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Meet The Guys...

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Not Quite Angels is the newest band on the scene in England, They perform for the first time and get an unexpected visit and request from one of their favourite bands

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A*N - Okay so here is a little story about My Chemical Romance, they arn't in this chapter but they will be soon J enjoy...

We were backstage.... We were next, wait let me explain who I am...I am B lead singer of the band Not Quite Angels and I am here at the London Barefly with the rest of the guys.... I'll get to them in a minute. So yeah, I am 18 years old and am here in this place about to go on-stage in about five minutes, now for all of you that know me, know that I am not a very confident person, so when I found out about this I was excited until I found out yep I had to sing in front of people. Okay so that sounds stupid, I am a lead singer of a band and I can't even stand in front of people and sing, but I have low self esteem issues. So yeah anyway, I am about 5'6 and have shoulder length light brown hair but I have been thinking about dying my hair black recently, anyway I curled my hair for tonight and it actually worked out well, I am just wearing a pair of skinny jeans as I didn't have time to think of another outfit, I was wearing a my chemical romance shirt, well more like a black parade corset thingy, I wore this with my Bam trainers, my most comfortable shoes. So enough about me, it's time for the light to shine on the other guys.

Mini Dan is our lil guitarist and back singer, he is a cool little dude and has helped me through a lot of problems, he is the guy that you can talk to but if you moan a lot like me it's good to stay out of his way, trust me, We were having a band practice weekend and it was freezing because the power was out and it was snowing and Jacks parents refused to let us go outside so we were stuck inside doing nothing and I started moaning about the weather and lets just say I never saw that T.V remote flying towards my head, it was quite funny though cause I had to go to the hospital and have five stitches, I forgave him though. Anyway he has jet-black long straight hair that reaches a quarter way down his back. One day he was so short, now he is 5'9 and it was scary at first but now I am used to it. He was wearing his trench coat as usual and had his BC Rich Draco V guitar, his most prized possession.

Dan is our bassist and no he isn't related to Mini, if you say that to both of them they go crazy, Anyway his bass is black and he is same height as mini apart from he still has the same hair he did in high school, it's like Ray Toro's hair (Black Parade) but more curlier, that's why I call him Ray Ray and lets say he doesn't like it much. He was wearing his black converse, also wearing black skinny jeans but a taking back Sunday shirt.

Jack is our rhythm guitarist and is the man whore out of the guys, okay that was a bit mean but we fight a lot, not horrible fighting but brother and sister fighting, he had a little emo fringe and had dark brown hair. He was wearing plain jeans and a sum 41 shirt; see our band is a little advertising place for some of our favourite bands.

Lastly on drums is Jack's little brother who I call mini tramp cause we call Jack tramp and he's related so why not.
Like his brother he had a emo fringe but has black hair. He was wearing jeans and just a plain T - Shirt.

So this is my band and we are about to play our first proper gig of our lives...Here goes nothing....

A*N - Okay so that was the first chapter, hoped you enjoyed it....PLEASE REVIEW

p.s - sorry for anyone who tried to read this like before this is my first story on ficwad so I got a bit confused lol!
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