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Chapter 10-The Brother

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Kristina gets ready for the concert...

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Of course, my precious soccer equipment was taken by force. I had to hold on to them as long as possible. It would be like betraying a friend if I just handed them over. My mom came in and grabbed all my things through my loud kicking and screaming. They could probably hear me two neighborhoods away. After everything was so cruelly taken, I crawled onto my tree through the window and cried. Leaves were slowly falling, as if the tree was weeping red and orange tears for me. My eyes were shut tightly so I almost fell off when I heard Pete's voice.

"Hey..." he had climbed over the fence that separated our yards, and was now under my tree.

I waved half-heartedly. He started climbing up. Just when he reached the branch I was sitting on, I saw him look down and his face got drained of all its color. He slipped but not before I grabbed his hand and steadied him.

"Thanks..." he said once he was safe.

"Are you afraid of heights?" I asked.

He blushed and then nodded. I gave him a sideways hug.

I immediately pulled back and blushed, "Thanks."

He smiled and made an attempt to kiss me again. But then he almost fell and I steadied him once more. He succumbed to wiping away some of my tears.

"Thanks again. I heard you screaming. What happened?"

"M-my mom....she found out I didn't have a job...and she's burning all my soccer equipment as we speak."

"Ouch...that's harsh. I could lend you some of my stuff if you want," he suggested.

"No...I think it's time I got a real job....that is, if I'm not grounded for life..."

"Well, if and when you get a job, I promise to visit everyday," he smiled and took my hand. I smiled back.

The days passed by slowly without soccer. I didn't talk at all, except for when I had to; in class and with Pete. Since Alicia came down with the flu and was at home, I spent most of my time with him. Like I had imagined, I was grounded. However, I was assured that it was only temporary and I would have to get a job eventually. But for now, things were okay. The New Order concert is in exactly two hours. That leaves me forty-five minutes to get dressed and sneak out. I was really excited for it. Half because I was going to see New Order and half because I was going to see New Order with Pete. I had decided what to wear two days ago. The outfit composed of a white hoodie with soccer balls all over it, a white tank top underneath, and boot-cut jeans. I had also gotten my black converse from the garage last night while my parents were out at their friend's house. They would suspect something if I went downstairs and got shoes when I was supposed to be staying in my room. There was no particular reason for my mom to come into my room since I already had dinner but I suppose I should lock the door just in case... Before finally climbing out of the window, I prayed that I wouldn't get caught.

Climbing down my tree was no problem since I'd done it so many times before this. Going over the fence though, wasn't so easy. At last, I got up on the fence in sitting position. Now I just have to jump down. That didn't go so well either. My jeans got stuck on a nail and I fell flat on my face. I guess this is God's way of punishing me for sneaking out. I'll repent for this later. Somebody pulled me up. It was a boy who looked a lot like Pete. Probably his brother.

"HEY PETE! YOUR GIRLFRIEND'S HERE!" he yelled and then looked at me, "Hi, I'm Todd. You must be Kristina, nice to meet you."

I smiled. "Nice to meet you too."

Then, Pete came into the backyard, frowning. He hurriedly gave me a kiss on the cheek but looked annoyed. I would have asked what was wrong had it not been for the other Wentz, still standing beside us with a toothy grin.

Okay...horrible chapter, I'm sorry. I'm just having a HUGE case of writer's block...Forgive me?
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