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Behind closed doors....

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Implied actual boy on boy action, just implied. Mikey hears something and wonders what it could be... Rated for implied sex and also some bad language.

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A/N: Ok, if you recognise this story a little bit then I admit I took the idea from Toasty vampire. Hides head in shame But there is some differences and a big difference at the ending. So hope you enjoy. ^^ (One shot)

"Gerard stay still!" Ordered Frank...quiet. "For fucks sake man! STOP MOVING IT! How do you expect me to push it in when your moving it everywhere!?" Asked Frank angrily.
"I'm sorry! I'll stay still!" Promised Gerard. "I'm just a bit nervouse...I mean, that is big... and you can be very dangerous!" He added. Mikey could almost hear Frank roll his eyes.Mikey entered the house, his parents had gone out for the day and pretty much all evening. Mikey was meant to be at work right now, but being the dumb ass he believed he was - he had forgotten his book report. Something he thought he was leaving behind when he left school, but thats what you get when you work in a book store. He dashed up the stairs and along the landing, his mp3 blaring in his ears. He grabbed his book report and was just leaving his room when he remembered the ban on MP3's in the store and how the manager was bound to get him to empty his pockets, so he turned off his MP3 and threw it onto his bed. He left his room and was just passing Gerards bedroom door when he heard Gerards familiar voice asking -
"Are you sure you know what your doing?" Mikey stopped, wondering which one of their friends were round.
"Of course I know what I'm doing! I'm like an expert!" Came Franks familiar voice. Mikey wondered what they were on about, probably some video game they were playing...but then, he couldnt hear any video game.
"Geez its hot in here" Said Frank.
"And we all know why" Chuckled Gerard. Mikey raised an eyebrow and leaned in closer to the door. He heard the sound of someone un - doing there zipper. "Actually, thats a good idea" Said Gerard and Mikey heard a second zipper being un - done. He leaned closer still and heard -
"Right...first we have to do this -"
"Fuck Frankie, are you sure thats gonna fit?" Asked Gerard, sounding worried.
"What do you mean is it gonna fit?"
"Well...its a bit big..." Mikey pressed his ear against the door mouth hanging open as he heard Frank chuckle.
"Gerard, I've done this enough times to know if its too big or not!"
"Well...ok" Came Gerards slightly un - certain voice. For a second there was silence and Mikey was wondering whether to leave when Gerard gave a cry of pain. "MIND WHERE YOUR JABBING THAT THING!" He shouted.
"Fine I'm sorry, just be careful, I've never done this before..." Said Gerard slightly calmer, but sounding scared.
"Dont woooory, I know what I'm doing!" Said Frank confidently.
"I dont trust you with that thing!" Cried Gerard, Frank only chuckled and then there was quiet once again. Mikey's heart was hammering, he was sure there was a reasonable explanation for this...he just couldnt think of least not one he liked!

"For gods sake, we could be done by now." He said. There was a sharp gasp from Gerard and a triumphant cry from Frank. " wasnt that painless." He said gleefully. Gerard didnt answer, but Mikey could hear a horrible squelching noise.
"Wow Frank, you are good at this!" Said Gerard happily, Mikey couldnt take it anymore, without thinking about it - he slammed the door open.
"WHAT THE FUCK ARE Y - oh..." He blushed when he saw Frank and Gerard kneeling either side of a pumpkin, Frank with a large knife in his hand, Gerard holding the pumpkin steady.
"Mikey? I thought you were at work." Said Gerard looking confused. Mikey mumbled about forgetting his book report. "Ooooh" Said Gerard smiling. Frank was frowning and clutching his chest where his heart was.
"Jesus Mikey, why did you burst in like that, your gonna give me a heart attack!" He cried. Mikey blushed a deeper shade of red.
"W...well, I...erm...heard you talking and it sounded a bit..." He stopped, Frank and Gerard looked at eachother re - thinking their conversation and what it must have sounded like when someone didnt know what they were actually doing, then it dawned on them and they began laughing hysterically.
"I bet you thought we were fucking!" Cried Frank. Mikey nodded shamefully.
"Well...I heard zippers and that there was a reason it was so hot..." He said quietly, Frank nodded along with Gerard.
"Yeah, Frank broke the heater in here so now it wont turn off, the zippers were from our jackets." Said Gerard pointing at the two jackets thrown onto the bed.
"And then I heard it was big and might not fit..." Mumbled Mikey getting redder and redder.
"Yeah, he was referring to the knife." Said Frank, holding the knife up. Mikey spotted the clock and realised that he was late.
"Yeah well erm...I know now...sorry for erm...interupting." He said hastily before racing out of the room, as he dashed down the stairs he could hear Frank and Gerard laughing like maniacs.
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