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Chapter Six

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The Sequel to Woverin Domination

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Lucien looked at Kel closely, "of course," he said. "The darkness in the room made it hard for me to recognize you."
Delta looked at him with confusion, "Micah told me his father died in a fire almost a year ago."
"I was hit in the head by a falling piece of roof, and knocked unconscious." Kel explained, "when I came to, I had somehow crawled out of the wreckage and collapsed in the forest. I tried to make it back to the city, but I was found by a group of Vaslises mercenaries and was taken captive. I wasn't even sure how long I had been a prisoner until today." He looked at Delta with fear in his eyes, "is my son all right?"
Delta took his hand and patted it, "your son led an army to find Vasilis and stop him. I'm sure he'll be here soon, along with Kendra and Aaron."
"All we can do is wait," Lucien said, he sat down next to Halie and took Miles out of her arms.
Delta sat next to Kel, praying that Micah would stay safe, and that rescue would come soon.

Hours passed and as dusk fell the small building got darker, suddenly Delta sat up listening. Lucien who had fallen asleep, jerked awake, "what is it?" He asked with alarm.
"Listen," Delta said.
They both sat in the gathering darkness, and heard the sounds of a Woverins battle chant. Delta looked through a crack in the building, but couldn't see anything.
Without warning the door was wrenched open and three of the mercenaries stepped inside. One of them didn't say a word, he just grabbed Delta as the other two held stun guns on Lucien and Kel. She was hauled out of the building fighting and screaming, until the mercenary held the stun gun to her head. She was taken across the town square, toward the gates where Vasilis stood.
He turned, smiling with evil glee when he saw her. "Your husband stands outside those gates," he said, yanking her toward the stairs that lead to the turrets of the gate. He dragged her to the top, then yelled down at the amassed forces below. "I hold your wife's life in my hand's Micah. Surrender now, or she dies."
Delta looked down, and saw Micah along with a beautiful woman she assumed was his mother. They were surrender by hundreds of soldiers, both Woverins and human.
"As you can see Vasilis," Micah yelled back, "I have more soldiers then you. Release my wife and the other captives and I will be merciful to you."
"Vasilis laughed harshly, "you will be merciful on me? You insolent pup."
He turned and dragged Delta back down the stairs, thrusting her into one of the mercenaries arms.
"I will show him how merciful I can be," he bellowed turning to the mercenary who held Delta, "kill her."
Suddenly a Woverins battle chant erupted from the other end of the city. Mercenaries scattered in alarm scattered as a great horde of Woverins and humans burst out into the town square. The mercenary who held Delta drew his knife and held it to her throat, an arrow flew out of nowhere and hit him in the forehead, sending him flying backwards. Delta screamed with alarm as she fell with him, falling on top of his dead body. A handsome man approached, carrying a bow, and held out a hand to help her up.
"I'm Aaron, Kendra's husband." He told her, "I need you to help me open the city gates."
Quickly they ran through the melee and grabbed the heavy wooden bar, thrusting it up and away from the door.
The doors burst open and the army poured in, led by Micah and Kendra. As soon as Micah saw Delta he grabbed her hugging her tightly.
Aaron ran up, "I hate to break this reunion up but Vasilis is getting away."
"Stay here with my mother," Micah told Delta, then disappeared with Aaron in the battle.
Micah and Vasilis saw each other at the same time, staring across the blood soaked ground. The battle seemed to dim as they approached each other with swords drawn.
"I'll enjoy wiping the earth of you Vasilis," Micah snarled as their swords clashed together.
Vasilis threw his head back and laughed, "you will never defeat me Micah. I will relish killing you slowly."
He thrust his sword at Micah, who blocked it, they began circling each other. Each waiting for a moment of weakness from the other. Slowly as the battle began to turn in the Woverins and human's favor, people began to watch the mortal combat between Vasilis and Micah.
Delta pushed her way through the crowd, watching in horror as Vasilis caught Micah in the shoulder with his sword. She started forward but was stopped by Aaron.
"Distracting Micah could get him killed," he said grimly and Delta stopped to watch helplessly.
Vasilis' whirled around and caught Micah in the back with his sword, Delta cried out as Micah stumbled forward, then fell to the ground unmoving. Vasilis laughed with triumph as he moved in for the kill. Suddenly Micah rolled away from Vasilis' sword thrust, bringing his sword up and catching Vasilis in the stomach, gutting him like a fish.
Vasilis looked down at his wound in surprise, gurgling and fell forward. Micah decapitated him with one stroke of his sword, as the winning army cheered over their victory.
Delta ran toward Micah, who took a step forward before falling to his knees.
"NO!" She screamed, as she knelt next to Micah.
Micah grasped her hand, "I love you Delta," he said hoarsely.
Kel appeared suddenly next to Kendra on Micah's other side, both kneeling next to the son they had created
Micah's eyes widened, "father?" He whispered in disbelief.
Kel smiled sadly, "I'm here my son," he said gruffly trying not to give into the tears that threatened.
Micah looked at Delta, his eyes slowly glazing over. "You were the best thing that ever happened to me." He said, then with one last shuddering breath the life left his body.
Delta screamed a long shriek of grief, then fainted as the shock hit her. Kel quickly gathered her into his arms and turned to Lucien.
"Take her back to the palace and summon a healer, I'll deal with the burial."
Lucien nodded, gently cradling Delta's prone form as Halie, Kendra, and Melina followed along behind, in a grief-stricken procession.

Delta groaned and opened her eyes, wincing at the sudden bright light. She was confused for a moment, then remembered what had happened.
"How do you feel?" A sudden voice made her jump and turn.
Kel sat next to the bed, watching her with grief stricken eyes.
"Like I want to curl up and die," she said woodenly, as the sorrow overtook her again.
"Micah wouldn't want that," Kel growled, "I know you'll grieve for a while, but one day you'll stop mourning and go on with life."
"It doesn't feel that way," she said. "Now that Micah is dead, I feel like I should be too."
"I talked to the healer who examined you and he said you have a very good reason to live." Kel said as he held her hands gently in his.
Kendra looked at him with surprise, then down at her stomach. Kel nodded and smiled.
"I want to ask you to stay here in the palace with me," he said, "if you want to go live with Kendra and Aaron, I'll understand. But you're carrying my first and only grandchild and I want to be part of their life."
Delta looked at Kel's face that was so like his son's and she knew that this would be the best place to raise her child.
"I'll stay," she said.
She got up and looked out the window, "my father once said that if humans and Woverins could join together they could create a whole new world." She turned and looked at Kel, holding a hand protectively over her stomach. "I think this child is a sign of that new world to come."
Kel walked over and stood next to Delta at the window. For the first time since the Woverins won domination, the humans and the Woverins were working together. Not as master and slave but as equals.
"I think you're right," Kel said as the sun rose, shining light on a new dawn of civilization.
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