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"Hold on, hold on lady! I don't remember fucking asking you about your personal life."

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Frank and Darcy at McDonald's

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Okay umm i'm sorry about the long wait. It was honestly not my fault. My God damn computer kept shutting off just as i was reaching the end./ i know such a bummer./ i mean i had to type these fucking 7 pages over and over, and over. URGH!. but anyways, i hope you guys like this, even though it was nerve wrecking to keep retyping it, so yeah. On with the chapter. Also this chapter is dedicated to Renae, for having awesome Ferard talks, and basically just being the cool person you are, and introducing me into that story with Frank as a strippper! :}

"Hold on, hold on lady! I don't remember fucking asking you about your personal life."

Frank and Darcy had been standing in line for over 5 minutes waiting for the fucking mom in front of them to stop her kids from spitting, whining, and throwing toys at the other customers waiting in line, doing all this while trying to order her food. Why doesn't she fucking do one thing at a time? Darcy thought out loud.

Darcy didn't care how many fucking kids she had to take care of, all she cared about was that she was hunger, and was unsure if she could hold on much longer with her patience for this lady. Her patience didn't go as far as Frank could. "Come the fuck on, other people want to eat too." Darcy scowled at the woman. Even though the woman had her back to Darcy, Frank was pretty sure that she had heard her. But then again how could you not, Darcy doesn't know how to use her fucking inside voice? "God damn it bitch you should've fucking used your brain, and took your fucking whiney ass brats through the drive thru."

The woman turned around, and greeted Frank and Darcy with a genuine apologetic look on her face, and Frank suddenly felt guilty for what Darcy had said to her. She look tired and worn out, her shoulder length blonde hair was strewn everywhere on her head, she wore a plain white t-shirt saying 'Go Jimmy Go!' that had stains on it, with knee length blue shorts, and regular plain tennis shoes. "I'm sorry for making you guys wait so long." Darcy smirked at her, but Frank felt genuine sorry for her.

She had all those kids to take care of, and nobody was helping her. "No it's okay." Frank told her trying to turn his face into a smile.

She smiled back at Frank, and continued. "It's just that Stan-"

"Hold on, hold on lady! I don't remember fucking asking you about your personal life." Darcy said cutting the woman off. "I just wanted to know why the fuck you were taking so god damn fucking long?" The woman looked shocked and hurt by Darcy's words, but that was just how Darcy was. She hated when people that she barely knew would start talking to her about there problems like they've been best friends forever.

The woman looked like she was going to say something back but then Darcy raised her eyebrow questioning and started reaching for her back pocket which held either her pepper spray or teaser. The woman backed off and returned to gather up her children because now they were messing with the ketchup and straws.

"Shit! What was that woman thinking?" Darcy whispered into Frank's ear. "Did she expect to gain a friend or sympathy? Cause I don't do either."

"Darcy that was mean." Frank hissed into Darcy's ear. Darcy just smiled up at him.

After a few moments, Frank whispered again to Darcy. "I can't believe you made me come to this slaughter house." Frank whispered in Darcy ear. They were still standing in line, behind the slow ass woman, and now Frank was beginning to agree with Darcy. The long church service almost killed Frank especially since Darcy was there. Once again just like every week Darcy always had to out crazy herself. Chasing Darcy around made him get a big appetite, but he knew he shouldn't get much because Claire liked that he came home hunger so she could stuff him up.

"What are you talking about I made you come here, you said yes. If you didn't want to come you could of said no, shit Frank grow some fucking balls and stop acting like a pussy." Darcy yelled. Everyone looked up, and back at Frank and Darcy. Frank blushed he always got nervous when a lot of people was staring at him. Darcy smiled up at Frank. "Plus I love this place. I like to call it home, from time to time.... even though it sure the hell doesn't smell like home, it stinks in here." Once again Darcy yelled causing them to whip their heads toward her. "What it does smell." She said to the wondering eyes.

"I don't know. I don't smell anything." Frank told her.

"Oh God do you smell that!" Darcy yelled. "... It smells like rotten animals."

"Darcy." Frank hissed as they reached the counter. Frank turned his attention the women taking their order. "Anyways can I have a large McFlurry?" Frank looked over at Darcy who was staring up at the menu like she didn't know what she wanted. "What do you want Darcy?"

"I'm not sure if I want to eat here." Darcy eyes flicked off the menu, and now were glaring at the women. "It smells."

Frank nudged Darcy. "Just order Darcy!" Frank yelled ignoring the heated glances from the mom's and angry workingmen waiting behind them.

"Who do you think you are? Just because were out in public don't mean nothin'. You will still get your ass anyways." The woman behind the counter made sure not to look at Darcy, she feared that if she did Darcy would call her out, and that's exactly what Darcy would probably do. "I would like a double bacon burger, big n' tasty, big Mac, fish filet, and chicken nuggets, and a small diet coke." She turned to Frank. "I'm trying to lose some weight."

