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He tastes like you, only much much sweeter.

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"i know there has been numerous rumors about you and ryan's alleged 'relationship,'" the interviewer continued "but have you ever actually considered giving it a try?" "We've already tried that,...

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Ryan Ross's POV:

"I am here with Panic! at the disco," the interviewer said to the camera with a cheesy smile, "so boys, how does it feel to have just released your third album? It is currently at the number one spot in the united states."

"It feels great," Brendon said, he always was the first to jump at answering a question.

"Yes Brendon your natural vocal talent has been improving," the interviewer said leaning closer to him. Ew, gross I hate it when interviewers try to flirt with Brendon, he totally loves the attention.

"Thanks, but it would be nothing without Ryan's amazing lyrics," Brendon said quietly looking over at me with this look. God damnit not that look Brendon. I haven't seen him give me that look for years. It was filled with longing and desire.

The interview went on for another fifteen or so minutes. I felt Brendon's eyes on me through most of it; I thought we were done with that phase. uhhh. I started zoning out for a little while. I hated interviews.

"oh god, not this again," Spencer said smiling. I looked up to the screen they were all looking at. It was a clip from the nothing rhymes with circus tour from almost 5 years ago.

"You boys have sure changed," the interviewer said suggestively to Brendon.

It came to the part of the clip right before we played the song Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off. Memories pounded back into my head as I watched Brendon describe a dream about running towards a lover; towards me.

I closed my eyes knowing what was going to happen. He would lean into barely brush his lips with mine, I'd then pull away at the last moment, hundreds of girls would scream. Then "'this is not that dream, this is about hardcore monstrous FUCKING.'" That line still made me feel so horny. I opened my eyes and looked over at Brendon he smiled at me. The clip ended.

"Well that moment sure got a lot of girls excited." The interviewer said. Brendon nodded laughing. And I thought to myself how it did not make only girls in the crowd excited.

"I know there have been numerous rumors about you and Ryan's alleged 'relationship,'" she continued jokingly "but have you ever actually considered giving it a try?"

"We've already tried that," said Brendon with seriousness dripping in his voice. I knew someone sometime would find out, but I was hoping it would not be on national television.

"Really?" the interviewer seemed so confused.

"Yeah, actually during that tour," Brendon replied.

I was blushing, I could feel my face heat up, "Brendon, god did you have to say that on TV?"

"Sorry ryro," Brendon said apologetically.

"DON'T CALL ME THAT ANYMORE," and with that I stormed out of the studio.

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