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sweet enigma

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a little writing i did and decided to dedicate it [ferard]

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i was actually just writing this in my book. and when i had finished i realized it sounded more like sex scene kinda thing. haha it wasn't intended. but it works for me, i present my first ferard dedication. enjoy!

words are stuck leaving cracks and spaces
lies unravel, silence broken
leaving you captured in a syrupy web
the ghostly whisper lingers in the air
the feelings are intoxinating
the thoughts should be forbbiden
as tempting as the sight may be
it's persuasive and oh so addicting
eyes travel to more than one delicious spot
the ecstatic feeling boils over
control isn't needed, timing is lost
you move by instinct
you act on impulse
there's no need for insecurity
slowly you cave in, unravel
no reason for shame
you center is found
comfort, protection and pure bliss discovered
can't remember longing, or needing
but for the moment you don't need to
the emptiness has been filled
leaving cool shivers down your spine
the final peak was softly broken
the scent carries throughtout the night
the intake of air becomes less desperate
as the two pieces of the unsolved puzzle rest together

soooo the was my first.i'm hoping to do more but i need C:
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