"The diet coke ain't going to help you." Frank mumbled.

Darcy made a fake shocked look, to Frank's comment. "And make sure there's no cheese or any dairy products on my food, or I'll sue your asses like crazy. I'm lactose intolerant bitch and it will be come ugly up in here if my demands are not met." She said turning her attention back to the woman taking their orders.

"Why do you always do that?" Frank asked holding the door out for Darcy, since her hands were preoccupied with Carrying her bags and drinks, and because Frank was a gentleman.

Frank offered to help Many times but Darcy refused saying, she wasn't a baby.

"What ever do you mean?" Darcy asked innocently fluttering her eyelashes up at Frank. Frank took a long look at Darcy and smirked.

"You know what I fucking mean? The shit with the... It fucking smells...Shit Darcy there were kids in there, and then that woman." Darcy shrugged her shoulders.

"Like they never heard those words before!" Darcy told him, taking a seat at one of the
outside tables.

"Darcy not all little kids were calling there parents bastards, twats, and cunts when they were 7 and 8." Darcy smiled.

She took a deep breath. "I was so bright back then."

"Keyword. Was!" Darcy flipped Frank the finger, while he took a seat on the side Darcy was sitting. Frank had already dumped his skittles into his McFlurry and now he was furiously mixing them up.

"Hey Gerard!" Mikey asked. Mikey was getting frustrated, he was trying explaining the new episode of Batman that Gerard had missed last night, and Gerard was clearly not listening to him. He didn't even respond when Mikey called his name, he was too busy looking at the people that sat two tables away from them. It was a girl and a guy, the girl looked cute in a serial killer kind of way, and the guy he looked weird, but not like her who was I'm going to kill you, just because I want to. Maybe they're a couple, because they looked like they were having an argument.

Mikey flinched. What would he's brother want with them? Mikey asked himself.

Ray noticed as well, that Gerard wasn't paying attention, nor was he done with his food, and asking Ray or Mikey for theirs. "Gerard!" Gerard looked over at Ray. "Dude your not listening? What are you staring at?"

Gerard pointed to the guy and girl still arguing. " I think I know that I guy."

Mikey smirked. "Yeah right. Like you know them."

"Not the girl, just the guy." Gerard pointed out for his brother. "I think its Frank."

"Frank who?" Ray asked. "Who is frank?" Ray was stuffing his mouth with French fries, but keeping his eyes on Gerard nevertheless.

"This guy that took me home last night." Gerard mumbled. He didn't really want to be talking about last night, with Mikey around, especially since he didn't know he had left.

Gerard passed Ray pleading looks to drop the subject. Luckily he did.

"Frank you know you want to eat it?" Darcy was waving her big n' tasty across Frank mouth. "Come on Frank! It's not going to fucking kill you, if you just take one motherfucking bite!" She yelled. She was almost done; she had already eaten the biggest thing, the big Mac.

"You have to eliminate the biggest. That smallest to largest shit is bullshit. Eliminate the biggest."

Frank didn't quite get it. "But don't you think, by eating the biggest thing your kind of get full faster. The Big Mac is pretty huge." Darcy just stared at Frank.

"Frank I may not always be right, but I'm never wrong!" once again she left Frank confused. "Now take a fucking bite!"

"No!" Frank yelled, throwing his empty McFlurry cup at her.

She threw it back at him. "Cocksmoker." She mumbled under her breath.

"Frank?" Someone was calling his name from behind. Frank looked over at Darcy who was already glaring at the person, Frank knew deep down that Darcy cared about him even if she did claim that he wasn't really her friend. Frank turned around and saw Gerard sitting two tables down from them, with a incredible skinny guy with glasses, and a guy with a humungous fro, that actually looked pretty cool on him.

Frank smiled weakly at Gerard suddenly feeling self-conscious about himself. He was still dressed in his church clothes, and he was worried that Gerard would make fun of him, or just stop talking to him (stop being his friend, well if they even were.) Frank knew that he should have gone home first to change.

Gerard smiled back at Frank, and waved his hand, motioning for Frank to come over. Gerard wore Blue jean pants that fitted loosely on him, with a leather black jacket over top of his black hoodie that had the word Beware in white, and some old school high top converses. "Hey." Frank said. Frank picked at the rubber band on his arm. Fucking hey, was all that he could fucking come up with.

"Frank do you know this guy?" Darcy whispered harshly still glaring at Gerard, but occasionally checking any signs on Frank if he felt scared, or threaten in any way.

Frank ignored Darcy and walked over to Gerard's table extra slowly, he didn't even know why he was putting himself threw all this, because after he got rejected he knew who would have the black and purple wrist in the morning, or worse wake up in a hospital.

