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The Ploy

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sometimes things aren't always what they seem.

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The snow fell outside the window quietly, muffling any noise coming from the outside. Bonnie watched as the snowflakes drifted silently down, rapidly covering the lawn with a white carpet. She shuddered suddenly, feeling cut off from the rest of the world. She turned as the phone rang and hurried to answer it.
"Hon., it's me," her husband Ron said. "I won't make it home tonight. The snow is falling to hard here. I'll call you again in the morning."
Bonnie started to say something when with a click the phone went dead. She looked up in fear as the lights flickered, once, twice, then when completely out. She stood there for a moment trying to steady her rapidly beating heart. Then she put the phone back on the cradle and began to fumble around, looking for the drawer that held the candle and matches. She finally found them and removed a candle, lighting it. Suddenly the window rattling made her freeze with terror, slowly she turned toward the window, then breathed a sigh of relief when she realized it was just the wind.

She carried the candle into the dark living room, where she placed it in the empty candle holder they kept for that reason. Another rattle made her jump in fear and she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to sleep. So she curled up on the couch, wrapped in an afghan, sometime during the night she drifted off, but wasn't asleep long before a nosie jerked her awake. She sat there, heart pounding, listening for another noise. Finally she heard a scraaaaaaap, then the sound of someone slowly and quietly sneaking across the kitchen floor. Bonnie sucked back a scream as a large figure stopped at the living room doorway, but he didn't step or look in, instead he walked down the hallway toward the bedrooms. Bonnie got up quickly and dashed to the phone in the living room, but it was still dead. She glanced frantically for a weapon of some kind, knowing when the intruder didn't find someone in the bedrooms. He would search the other rooms. She grabbed a large heavy vase off the table, and quietly snuck down the hallway. She flattened herself against the wall, waiting for the intruder to come out of the master bedroom. He finally emerged and seeing her he raised a gun to shoot, but she swung the vase, hitting him in the face and knocking him backwards. The gun fell from his grasp and clattered down the hallway, resting by her foot. She slowly reached down and grabbed the gun, then she backed down the hallway. When she reached the living room entrance she dropped the vase, not caring that it shattered and raced to the front door, out into the snow. When she reached her neighbor's house, she ran up the snow-covered front steps and pounded on the front door.

Finally the porch light clicked on and her neighbor Amber answered it, "what in the world is going on Bonnie?" Amber asked, tightening the belt on her robe.
"Someone broke into my house," Bonnie babbled, "I managed to knock him out with a vase and grabbed his gun, but we need to call the police."
Amber shook her head, "I'm sorry but the phone's dead." She opened the door, "come in quickly, so at least you'll be safe."
She led Bonnie into the living room, "stay here and I'll make you some tea," Amber said.
Bonnie sat on the couch as Amber disappeared into the kitchen. She set the gun on the table, knocking the phone off the hook in the process, she bent to pick up the phone and froze when she heard the sound of a dial tone. Why had Amber lied and said the phone was dead when it wasn't?
She heard a click, and straightened up, Amber walked into the living room with a gun. Bonnie gasped when Ron stepped out of the kitchen behind her, holding a bloody rag to his face.
"I wouldn't be so foolish if I was you," Amber said when Bonnie made a move toward the gun. "Those bullets in that gun are just blanks. It was never our intent to shoot you."
Bonnie straightened up, "why are you doing this Ron?"
"For the insurance money of course," Amber answered for him. "It'll be a tragic thing that you died in a fire tonight, of course. There will be some investigation. But I know how to make it look like an accident. Ron will get the money from the policy he has on you and we get rid of Peter, we are moving to Tahiti."
She gestured toward the door with the gun, "now. The three of us are going to take a little walk in the snow."
She crossed the living room and grabbed Bonnie's arm, forcing her to walk, "and you're going to lead."

They crossed Amber's front yard, to Bonnie and Ron's front porch, where she forced Bonnie inside.
"Knock her out while I start pouring the liquid," Amber said to Ron, thrusting Bonnie into his arms.
She took a bottle of golden liquid out of her robe pocket, then walked over and picked the still lit candle up off the table.
Ron turned to Bonnie, and said in malicious glee, "this is for hitting me with the vase bitch," then he raised his fist to hit her.
Bonnie reacted quickly, jerking her arm from Ron's grasp. She shoved him with all her might backwards, and he fell hitting Amber who had just opened up the bottle. She screamed as the contents of the bottle spilled on her robe, igniting immediately by the candle, Ron tried to put the fire out, but it spread too quickly. Bonnie turned and ran into the kitchen, as the flames spread through the living room, she ran out the back door and stood in the yard watching the house burn down. The sirens from the fire trucks filled the silence that was left after Amber and Ron's screams faded.

Bonnie quickly parked in the driveway of Amber's house, she smiled as she ran up the steps. Peter opened the door and she hugged him, before kissing him on the lips.
"I just got back from the insurance company." She said as they walked into the house, "the check will be mailed next week."
Peter's eyes glittered with pleasure, "they never suspected a thing?" He asked quietly.
She shook her head, "they thought that Amber and Ron tried to kill me, they never knew that we set them up." She kissed Peter again, then stood up and looked out the window at the burned out shell of her old house. "Where do you want to go after we get the money? She asked.
Peter came up behind her, "I heard Tahiti is good." He said as he kissed her head.
Bonnie just laughed.
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