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X Chapter three X

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Gerard, Ray, Frank and Bob stood in the centre of the room where Patricks computer was and looked around. "This is the room we spend most of our time in, I find stuff out using the computer, and we chill on the sofa...and...well...thats the house" Said Patrick, finishing his 'grand tour'.
"Nice." Said Frank, who. Patrick had noticed, seemed to be in a never ending good mood.
"Well, make yourselves at home, I need to check some stuff on the computer and then we'll have some breakfast in a few hours and then we can make our plan" Said Patrick walking over to the computer. Pete flopped down onto the sofa and picked up a magazine labeled 'goths weekly'.
"Your a goth?" Asked Frank, raising an eyebrow. Pete scowled at Frank over the top of the magazine.
"No. Its just has a lot of stuff on blood" He said turning the magazine so Frank could see picures of people with razorblades stuck in their tongues, and needles in thier lips and blood everywhere.
"Oh" Was all Frank could think of to say. Pete seemed satisfied and carried on reading his magazine. Andy and Joe sat down on the sofa and turned on the T.V. It was about 4 'o' clock on the morning, so it was pretty much just news and baby programs. They settled on the news and watched it with fake interest. Bob sat down in an armchair and watched the news too, Ray and Gerard sat on the floor, and talked to eachother in hushed voices. Frank was still full of energy - even after flitting which takes a lot of energy out of a vampire - and was stood clenching and un - clenching his fists.
"Can we do something? I want to do something." He said. Everyone looked at him.
"Well, what do you want to do?" Asked Pete in a bored voice. Frank looked lost of things to say.
"Well...I dont know. What is there to do?" He asked.
"You can watch the news. Or you can read something. Or you can just sit down and shut up." Pete answered.
"But...thats boring. I want to do something fun." Said Frank.
"Arent you tired. We've just flitted, shouldnt you be restoring your energy?" Asked Joe. Frank grinned and shook his head.
"Frank doesnt get tired. He's constantly filled with energy, he had a lot of energy as a human but he was blooded with by an energetic vampire so, no matter what he does, he doesnt lose energy. Believe me, we've tried everything" Said Gerard, Bob and Ray nodded in agreement. Frank was jumping on the spot now.
"Come ooooon, I want doooo somethiiiiing!" He cried. Pete smiled.
"I know, lets really see if you dont lose energy" He said. Frank grinned eagerly.
"Yeah okay!" He agreed. Pete got up and left the room, for five minutes he didnt return and Frank was becoming more and more restless. When he did come back, he was carrying a treadmill.
"This has been programmed to reach flitting speed, lets see how long you last" He said. Frank was grinning widely as he stepped onto the treadmill, Pete pressed a few buttons and the treadmill went faster and faster, until Frank was nothing but a colourful blur, which meant he was at flitting speed. Only a vampire could see him now, and he was just a blur at that.
Pete sat back down and picked up his magazine again. "That might shut him up for a while" He said. Gerard grinned, he knew Frank could flit for days on end. For three hours, they watched the news, and then it changed to kids programs, so they had to watch them. Until Patrick came off the computer, he looked tired as he hadnt really rested since flititng. But he seemed happy.
"All right. Breakfast anyone?" He asked. They all nodded. "I'll make pancakes." Said Patrick leaving the room. Frank was still on the treadmill, and Petes mouth dropped when he saw that he wasnt tiring at all.
Half an hour later Patrick came back and gave them all pancakes. "Does that mean I can get off her now?" Asked Frank. Pete turned off the treadmill and Frank hopped off looking happy with himself. He hadnt even broken a sweat. "Cool machine. That'll keep you fit" He said happily, taking a plate of pancakes and sitting down on the floor and eating with a smile on his face.
" cant lose energy?" Asked Pete, resuming his place on the sofa. Frank shrugged.
"I dont know. I probably can, but I dont how. I can do anything energetic for days and days without getting tired." He said. Pete glared at Frank, annoyed that he hadnt been able to make him tired.
Once they had finished eating they all sat down together to discuss the raid. "Ok...we know what our goal is, to kill all the vampires in East Street tonight. But how do we do that?" Asked Patrick. Pete snorted.
"Isnt it obviouse? We go in there, and we fight" He said.
"What? We just waltz in their and start killing vampires left, right and centre?" Asked Patrick. Pete nodded, glad that Patrick had cottoned on so quickly.
"Exactly." He said. Patrick shook his head.
"No Pete. We have to have some sort of strategy to stand a chance" He said. Pete shook his head this time.
"The way I see it, if you have a plan then it means you can fail. Because no matter how many back up plans you have, theres always going to be something you havent thought of and then you panic because you dont know what to do. We dont know what those vampires in East Street are going to do, so, I say we go in there and fight. Take it one step at a time. Its all about the presence, yeah, thinking ahead is all well and good BUT a plan can always go wrong! When you dont have a plan - you cant go wrong! You see what I'm saying?" Pete sat back in his chair, seemingly happy that he had made a good point.
"We cant go in there with no plan! We'll have no idea what to do!" Cried Patrick. Pete leaned forward and jabbed the table with his finger.
"I'll tell you what we do. We go in there, kick some ass, and come out after killing them all. Sound good?" He asked. Patrick opened his mouth to retort but Gerard cut him off.
"I agree with Pete. Like he says, we dont have a plan, then we dont fail. Ok, dieing would count as failure but nothing else would. Unless you've got a plan" He said. Patrick thought about it for a while, everyone was watching him for the final decision.
"Alright, raise your hand if you think we should go in there with no plan" He said. Everyone raised there hand. Pete gavce a smug smile, Patrick sighed and rubbed his temples.
"Alright. Fine. We'll go without a plan. But just remember, if we die. I'm the one who wanted a plan" He said. Pete slapped him on the back.
"We wont die!" He insisted, a huge grin on his face.
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