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First Dates

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Die is taking Shinya for their first date. Fluffy, short little oneshot x3

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I chewed on my bottom lip nervously. Shouldn't he be here by now? I bet he won't show up... I shook my head slightly, making the voice go away. I was just nervous; he was only a few minutes late.
I saw his headlights shine through the window and I got up quickly.
"Your date here, Shinya?" My roommate called.
"Yeah, I'll see you later," I called back to him.
I smoothed out the front of my jeans and took a deep breath. I walked out the door and greeted him. I smiled widely.
"Oh, God, sorry I'm late!!" He cried, looking distressed. "I hope I didn't keep you waiting!"
I shook my head, "Its okay, really, you're here now, Daisuke."
I slid into the passenger seat of his car and he smiled over at me, "I really am sorry though. I got caught up at work a little, but yeah, I know it's the first date, I'm sorry."
I laughed, "You can make it up to me by buying me some candy when we get there."
He smiled, "Alright, I'll do that."

He pulled up at a movie theater and went up to buy his ticket. To my surprise, he turned and handed me one as well.
"Dai... you didn't have to buy me my ticket."
He put a hand on my shoulder, leaning into me slightly, "I wanted to, it's alright. Now, let's get you that candy you wanted."
He bought me my candy and we walked into the theater. We sat in a seat near the back and I held the candy to Daisuke, I was going to share at least since he'd bought me the ticket and them.
He took one of the chocolate pieces and held it up for me. I opened my mouth and he put it on my tongue.
I smiled and ate it, "Does Daisuke want one too?"
He grinned at me and I pulled one of the chocolate pieces out for him. I stuck it in his mouth, and as he went to get the candy, he licked my fingers in the process.
I laughed and wiped them on my jeans, "That was nice."
He smiled and turned to the screen, "The movie is starting."

The movie was over after an hour and a half. Daisuke helped me up and as we walked out, he turned to me, "It's still kind of early, did you get any dinner before you left?"
I shook my head, "No."
He smiled, "Well, there's a restaurant right down the street. Do you want to walk or drive?"
"Well, it's pretty nice out, and I could use the exercise if you don't mind walking."
He smiled, "Sounds good, let's go."
We talked absently about the movie for a couple minutes before we fell into a comfortable silence.
As we were walking, Daisuke's hand brushed mine. My heart skipped a beat and I looked over at him, wondering what he meant by doing that.
I bumped my hand against his softly and I saw him smile. His hand wrapped around mine, our fingers intertwined.

