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Words of a True Patriot

by Gai 1 review

Just a little humorous piece written in sarcasm. If you're still offended by it, then you're probably the kind of person it was meant to offend. Meh.

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I'm sick of all this damn liberal whining
saying how the president's not doing good work.
It angers me enough to burst a blood vessel,
having to hear crap from some aetheist jerk.

The thing that disgusts me more than anything else
is how control of the media's in the hands of those hacks,
all these networks and papers are slandering our leader
it seems they'd rather give opinions than state all the facts.

All that I can say is thank the lord for Fox News
because unlike the rest it's balanced and fair,
men like O'Reilly are honorable and decent
unlike those CNN creeps who clearly don't care.

Another thing I've gotta bring up is Iraq
who in their mind would object to this fight?
Their religion is based entirely on terrorism
but they're nothing but fanatics whose brains just ain't right.

Ask men like Falwell or good old Dubya
and they will tell you that God is on our side,
in these past few short years that we've fought
we've brought Christian values to a land where good will's died.

And on the issue of war let us not forget
the fruits who'd rather hide than take part in wars,
those brave soldiers out there are fighting for us
and if I'd gotten drafted I'd kill those terrorist whores.

The war protestors have gone too damn far
how dare they say our troops are there for nothing then
Saying to pull the soldiers out of Iraq
what right do they have to speak for our men?

You damn stinking liberals are making me sick
I don't want to hear about your commie terrorist view,
if you'd rather give B.S. than tell me the truth
go right ahead 'cause I'll just ignore you.
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