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It's just a sleepover

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It was friday night and I was at my at mine and my best friend esther apartment. We bought an apartment together. We known eachother to 7 or 8 years so we were the closest friends.We were having a little party.The only people who were invited were Mikey,Bob,Ray,Frank,Alicia,Jamia,Eliza,Victoria and Gerard.I never really liked Eliza she was engaged to Gerard but thats not why I don't like her.

It was 10:48 and everyone was getting ready to leave. Gerard walked toward me and esther.
"Hey, can I sleep at your place for the night? Eliza's sleeping in her friends house for the night and I don't want to be alone tonight" he said

"Sure,but my boyfriend is sleeping over, he'll be sleeping in my room, so if you want you can sleep on the couch"

"that's fine" he said

"No, he can sleep in my room, I'll sleep on the couch" I said

"no it's fine I don't mind sleeping on th-"

"please, I insist you take my room" I cutted him off ,He just said "ok" I nodded and he walked back toward the group he was talking with.Everyone left except Gerard and his fiancee, Eliza. She kissed him on the lips and left.We were all heading to bed esther and her boyfriend note went to thier room.I looked at Gerard."I better show you where my room is"he nodded I walked passed the kitchen and was now in the middle of the hallway I opened the door and stepped in he followed he was analyizing the features in my room thw walls were purple a little black. He sat on the bed, I was leaning on the frame of the door."well,Goodnight"then i walked off pulling the door behind me shut.

I woke up from the sound of some kind of noise.It was 2:37 I closed my eye's but I couldn't go back to sleep.I got up from the couch and walked down the hall toward my room. I knocked lightly on it.The door opened and I was facing a very tired gerard.

"sorry did I wake you?" I asked

"ya, Whats wrong?"he said in the same rough tone.

"I couldn't sleep I heard something"
we both looked toward esther and notes room.The noise was coming fromthier room,It was sex noise.We looked back at eachother.

"well that explains why you couldn't sleep"he said.I smiled but he didn't.
"can I come in?"I asked

"It's your room"he said while moving aside I walked in, he closed the door and laid down on the bed I sat on the bed beside him.

"lay down"he said I lowered myself on the bed.We were now both laying down looking at each other.He lifted his hand toward my cheek he started to caress my cheek then he moved his hand up and down my arm rubbing it he didn't move his eye's from mine.He sat up and was now on top of me his legs were in both sides of me.He started to pull my shirt up once he got it off he started he pull my jogging pants down along with my panties.I was now naked except for my bra while he took my clothes off his eye's never left mine.he pulled his own shirt off and I was pulling down his jogging pants along with his boxers now he was naked.

He pulled my legs a little apart his hand was running down my tummy toward my pussy very slowly he started to rub it with his right hand.I moaned a little,with that he put his hand over my mouth to keep my mouth shut.He stoped rubbing it , he removed his left hand from my mouth and put his right hand on my lips he was tracing my lips then he put a finger in my mouth.

"suck"he saidI did what I was told.When his finger was wet enough he took it out of my mouth and brought his hand back down toward my pussy.He pushed his finger all the way in. I made a loud moan he put his left hand over my mouth again this time pulling preassure down.His finger was just going in and out he removed his fingers I was so close to cuming and he spreaded my legs even more apart.He positioned himself between my legs.

"I'm still a virgin"I blurted out He just stared at me for a moment.

"now don't make a fucking sound we don't want them hearing us"he said.

He was trying to ignore what I had said.

"but thier doing the same exact thing we're doing"I said.He rolled his eyes' I felt his hard dick aganist my pussy.I started to stiffen.

"relax I'm not going to hurt you"he said smiling I nodded.He held up his dick with his right hand to postion it to where my hole is.Once his penis found it he entered me.He started slowly at first.I felt so much pain I grabbed the sheets and started to pull on them.I whimpered.

"Sssshhhhh,it's ok it"ll all be over"he said trying to calm me down.The deeper he went in the more pleasure I felt.Soon I didn't feel any more pain he relized this when he saw me let go of the sheets and roll me head back.He kept thursting in and out in and out.When we both couldn't take it any more he quickly put his left hand over my mouth then he cummed hard I cummed as well I moaned really loud but nobody can hear it because of Gerards hand over my mouth.I still felt the warm liquid that he had cummed inside of me.He stood up and started to get dress I sat up.When he was fully dressed he picked up my clothes and tossed it to me.He came closer to me he bent down toward me ear.He kissed my neck.

"Get the fuck out now"he whispered roughly.I was confused.He walked to the side of the bed and layed down he pulled the sheets on top of him.I stood up and and walked toward the door I looked back at him I couldn't tell if he was asleep or awake I stepped out and closed the door behind me.I walked toward the living room and got dressed.

I layed down on the couch looking up at the ceiling.Why the fuck Gerard was being so rude,I gave him what he wanted,well he never was nice to me he probably hates my fucking guts,shit I have to drink them birth control pills esther has.Sunddenly I felt an uncomfortable feeling I felt something wet I felt my underwear being soaked.I lifted up my head and looked between my legs.Thier was 'blood'.

"well i guess thats what I get for loseing my virginty"I said softly to myself,

I ran to the bathroom.

This is my very first sex scene please review if it's good or not.Thier will be lots more!
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