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chapter 1

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In a circle of guys there's a whore. "Band mates?" check "family?" check "Boyfriends?" HELL NOO That's Lia for you. Take it or leave it.

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Chapter 1

She bent down and opened the wooden cabinet under the sink, carefully swooping through the contents she found the alcohol and placed it above. She took a white metal box adorned with pink polka dots and placed it beside the alcohol, humming to herself. She closed the cabinet and straightened up.
"Everyone's a let down
It just depends on how far down they can go
She looked at herself in the mirror: disheveled cherry blonde hair messily arranged into a side braid that fell just below her breast, her white body was almost completely exposed, being covered only by a hot pink bra and matching panties, the only difference being the white bows imprinted all over the panties. She couldn't really make out her features since she wasn't wearing her glasses just yet.
But of course she knew her own penetrating eyes, half blue half grey surrounded by almost invisible lashes, that could X-ray whatever laid on her path; her long, pointy nose; as well as her pink lips, the upper one almost disappearing in the lower one's lusciousness.
She raised one of her long, thin and strong legs to the sink, bending it as her foot found the rim the sink. She took one of the cotton balls from the white container she placed in the left upper cabinet and soaked it in alcohol. She pressed her index finger and thumb together, squeezing the remains of the alcohol. As she carefully passed the alcohol on the fresh cuts on her left knee her toes wriggled due to the momentarily sharp pain. As she continued to clean the wounds on both knees the pain was only as it someone was tapping her with the tip of a needle, very lightly, almost not touching at all.
"In every circle of friends there's a whore
The one who flirts
And does a little more
Someone opened the door abruptly as she placed the hello kitty band aid she had retrieved from the white metal box with pink polka dots on the last of her cuts. She raised her eyes to the tall, thin, white guy in Superman boxers. He grinned as he placed a hand on his straight, honey hair, making it cover his eyes briefly,
"Sorry Li"
"You don't seem sorry" Lia replied in an almost whisper as she noticed Nathan checking her out.
"Neither do you" Nathan said, stepping less than an inch closer.
"I never said I was" She said flatly, lowering her right leg from the sink and standing straight in front of Nathan, arms making triangles as her wrists rested on her hips. She pushed her breasts forward and sighed without taking her eyes off him. Nathan used his foot to close the door and stepped closer.
"NATHAN I TOLD YOU I WAS GOING TO SHOWER FIRST YOU ASSH-!!" Brian shouted as he barged into the door, eyes wide as the scene before him dawned: his sister's legs wrapped around his band mate's ass, both of their underwear fell to their ankles, her arms around his shoulders, more for support than love, her tongue escaping her parted lips as it played with his ear.
"GOD!" Brian said with no less intensity and closed the door behind him.
He furiously rushed into the area in which three wine red 'sofas' seemed to emerge from the tour bus' walls.
"Now what?" asked Tom in an annoyed, sleepy voice from the 'sofa' in front of the one Brian had chosen.
"Lia" Brian explained. Tom giggled and turned to face Brian, "I tell you that girl is as horny as any guy" he said in his most upbeat tone.
"I don't understand why you find that funny" Brian replied sternly.
They heard the shower starting and a door opening and closing. Lia came towards them in her underwear. She placed a hand on top of her half-brother's straight and short dark blue hair as she made a U turn and sat on his lap, a little way up.
"You should at least have the decency of locking the door" Brian spat, placing his cold grey eyes on her.
"But that would mean I wouldn't want anyone entering the bathroom while I am in it. What's the fun of being there all by myself?" She said, laughing heartily.
"Are you drunk?" Brian asked, pushing her down.
"Not yet. We are out of liquor, aren't we T?" She asked Tom in a sweet voice, tilting her head towards him.
"Yup" He said, looking at the ceiling instead of her. She lifted her body from her half-brother's and he sighed deeply as she did so, as if in relief. Lia covered the space in between her and Tom in three long strides, she positioned herself in all fours on top of Tom, flexing her arms to the sides, and raising her butt so her boobs were a major part of his view.
"But you are buying some, aren't you?" She asked in that same sweet tone. Tom stiffened below her. She locked him with her gaze. "Get down, Li" He managed to say in what he hoped was a cool voice.
"Okay" She purred and slid her knees and hands until she was completely horizontal on top of him, pressing her hips just below his and her breasts against him.
"He meant 'get off' Li" Brian said, his stone cold.
"Oh, sorry. You weren't specific" She apologized, imitating an embarrassed tone.
"And no, I'm not buying any more. You drank it all and left me bankrupt." He said, straightening off and recuperating his cool.
Lia pouted, " I did /not/. Much less leave you bankrupt. You're filthy rich" She said, obviously disappointed.
"How 'bout you, brother?" She asked, making her way towards Tom again.
"No" He said before she came any closer, "You go get it yourself" he added.
Lia looked defeated for a second, "Fine" she said and stood up as the bus made it's food stop.
"I'll go" And with that she left the bus. Barefoot and in her underwear.
Tom and Brian sat open mouthed looking as she raised her shoulders and skipped through the obviously hot floor.
"I can't believe she just did that" Brian said as soon as his voice came back to him"
"Well, you do know you have to be specific with her" Tom pointed out.
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