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Chapter One

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The Sequel to Woverin Domination

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Micah emerged from the woods, he had grieved for his father for ten days. Now he had to begin his father's duties. He was trudging up the hill toward the city when the sound of a struggle reached his ears. He pushed through the bushes and found two of his trackers struggling with a young woman.
As soon as they saw him, the trackers stopped. "Lord Micah," they said bowing.
The woman broke free from the trackers and started running into the woods. One of the trackers fired a stun gun at her, causing her to drop like a stone.
"What is the meaning of this?" Micah asked as he knelt over the woman, checking for a pulse.
"We found her lurking outside the guard shack." One of the trackers explained, "when we confronted her, she ran."
Micah rolled her over, staring in awe at her lovely face.
"Take her to my mansion," he said standing up. "I will question her personally."

Later Micah returned home and called his butler to him.
"Summon the Mistress of The Baths," he said.
He sat in a chair by the immense fireplace, staring into the flames.
A cautious voice said behind him, "you wanted to see me Lord Micah?"
He turned and said "yes Melina, I wanted to know how are guest is faring."
"She's very frightened my Lord," Melina said looking distressed. "She refuses to eat or let us bathe her. All she's done since awakening is cowering in the corner."
Micah stood up, "take me to her," he ordered gruffly.
He followed Melina down the hallway, toward the seraglio. The two guards bowed as he walked past, pushing the doors open for him. Melina showed him to the bathing room, where the woman crouched in a corner, watching his approach with fear filled eyes.
Micah turned to Melina, "leave us," he said and she scampered out quickly.
He pulled up a couch and sat down on it, trying to appear nonthreatening.
"My name is Micah," he said, "what's yours?"
She just looked at him warily, like she would bolt at any moment.
"I need to know why you were outside the guard shack," he said softly, "you could be branded as a spy if you don't tell me."
"I'm not a spy," the woman said loudly, "my village was attacked three days ago and I was looking for help. The only contact I've ever had with trackers was when they would raid our village. So when I saw them I instinctively ran."
"Did trackers attack your village this time?" Micah asked angrily.
She shook her head, "no these were different, they didn't have the tracker mark. They killed without discrimination. Trackers don't kill."
"Could it have been renegades?" Micah asked afraid that she would say yes.
Again she shook her head, "our village is a renegade safe place," she said then tightened her lips when she realized what she had revealed.
Micah smiled, "I no longer hunt renegades," he said, then he stood and offered his hand to her. "I'll take you to meet the Woverin council. You can tell them what you told me."
She took his hand and he helped her off the floor, "my name is Delta," she said, "thank you for being so kind. I didn't expect that."
Micah looked down at her and felt a twinge of emotion that he had never felt before tug at his heart.
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