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The Headlines Read...

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When you're a celebrity it's hard to date one of those "normal people." You find comfort in people who share a life like the one you do. Someone who would get everything you're talking about. But, ...

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'Fall Out Boy Falls Out Of Love.'

'Lying, Cheating, and her emotional breakdown.'

'Just when you thought it was going to last. Emo power couple meets its end.'

All the headlines were the same. They all screamed that their relationship was over. Millions of girls all over the world were happy. They were throwing little parties and now scribbling their first name with his last name like they ever stood a chance. Like he would ever consider being with one of them. They should consider themselves lucky that he wouldn't even consider it. They should be thanking their lucky stars.

That wasn't to say that there wasn't a heavy feeling on her heart. She was saddened that their relationship had to end like this. She was one of the ones who never wanted it to end. She wanted to believe that they could make it work. She wanted to know that their belief in each other could make it through anything. But, it wasn't the case.

"Earth to Marla." Daniella snapped her fingers in front of her friends face. "Where are you today?"

"Wishing to be anywhere but here." Marla ran a hand through her long black hair. "Standing in lava would be better than being here." She watched as the cars pulled up to the parking lot where the buses would start loading for the 'Cynical Poets and Remarkable Prose' tour.

The tour included Marla's band Fragmented Innocence, Gym Class Heroes, Paramore and of course the headliner Fall Out Boy.

The only reason that Marla would rather be walking on hot coals then embark on a three month tour was for the simple fact that her ex-boyfriend was the bassist of Fall Out Boy. Yes, that's right ladies and gentleman. Mr. Pete Wentz was Marla's ex boyfriend.

Now, before you wonder why she would go on a tour with her ex-boyfriend's band, we can tell you that this tour was planned months before they were broken up. In fact, they hadn't even been out of the relationship for three weeks yet.

"You need to forget about him, it's not worth what little brain cells you have left." Daniella teased as she opened the door to the car as she and Marla climbed out.

"I should smack you for that comment." Marla told her as she climbed out of the car herself and adjusted her sunglasses. "And, I'd forget about him if I didn't have to see him everyday." She shrugged her shoulders. Going on tour with your boyfriend was always dangerous, especially when he was in the band you were opening for. But, Marla had loved the idea of challenging the booing and screaming girls. She lived to win them over, just to prove a point.

"You should, but you won't." Daniella gave her a bright smile as she walked over to the bus and opened the door. They knew that Krysten and Austin would be there already.

I guess it's time to go through the mandatory band introductions. Let's start with the only boy in the band. The one and the only, Mr. Austin Shawn. He was twenty three years old, tall, with bright green eyes and dark black hair.

Next came Krysten, she was the bottled blonde, guitar playing member of the band. Her eyes were a light hazel color that changed when the sun hit them. She was far from the quiet one, but she wasn't overly obnoxiously loud either. She fell comfortably somewhere in the middle.

Daniella would be your resident loud mouth of the group. She was the bassist and the only one that would tell you where to go and how to get there. She didn't take shit from anyone. She was her on person. She wasn't controlled by the media. She was no one's puppet. Despite being emotionally and mentally strong, she was gorgeous. Long black hair with bright brown eyes and legs that pretty much went on forever. On first look at her you wouldn't think she belonged in a "rock" band, but, once you saw her on stage, everything you thought was thrown out the window.

And, last but not least, Marla. She was the group's front girl. She was only loud when it came to her performance. She wrote all the songs and when she sang them she felt everything in them all over again. She was bitter with a pen. Something she had in common with her ex-boyfriend. Marla was about comfort. Her favorite outfit was jeans and a t-shirt. It was also what she wore on the stage. She was another one with long black hair, but she had these most beautiful bright blue eyes. They looked like they could belong to a china doll. They were hypnotizing to say the least.

"Hi, Austin." Marla smiled as she dropped her bag on the floor of the bus and wrapped her arms around him. While all four of them were originally from New York, Daniella and Marla had been staying in California. Austin and Krysten had stayed in New York.

"Hi, baby girl. How are you doing?" He asked as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Okay." She nodded as she picked up her bag, hugged Krysten and walked to the back to put her stuff away. There was no need to claim bunks because well, they always ended up in different ones anyway.

Daniella let out a deep breath as she looked at her two friends. "It's going to be a long three months." She nodded as she grabbed her bag and walked to the back. All of the other bags had been put under the bus and would be gone through later. Now, they had a show to get ready for. They had to do sound check and get settled before opening night the next night.

Right now they wanted to get everything settled before their tour manager, Brandon came onto the bus and set down the law for the next three months.

"It's going to be non stop PMS!" Austin laughed as Krysten shoved him and walked to the back to put her stuff away. Sometimes Austin didn't know when to shut up. Only sometimes.
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