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What Happens When Your Life is Over But Your not Dead chap 1

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what happens when the popular kid and the mysterious boy from school's paths finally cross? will it be love? or something a else? grrrr,ignor the rateing and the warnings it wont let me set ei...

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Authors note- READ, sorry i dropped my old fic,i just moved and with my computer packed up in a box,it was a little hard to type.dont kill me.anyway i wont drop this one :]


I knew it, I knew it long before the problem had even properly presented itself.I knew he wouldn't get away with it. I knew he would be caught. That keeping it bottled inside would slowly tear him apart, the guilt, the anxiety would grow to a level. I watched him crumble. I watched him be torn apart at his own hand. I look at him now and wonder, why?

but alas........i already know.

but maybe i should start at the beginning?


I quickly averted my eyes to the spiral notebook in front of me,so as not to be caught. I raised my dark brown eyes again, I watched him, the sole object of my obsession. He was special. He had that something about him. He was quite, but not the shy type of quiet, nor the one insisting he just doesn't have anything to say. But instead suggests he has no one to talk to. He was intelligent, practically dripping depth. And i couldn't help but be instantly attracted to him. He was interesting, different, magnetic even.

He was also beautiful, but not society's stereotypical version of beauty. He was not big nor muscular. He wasn't tall, with perfectly styled blond hair, he wasn't tan or sporty looking.

But was instead quite skinny, and of an average height. He had longish brown hair, that could be a absolute mess and still look great. It kind of hung in his face, hiding his left eye. It was hard to miss his right eye though. It was the most brilliant hazel. The contrast between his dark hair and bright eyes just made him that much harder to miss.

I felt it safe to lift my eyes again. I tilted my head up and to my right where he sat, deep into whatever it was he was writing. I wished with all my heart i could read it, and i know it sounds corny and clitch but, i just want to see threw his eyes.

I permitted myself to look up at him again, just one last time. I raised my eyes only to be me=t with a stunning hazel gaze set upon my own. Shit! I had been caught!I was captivated in his stare though, we continued like that,just staring at each other for a short moment, until i regained my senses and looked down feeling awkward, a crimson blush spreading across my face in embarrassment.

I stared intently ant my well worn notebook in front of me, but failed miserably at distracting myself. I could still feel his piercing stare on me, I couldn't control myself any longer, i looked up to see him.

Once again our eyes locked, and i realized that unlike myself he was not wearing a scarlet blush, but rather his pale nearly transparent skin was perfectly intact. But he was wearing an unreadable expression on his face.

He shot me a questioning look that kind of seemed to say ' why the fuck are you looking at me like that? '
It was understandable though he wasn't exactly popular,didn't have alot of friends,didn't go to party's, he was......a loner.

And myself you ask?

Well....I was anything but. I was very popular myself always and at all times surrounded by my posse of jocks and bimbos, always at all the cool exclusive party's so my fascination,if you will, with him was highly unusual, I felt a sudden rush of embarrassment, and looked down, breaking the eye contact and biting my full bottom lip.I loathed myself for being suck a fricken idiot. I couldn't even look at him without looking down and blushing like a twelve year old fangirl? I glared down at my hands, a quite boy with no friend could hold my gaze when I, someone who has got nothing but praise my whole life could not?

My breath hitched in my throat and I nearly jumped out of my chair in shock as the shrill sound of the school bell reached my ears. I shrugged of the surprise and gathered my things as i walked out, hoping for just one last glance but, as always he was already gone.

Now, before you make assumptions, let me tell you a little about myself.

I like movies, long walks on the beach and a candle light dinner. Hah, no,not really, just messing with you.
But where do i begin? I to am about an average hight, with longish dark brown, nearly black hair. I am thin, but muscular,with a slightly odd build, my curvy hip's and ass are actually quite feminine looking.

Yes. You heard me right I am indeed a boy. And yes, so is Ryan witch i believe i have made quite clear. I am also gay, and if you don't know that by now you either have down syndrome or need to be slapped.

My name is Brendon Urie.

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