We stepped into the small Italian restaurant and got a table. I quickly found what I wanted and set my menu down.
Almost immediately they took our orders. As we waited, we decided to talk.
"Daisuke..." he looked up, "I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you asking me out tonight."
He smiled, "I should be thanking you for saying yes."
My eyes widened slightly, "Why do you say that?"
He leaned forward and smiled again, "Because I really like you."
My breath caught and I leaned forward, "I-I like you too," I stuttered.
He smiled and moved forward more, "Would you be mad... if I kissed you?" He asked softly.
I shook my head so slightly I thought he didn't even see it.
He must've however, because he put a soft hand on my cheek and was about to touch his lips to mine when they brought our drinks.
I leaned back and took a sip of my pop.
"Thank you," I said softly to the server.
He nodded, "Your food will be out in just a moment."
I looked back to Die and saw his cheeks were tinted pink, I knew I must be the color of a strawberry, but didn't care, I smiled at him anyway.
"You're all red, it's cute."
I blushed even more and he grinned, "Do you have any classes early tomorrow morning?" He asked.
I shook my head, "Not until 11."
"Good," He smiled, "You probably won't be home very early."
My eyes widened and he laughed, "No, not like that. I meant that it's getting late already and we haven't gotten food yet."
"Oh! I thought you meant..."
He smiled, "Well, that's always an option..."
I shook my head profusely, "No! I didn't mean that I wanted..."
"Oh, so you don't want to have sex with me, Shin-chan?" He pouted cutely.
I looked down and held my face in my hands, "No, it's not that either!"
I heard him laugh and he patted my shoulder, "I'm just joking, you know that."
I nodded and looked up, taking a deep breath. "I was kind of worried when you were late."
"What...? Why?" He looked confused.
"Because," I blushed again and stared into my folded hands on the table, "I thought it was a joke. You know, you just asked me out because you know... how I was, and you thought it'd be something funny to tell your friends about. I know you've always been really popular and I've almost always seen you with a girl clinging to you. So..., I was just really excited to see you pulling up and being so kind to me this whole time."
He smiled at me, "You don't realize how amazing you are; do you?"
I laughed at the joke, "I'm nothing compared to you." I looked down and shook my head slightly.
I looked back up and saw him leaning very close again. He touched my face and pressed his lips to mine quickly.
He pulled back and stared straight into my eyes, "I wouldn't do that to just anyone."
My face flushed dark red and my heart sped in my chest.
He smiled, "Do you believe me now?"
I nodded and he relaxed back, staring at me, "You have pretty lips."
I blushed again, "Thanks."
"Do you play any instruments?" He asked again.
I shook my head, "No, I used to play trumpet, but I quit because the kids made fun of me."
He touched my hand softly, "Aw, I'm sorry."
I shrugged, "Its okay. I don't mind really."
The server walked back and laid our plates in front of us. "Enjoy your meal," He smiled at us.
We began to eat our meals and I looked up. "Daisuke... what will people say if we decide to... you know... actually start dating?"
"What do you mean?"
"Like... if we walked through the halls together, maybe holding hands or kissing or something?" I blushed.
"I don't care," He leaned over and took my hand, "It doesn't matter what people say about us as long as we really care about each other."
I smiled, "Thank you..."
"So," he leaned back slightly, "You'd really go on another date with me?"
My eyes widened, "Of course I would!"
He smiled, "Good, I'd like that. When do you want it to be?" He asked as he took a bite.
I shrugged, "I don't care, really."
"Well, today is Thursday, so how about Saturday?" He requested.
I smiled, "That sounds good."
"What do you want to do?" He asked, setting his chopsticks down to take a drink.
My eyes widened, "I... don't know."
He grinned, "You don't have to answer, its okay, let's just decide by then, alright?"
I looked down and took a bite and he spoke again.
"So you get pretty good grades, don't you? I think you've tutored a few of my friends."
I nodded, "Yeah, I usually get A's and B's, what do you get?"
He smiled and looked down, "I feel stupid, "I'm happy to get a C, usually I get D's or lower."
I grinned, "I could help you study, you know."
His eyes widened, "Would you do that for me?"
I nodded, "Of course. We could go out to the park or whatever and study on Saturday, if you want."
"Oh my god... yes, please. I have a huge test coming up in one class and I have no clue what it's about even."
I smiled, "Of course I'll help; I'll make it so you'll at least pass that test with a C!"
He leaned back on his hand and grinned, "You know, I was kind of worried that you wouldn't say a word to me tonight. You always seem so quiet at school."
"I don't usually talk much around... anyone, really."
"Why not? You have a cute voice and a really good personality."
I smiled, "Thanks. It's pretty much you and my roommate that I talk to..."
"Oh, I think I've talked to him, he seems really nice."
I nodded, "He really is," I smiled.
"Will we be having dessert tonight?" The server asked.
Die looked up at me and I shook my head, "I'm full, you can have some if you want though."
He shook his head, "I'm alright; we'll just take the bill."
The server handed him the bill and I picked it out of his hand, "I'll take care of that."
I placed the correct amount of money in it and Die threw a few dollars on the table for the tip.
We got up and walked to the exit. I saw rain pounding down on the pavement outside. Die's eyes widened, "I didn't think it would rain..."
I shrugged, "It'll be okay. The rain is nice."
Die pulled his jacket off and threw it over his head, pushing the door open. We walked down the sidewalk and Die looked over at me. He pulled on my wrist, "Come here, you're getting really wet."
He put an arm around my shoulder and held the jacket over us. I wrapped my arm around his very thin waist.
He leaned into me and laughed, "I'm really sorry about this. We could've taken the car if I'd known it would rain."
I shook my head, "It's alright, I swear."

I climbed out of the car after whispering 'thanks' to him and I heard his car door almost immediately behind mine.
"No, Daisuke, it's raining still!!"
"I'm already wet, I don't care, besides, I have to walk you to the door."
I saw the light was still on. He reached down and held my hand as we stood on the step, "I think... this is the most fun I've ever had on a date," He smiled sincerely.
"Me too," I smiled back up at him.
"I'm glad you had fun," He moved closer to me again, his face only inches from mine.
We stared wordlessly as he moved closer still. He pressed his lips to mine and held for a moment before pulling back. He hugged me tightly and let go of my hand, "I'll call you tomorrow, alright?"
I nodded, "Thank you again."
"Bye, Shin-chan."
I watched as he walked back to his car and drove off.
I unlocked the door to the small home Totchi and I shared while we were in college. I saw him step back from the curtain and grin widely. He rushed over and hugged me tightly, "He kissed you! Oh my God!! Did you have fun? Where'd you go?! What'd you do?"
My eyes widened, "God, Totchi, let me go to my room and change, we can talk then."
He followed me to my room and sat down on my bed, watching as I stripped my shirt and jeans, throwing them with the dirty clothes.
I pulled on a sleep shirt and settled back on the bed.
"Tell me all about it," Totchi grinned widely.

I told him everything and he hugged me tightly, "God, that's so cute!! I can't believe how lucky you are!"
I smiled, "Yeah, I can't believe it either."
"Well... you have to get to sleep," He shoved me back on the bed and kissed my cheek quickly, "Night!"
I laughed, "Good night, Totchi."
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