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Chapter Two

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Gerard was distracted on the way to his next class, so distracted in fact, that he didn't even hear his best friend calling out to him so he would slow down, "Gerard! I asked you to slow down!" "What? Oh yeah, sorry Ray," he mumbled his apology, "I was distracted" and to that, Ray rolled his eyes in response. Of course he, Ray that is, knew what he was talking about, because she was all he ever talked about. Gerard was continuously talking about the way the sun highlighted the colour of her hair through the class room windows, the look of concentration on her face as she squinted to see the white board (he thought she needed glasses) and frankly, Ray was sick of it. He did not say anything though, Gerard was his best friend, his only friend, and he was Gerard's.
The two boys walked to their math class side by side, joking and laughing, Ray liked this Gerard a lot more than the stalker one, and thankfully got to maths just before the teacher, a withering old bat that went by the name of Mrs. Rudder. They slipped into the class room and took their usual seats at the back of class where Ray promptly took out with notebook ready to take note on today's lecture. Meanwhile, Gerard got out his sketchbook and continued to draw the back of his beloved's head.
"Mr. Way, this is not the time for drawing!" Snapped Mrs. Rudder, Gerard looked up to me met with the eyes of the whole class and one pair belonging to his furious teacher, "Sorry ma'am," Gerard mumbled and shoved his sketchbook back into his bag. He took out his note book and started to copy Ray's notes before Ray gave him an angry glare and snatched his book away from Gerard's view. He sighed; this was going to be a long day.
He hurried out the door when class was over, not even bothering to wait for Ray, making it to his locker in record time. He struggled with his books, making sure to shut the locker door before everything fell out. Boy, he had a lot to look forward to after next lesson which, thankfully, was art.
Art was his favourite lesson, he was good at it, the teacher adored him for his talent and she was in his class. Gerard got to class early, smiling at the teacher politely before walking to sit in his usual seat. His heart gave a jolt when he saw who had decided to seat herself in the work station just beside him. Arielle was already sketching away in her art book. Of course, this meant that Gerard could not continue his drawing of her until later, he didn't want to take the chance that she might see what he was up to.
They continued on with their silence, in Gerard's case being off in his own little world and in Arielle's sketching lord-knew-what in her sketchbook before the rest of the class began to file in and take their seats ready for today's lesson.

A/N so what did you think? I know its short but I have a really short attention span so you'll just have to deal with it! tehe.... I got an awesome belt today, it's rainbow!
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