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The Wrong Way

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A poem my sister wrote.

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The Wrong Way
by RainDreamer

The wrong way, no one ever does this,
We're the best of friends but at one time longed to kiss,

We have done things in opposite array,
But for us maybe God intended it this way.

I ended it all with following words from a friend,
From a pretend friend, who wanted my world to end.

You were my world, each breathe I took, everything I dreamed,
A friendship shouldn't come from this, but amazingly through the dark it beamed.

Maybe my mistake was some sign,
That you were meant to just be a great friend of mine.

I am feeling happy that we are still so close,
Even though we don't shared what I wanted most.

For now I understand what I have gained from all this,
A special friend, someone who for not one moment do I want to miss.
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