proceed." We sat down on some comfortable chairs, sighing as we relaxed ourselves.

" I am Persuaisia. I am true to that of the blood of a Vampire. 763 years of age. This has been my home for over a century and I assure you, everything in here dates back to at least 198 years ago. Except for things and immortals that pass through here."

" It has returned," Natalie stated shortly. The elder widened her eyes a bit before sighing loudly.

" I knew this would one day come back. I was hoping this time it can set all of us free."

" What would?" I asked curiously. She looked over at me somewhat shocked.

" They do not know?" she asked Natalie.

" I was hoping you would tell them for you know every detail discussed and about it."

" You made a wise choice, young one. Well get comfortable because this will take awhile."

" Now to answer your question, Gerard? Is it not?" I sat there confused and shocked as to how she knew my name.

" How would you know? You have TV down here?" Frank asked. The elderly woman chuckled a bit.

" No I do not Franklin. I have ancient book and stories passed down throughout the last millennium. And the one most important story of all which I am about to tell you.

" Now, finally answering your question Gerard. The same thing that started and ended tragically over a thousand years ago..."

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