Darcy walked over as well, trailing after Frank. Gerard hadn't stopped smiling so Frank took that as a good sign or that he was holding in laughter.

Frank and Darcy reached the table at the same time, except Darcy had managed to get her foot in front of Frank and her hip pointed out, like she was he's damn bodyguard or something.

Gerard smiled up at Darcy, but Darcy didn't return it. Frank nudged her with his elbow for being rude, especially to Gerard who was a really nice guy. "Hey Gerard." Frank said tucking his bangs behind his ears, and blushing a little bit.

"Gerard?" Darcy asked looking at frank. Frank looked Darcy in the eyes and begged her not to say anything rude or offensive "Oh your that hobo that Frank was telling me about?" frank's mouth fell open, Ray let out a chuckle.

"What is she talking about hobo Gerard?" Mikey whispered in Gerard's ear. But he ignored Mikey and kept his eyes on Frank.

"Frank I though I told you not to tell anyone?" Gerard asked playfully, a smile creeping up his face.

Frank blushed, and shrugged. "I'm sorry, she made me." Frank jerked his finger at Darcy. Gerard made a little face at him, and frank couldn't help but laugh a little, before turning to Darcy. "Darcy won't you go back to the table?"

Darcy gave Gerard on last glare before she went back to their table. "Anyways." Gerard said after she left. "What are you doing here?"

Frank looked up at the McDonald's sign and then back at Gerard. "Just grabbing something to eat." Frank said laughing. What else do you do at McDonald's then eat and maybe use the bathroom.

Gerard chuckled. "No silly! I mean what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at Church all day or something?"

Frank shook his head, and smiled at the little knowledge Gerard knew about his religion. "No. It only last 7 to 12."

"Oh." Gerard sighed turning around and taking a sip of his drink. "Okay. Well I wanted to know if you were doing anything tonight.... like at 11:00?" Gerard asked blushing furiously. He didn't even look at Frank, he couldn't. Not really Frank thought, well tonight was trivial night, where they would play feud, and the kid from next door would always come at 7:30pm to help set up the boards. But the kid was like 10, and Frank was 16 certainly not a 10 year old. But his aunt and uncle would never let him out on a school night. But then again trivial night starts at 8:00 then ends at 9:00pm. Claire liked to have Frank pick out his clothes then, and make sure he's back pack was in order before he went to bed, or did whatever. He could possibly sneak out, it's not like it's his first time.

"No" Frank shook his head. "Why?"

"Well like me, and mikey, and Ray are going to the drive-in, and I just wanted to know if you wanted to come with us?" Frank was so happy. He couldn't help but to think I have a new friend, a new friend that wants to hang out with me. "Plus today's Old school Sunday, so there showing old movies, and shit...but you don't have to come if you don't want to?" Gerard asked looking serious.

"No of course I would want to." Frank told him smiling. "I just need a-"

"Frank its fucking 1 o'clock, I need to get to my fucking anger management classes." Darcy yelled from their table at Frank.

Frank ignored her and continued on, Darcy was not about to ruin his friendship with Gerard. He wouldn't let her. "I just need a ride." Frank finished.

Gerard looked over at Ray questioning, and Ray nodded. "Yeah we can give you a ride."

"Frank fuck you! I need to get to my fucking anger management classes or I'm going to be so fucking pissed at you!" Frank didn't even bother to look back at her, bit she sure did catch mikey, Ray, and Gerard's attention.

"Is she okay?" Gerard asked cautiously staring at Darcy as she threw food on the ground, and then repeatedly stomped on it.

"Yeah she is." Frank told him with glancing back. Darcy was making a fucking scene and Frank knew it. He hated when she did it. It was a way of getting what she wanted when threats didn't work anymore on him. Frank looked at his shoes.

"Fuck Frank!" She yelled throwing her unfinished big Mac at him. But it missed and hit the table behind him. She was embarrassing him on purpose and he couldn't fucking take it. Frank plucked the rubber band on his arm. Fuck! How the hell did he expect himself to make new friends with Darcy? He was destine with failure around her.

"Uhh." Gerard looked back at Frank. "I still remember your address so will pick you up at 10pm."

"No." Frank thought about it. If they picked him up from his house most likely his aunt or uncle would wake up from the engine of the car around their house. "Just pick me up at the same spot I met you at." Gerard smiled at remembering this morning, and waking up at someone touching him.

"Okay." Darcy ran up to Frank pulling his arm.

"Bye Gerard I'll see you tonight." Frank yelled while being dragged back to his car by Darcy.

Gerard just waved and turned back to his friends.

Yeah so. I'll try to update sooner. well that's only if my computer stops shutting off.
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