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The call from Artemis

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someone is gunning to kill Anita again. but what if someone from Edward's past is doing the gunning?

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I own...let me think....mutters what was my line?...Oh yeah...NOTHING!

Except maybe the hunter.


The three people in the Mazda car were astounded for a moment. When Anita finally got the nerve up to speak she said incredulously. "Your sister is trying to kill me?"

Edward sighed then gave a quick nod. Anita looked out the window amazed for a second and then turned back to the man that was driving. She couldn't wrap her mind around it.

"Why would your sister want to kill Anita?" Micah and Nathanial had started asking Edward about Anita's current threat of the month but she wasn't listening.

Edward's sister. She didn't even know that he had a sister! Anita didn't think it was possible to be blind sighted by a train but this had to be how it felt if it was possible. She would have liked to meet the only person that knew everything about Edward besides Edward, If only she weren't trying to kill Anita. Yeah that might have been the straw that broke the camel's hump. Anita asked the only question her befuddled mind could think to ask over the others.

"Is she older or younger than you are?" really this gave Anita nothing. She truly didn't know how old
Edward was, so what would it matter? It was a question for the sake of having a question.

Edward spared a look at her and a small grin spread over his face as he looked back to the front. He ignored the other's questions and answered hers, "younger."

They were well out of harm's way now. They pulled into the local motel 6 and got out. As they were walking down the hall to the rooms Edward had paid for, his cell phone rang. It was just your run of the mill rings. He pulled it out of his pocket as he opened one of the doors to the rest of them. He looked at the number and didn't recognize it. Just in case it was coming for 'Ted' (Edward's alias where he had a wife and two step children) he answered in a good natured tone, with a bit of a drawl, "hello?"

"Is she on your list?" said the female voice on the other end. She had no accent.

Edwards face went blank. He had only an inkling of what the speaker could mean. "Excuse me?" his tone a little less friendly.

"is. She. On. Your. List." The speaker was very punctuated, her voice as cold as the one he used.
He knew who the speaker was now. It was Artemis, His baby sister.

"Who?" his voice went to its usual Edward voice, neutral with no accent. She was as dangerous as he was, in some ways. He tried to play it safe, and though safe and dumb rarely fell into the same category, maybe they would this time.

"Don't play dumb," she said, "I saw you, at Blake's house. I've seen your green Mazda. I see you in the motel 6 hallway."

Edward swallowed the extra two heart beats per minute and pulled it down to his target heart rate. She had given details. Not much but enough for him to know she was nearby. He just couldn't tell where. This plan had been half assed.

"You've processed it. Now tell me, is she on your list?" Artemis asked again, slowly, dangerously. As if she were a tame tiger that had suddenly decided that it might be time to Rebel and was simply circling him waiting for her own decision to be made on what he said.

"Edward?" Anita asked quietly. Her brown eyes were studding his face, like they had a hundred times before when she was suspicious of him. What would it be like to never see that look again? To never have someone to share dangerous toys with? Hadn't He even said, in Santa Fe, that she was his soul mate, even if they would never be lovers? What would it be like to never be able to mess with her mind? These were the same questions he asked himself when he started pushing the ultimate question at her. Some people dealt in the 'What if...' Edward liked to deal with the 'what would it be like...' Anita and her crew of were-leopards behind her were all watching Edward, with wary eyes. All but Anita. She knew something was up. Was she on his list?

"Either way she's got time to run away." Artemis' tone held the excitement of the thought of chasing prey. He wondered if he got something similar when he talked about killing. It was an idle thought because he really didn't care. A thought came through it to him though. It was his biggest fantasy to hunt Anita. How would he feel if his little sister did it instead of him?

"We need to talk," he answered.

"We are talking," he could hear the fact that the corners of her mouth were turned up.

"Face to face." He said.

"Now why would I do that?" she asked, "I don't know how many lines I crossed with you on this chick. You might kill me."

It was Edward's turn to grin, "Or I might hug you." He offered. The confused look on all of the people he was currently protecting was worth it.

"You'd still kill me," she replied emotionlessly. "The shock would be too much."

"A restaurant then?" he offered again. He needed to talk. "You could even choose."

Silence on the other end. He heard the sigh of her caving. "Denny's, this morning. During the breakfast rush. I know how Van Cleef left you about civilians but I also know how this Blake is. She won't let you harm them if you don't have to."

"With you I would." He stated simply. The mention of Van Cleef had left him cold.

"Back at you bro," her accent was back and as thick as ever, "'til then."

Edward was met with the tone of her hang up as he turned to his, now, 'troops'. Two were-leopards and a Hot tempered little woman were his personal. Time to plan.

"Who was that?" the long haired auburn asked him.

"Yeah," Anita stated, "who was that Edward?"
He simply gave her his secret smile, which pissed her off even more, and said "we have plans for breakfast."


Tell me if I got Edward's Character right. And I know I'm not using the other boys enough. sigh

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