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Edward's warning

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someone is gunning to kill Anita again. But what if someone from Edward's past is doing the gunning?

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Anita Blake was awakened by the phone ringing. She lay in between Micah and Nathaniel as she did almost every night. The boys heard the phone too.

"Let the machine pick it up, Anita." Nathaniel mumbled in front of her as she started to move.

"It's midnight," Micah told them both, seeing as he was the one who reached over and found the alarm clock. "Who would be calling now?"

Anita had just had a very tiring night. She had met with her clients earlier in the day and then raised three zombies, two of which were over a hundred years old, within Three hours. She'd earned her paycheck. Let the damn machine pick it up. It started to as she lay back down again between two of her men. The machine beeped and then His voice was heard. Uncharacteristically, Edward's voice was frantic.

"Anita! If you're there pick up!" he yelled. This struck Anita as odd. Edward didn't yell. He was too cold to need to yell. Anita was suddenly climbing over the boys and reaching for the phone.

"Edward?" she questioned, when she got there.

"Get out of your house," he told her, his tone of relief very evident but also was his tone of urgency, "now."

Anita was taken back. Edward didn't make demands like that. Not in that way. He was showing a lot of emotion right now. Edward didn't do emotions. "What the hell is going on Edward?"

"Do as I said. I'm almost there. She's had ten hours already. She probably knew where you lived before she left the bayou." There was still that thread of urgency.

"Who Edward?" she asked, panic speeding the pulse in her throat like candy she was about to choke on
"why do they care where I live?"

"Anita, trust me just do as I say. And for god's sake, do not open anything!" And with that he hung up.

Anita was thoroughly terrified. Something bad was going down and, of course, it was falling right in her lap. Micah and Nathaniel were already dressing. Of course, they had heard the other end of the conversation. Their hearing was incredible. She was almost dressed when she heard tires screeching.

She looked outside and saw a little green Mazda, with the engine still running and Edward getting out in a hurry. The trio looked at each other, not really sure if this was just a dream or for real.
'Please God!' Anita prayed as she went towards the door with her Browning and wrist sheaths, 'let it be a nightmare, because whatever's coming can't be good.' Edward busted through the door before anyone got to it. He immediately went to Anita.

"I need to know if you've opened anything
suspicious recently, Anita." He told her. Edwards blue eyes held something different than that dead coldness. Like the difference between excitement and fear, but what would make Edward look like that that had something to do with her?

"No," Anita said slowly then asked again, "What in the hell is-"

"I have." Micah spoke up from behind her, "it was a letter. It said thirteen hours in big black letters. Remember Anita?" he came up beside her and looked her in the face. "I showed it to you and you said that it was just some kids playing a prank?" Anita nodded.

"How long ago?" Edward demanded drawing Micah's attention back to him.

"Few hours," he said distrustfully, "does this have something to do with-"

"Shit!" Edward cut him off. He turned to Anita, "we need to go. Now."

Anita just nodded. She wouldn't argue with him he knew more than he was letting on but answer questions later. The three of them followed out of the house. Damian, Anita's Vampire servant, was at Danse Macabre, dancing tonight. So he missed all the excitement and she didn't have to worry about him. Anita got buckled up in the front while the boys got in the back. Edward was no sooner in the Car than they were already taken away from their home.

"Alright Edward, spill it." Anita snapped, "Why the hell did you come in the middle of the night and try to scare me to death with your little cloak-and-dagger routine."

He sighed, "There's another contract on your life, Anita."

Anita's face went blank. Someone was trying to kill her again, Nothing new, not even the contract part.

"You're a lot more worked up about this than last time Edward." She reminded him.

Edward had a ghost of a smile cross his lips. "Last time we didn't know for sure who it was. "

"But this time you do." Nathaniel spoke up. His Lavender eyes held quite a bit of worry.

Edward seemed to stiffen a bit in Anita's eyes but it was gone before she could analyze it.

"Yes this time I know who it is." He said. Silence
filled the car.

"And the sixty-four thousand dollar question is," Anita said a bit testily, "who the hell is it?"

"Artemis," he said, staring intently at the road.

Anita looked like she didn't believe him, "the Greek goddess?"

Edward nodded, "The Monsters call her The Hunter. She enjoys the chase more than the kill. She wounds until the prey can't run anymore and then she kills it. She's one of the few people besides you that can actually give me some competition."

"As one of the 'monsters', I resent that remark." Micah stated. He was just the littlest bit edgy. Or at least that's all he let everyone else see.

Edward used the back mirror to show Him those blue winter skies. "You would."

"Then why haven't you pushed the question with her?" Anita asked more for a different topic besides the two lycanthropes in the car than to feed her own morbid curiosity.

Edward took the time to look surprised at her before resuming his cool blank look at the road. "She's my sister."
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