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Chapter 8-Tofu

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Kristina has a little problem...

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I've been sitting at the kitchen table, poking at my tofu for the past half-hour. After eating all that chocolate today, I couldn't settle for anything less delicious. That wasn't the only reason I couldn't eat, though. I was having disturbing thoughts...about Pete.

"So honey, how was work?" mom asked.

I forgot all about Pete.

"Uh...great!" guilt was building up inside me. I hate lying.

"That's good. Listen, I'm really glad that you decided to get a job."

Decided?! You forced me to! But I couldn't say anything of the sort since I didn't actually get a job. I just smiled sweetly. Then I got up. There's no use in trying to eat with so many mixed feelings floating around in my head.

The bus ride to school was a fiasco. Some weird girl told some other weird girl who told some weird boy who told some weird girl who happened to be Alicia that I was dating Pete.

"OH MY GOD! IS IT TRUE?!" was the first thing she asked when I sat down.

"Is what true?" I had asked, very puzzled.

"THAT YOU'RE DATING PETE WENTZ?!" she yelled this and the whole bus heard. The whole bus including Pete, who immediately had to join us in our three-seater.

"No!" I answered her question.

"No?" Pete asked.

I looked at him, "No!"

"Oh..." Alicia and Pete both said in the same disappointed tone. It was then that they seemed to notice each other.

"Hi, I'm Pete, who are you?" he introduced himself.

"A-A-Alicia," she stuttered as he shook her hand.

I leaned back on the seat and pretended to gag. I know where this is going. They flirted for the rest of the time. It was as if I wasn't even there. Already, envy was eating away at my heart. So what's gonna happen when they start dating? For some reason, it took the bus forever to get to school today. Once there, I pushed through everyone to get inside the building and away from Alicia and Pete. At my locker, I couldn't hold it in any more. I started to cry. I didn't want anyone to see so I stuffed my head into the locker. That was probably a bad idea because now I was stuck. Perfect. I was jealous, wet, and nauseous. I tried once more to get my head out and failed.

"Kristina?" I heard Pete's voice.

"What?" the sound came out muffled.

"Are you okay?" he sounded half-concerned but not very.

I ignored him. Fine, if he didn't care I didn't care.

"Okay then...see you at class Kris," I heard his locker close.

At this rate, I don't know if I'll be in class. I attempted to pull myself out and was unsuccessful yet again. The school bell rang and I heard a hustle of feet. I sighed. As long as I'm here, I better figure out what's going on. So, at first Pete liked me but I didn't. And then I let him know that I didn't like him so he stopped liking me. But when I let him know that I didn't like him, I actually did like him. Unfortunately, he liked my best friend now. Why is high school so dramatic? Why can't guys and girls just be friends like in third grade? I suddenly felt someone's arm around my waist. I screamed.

"Relax, it's Pete," he pulled me slightly, probably trying to get me out. He also failed. "You're stuck in there aren't you?"

"No, I'm ditching class," I said in a sarcastic tone.

"Ok...calm down, okay? I'm gonna go get the nurse or someone,"

His arm retracted and I heard his footsteps fade away. Soon, the school nurse, Ms.Thompson, came and worked her magic. My head was out in about five seconds. Then she gave us both a late pass and told us to head straight for class. Once she was gone, there was an awkward silence.

Pete was the one to break it, "Your friend's really hot!" wrong thing to say.

I gave him a frustrated look and continued to class, making sure I was a good two feet ahead of him the whole time.
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