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Just Say That You Love Me and Kiss Me.

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well i cant summarize it all except for PLEASE READ AND REVIEWW. =D

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"Woah, Helena calm down, tell me everything," Jake said as he heard the sobbing from the other line. Helena took a deep breath in and had explained it all, her father, her mother, everything. Jake went into silence as he did not know what to say.
'Listen, Helena, I'm really sorry to hear about that and I wish I could help you in every way possible, but its close to midnight and I'm not suppose to be on the phone, meet me tomorrow for lunch at the same place okay?" Jake whispered, but spoke loud enough so then she was able to hear him.
'Sure okay, talk to you tomorrow, bye," Helena said as the she heard the phone hang up from the other line. Helena hung up the phone and stayed in her room for the rest the night feeling terrible and that nobody could help her.

It was now morning and Helena had gotten no sleep, as she opened the door she saw her father sleeping on the couch, Helena decided to go wake him up and take him to rehab today.

'Dad, wake up, its time for you to go rehab," Helena whispered into her ear.

There was no reply from her father and shook him a bit and tried waking him but still no luck, Helena checked his pulse, it was very faint. Helena freaked and called 911 right away to pick up her father and take him to the hospital because he was suffering a overdose.

It was near noon and Helena was too worried about her father to remember about Jake until she had got a phone call.
'Hello?...hey, yea, I'll be there in 10, kay bye," Helena said as it was Jake asking if she was coming.
As those 10 minutes passed she was waiting for Jake at the restaurant, moments later he came, she ran up and hugged him.
"hey, whats up?" Jake said as he hugged her back.
They said down at table and ordered lunch and began talking. She went on about last night and this morning and what had happened.
"Wow, that's terrible, well if you want you can stay at my house while your father is at the hospital," Jake offered. Helena smiled,
"I'd like that, thanks" Helena replied.
They smiled and looked into each others eyes deeply and they both had this secret feeling about each other but were to scared to tell them.

Finally they left and she went back to Jakes place, she placed herself on the couch while Jake went to the kitchen to grab something to drink.

'Sorry that this place isn't the greatest, this is all me and my friends can afford," Jake said as he sat down beside her and handed her a ice tea.
'Nah, don't worry about it, just so long as I'm not back at my house then I don't care," She replied with a smile and then a sip out of her Ice Tea.

Jake took a sip out of his drink and turned on the TV, and began watching MTV Cribs. Then Jake decided to watch "Fight Club" instead so that's what they did, and at the ending Helena couldn't hold it in anymore.
"Jake, if I told you something, will you trust me with every word I say to you?" Helena asked.
'Yea, sure, anything," Jake replied as her began to stare into her eyes.

'Ever since the first time I've met you, I've been trying to tell because you're the only person I've felt that I could be myself and not care because, I love you Jake, and I mean every word of it." Helena said as she began to blush and stared back into Jakes eyes.

Jake replied with a passionate kiss on the lips, and they began to wrap their arms around each other, as he stopped to breathe, all he said was, "I love you too, Helena, and I mean every word of it."
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