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lets just break things today! ... it will make sense if you use your mind.

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She fell asleep in my arms, it was quite awkward to be honest. I did my best to pick her up and put her in the back of my car, she was out like a light. I started to drive home, emotions raced through my heart and head that I couldn't understand.

I was falling in love with this girl.

But was it just too fast?


I felt myself waking up and struggled to open my eyes. They adjusted to the light of the room. I realized I was in Pete's room. I checked myself to make sure I still had my clothes on and scolded myself for believing Pete would do something like that. I didn't see Pete anywhere. I jumped out of the bed and heard a muffled yelp from the floor.

"Pete! I'm sorry!"

He gasped.

"It's...okay.." He got up and laughed. "Sleep good?"

"I guess..why were you on the-" My phone rang from his nightstand. "Hello?"

"Roxy! Where are you?" It was Taylor.

"I'm at Pete's.."

"What did he do to you?" He demanded.

"What are you talking about?"

"Did he try to fuck you or something?"

"No...why would he-what's the matter with you?"

"I wouldn't trust him. He looks like he just wants to-"

"Would you stop? I don't know where you get this theory but you need to stop Taylor. He's a safe person, I wish you would just stop being so judgmental....just-leave me alone." I hung up. Pete was frowning.

"Who was..-"

"Taylor." I said angrily, grabbing my things and stuffing them inside my bag.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Everythings fine. Just overprotective Taylor, WORSE than my mother."

"Roxy..he doesn't know me, I'm sure-"

"He does this with every guy I meet. He's just protective, like he's my fucking-"

"Brother?" I didn't say anything. "Technically he is your brother, he's worried that's all. I used to be that way with my sister sometimes." I felt embarrassed now. He started grabbing some of my things and helping me pack, he looked so sad behind those dark bangs. I felt ashamed for being so harsh.

"Pete?" He looked up.


"Thank you..I had really are more than 'that guy from Fall Out Boy'..." He smiled at me.

"I-thank you-you're wonderful too-I mean-" He was studdering. I starting to laughed and his cheeks tinted pink.

"You are a mess with words."

"I'm aware."


I watched her as she walked up the driveway. I leaned over the passenger seat.

"Hey! Roxy?" She turned around.


"Maybe we could...hang out again sometime? Without reason?" She smiled.

"That would be great."



I drove myself home. What was I thinking? Had I ever done this before? Just because we had something that linked us-theropy-did I think she would just automatically fall in love with me?

Something buzzed in the seatnext to me. I groped around for a while and found Roxy's cell. I looked at the caller ID-Taylor. I answered.


"Ro-who is this?"


"Why do you have Roxy's cell phone?"

"I-she-I just dropped her off at home."


"Yes. She left her cell in my car I guess-"

"Then give it to Casey. Don't go near her."

"Excuse me?"

"I don't know why your bugging her so much. She has a boyfriend."


"You heard. You know Casey, give it to her and leave Roxy be." There was a dial tone. I felt tears gathering in my eyes. I threw the phone back to the passenger seat and hit the door. I heard more vibrating-this time my sidekick.

paTRICK: Where are you?

I did my best to reply while driving.

PETERPANda: myyh car

I set my sidekick down and made a turn for my house. It buzzed again.

paTRICK: where's roxy

Tears were coming again.

PETERPANda: hoome

He replied immediately.

paTRICk: home? i though u were going out 2 eat


paTRICK: y not?

PETERPANda: i driving bye

It didn't buzz anymore.


"Tristan have you seen my cell?"

"No..where did you last have it?"

"Pete's-I bet I left it in Pete's car!"

"Call him and see." There was a crash from the kitchen-Taylor had dropped a glass bowel.

"Shit..Roxy can you help me clean this?"

"Sure..just a second..I need to call-"

"No! Hurry, it's glass." I sighed and retired acrost the room to the shattered bowel. "I really need to get-" Taylor hit his head on the bottom of the table.



"Get a paper towel, I think I'm bleeding..shit..shit.."

"Does this have to do with-" Started Taylor but stop.

"Do with what?" I asked him, turning around from the sink.

"Nothing...I meant...did the bowel have to do with a house warming gift?"

" was from walmart."

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