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Lil' Santi

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After 9 months of being pregnant, Trish finally gives birth. Enjoy!!

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"Mmmm this is nice," said Trish as she cuddled up to Mike in a warm bubble bath.

The two were naked, but in all aspects they were trying to bring their baby into a loving environment. Trish was sitting in between Mike's legs and he had his hands on Trish's stomach. She had her head on his chest and they were just relaxing. At any given time, on any given day, at any given moment, a little baby will be born to Trish and Mike. They couldn't be more excited nor could they be happier.

Just then Trish started to wince in pain. She sat up and clenched her stomach. The pain was too unbearable so she started to throw-up on the side of the bath tub. Mike rubbed his girl friend's back and held her hair back.

"You ok sweetie??" asked Mike.

Trish nodded and then relaxed back into his arms. Mike rubbed Trish's arms and then wrapped his arms around her. They shared a sweet, but innocent kiss, but then Trish felt contractions. She asked Mike if they could go and lie down. He agreed and helped her out of the bath tub.

Once they were out of the bath tub, Mike grabbed Trish's light pink bath robe. He went to go and prep the bed for Trish to sleep on. As he did this Trish started to panic and call for Mike. He dropped what he was doing and ran into the bathroom, but to his attention he noticed a stream of water coming from Trish. She was shaking and didn't know what was happening.

"Babe, please umm calm d-down. Umm, y-your water just broke and well, the baby's coming and we have to deliever her here," said Mike.

He was nervous, too. But Mike knew what to do. In high school he had taken a parenting class and basically knew how to deliever a baby. Mike got some towels from the closet in the bathroom and had Trish lie ontop of them. He then got on his cellphone and asked William to come over immediately with Krystle and Kaitlin. William agreed and then went to pick up the girls.

Within minutes everyone was in the bathroom and helping Trish deliever the baby. Trish was sweating bullets and she was squeezing Mike's hand. William was supporting Trish's head with his hands and legs. He was also rubbing her head with his hands. She was trying to focus on her breath and pushing. Krystle told Mike to start delievering the baby, because she was starting to crown. Mike agreed and gave Trish's hand to Krystle.

Trish was in labor for about an hour and a half before baby Rylee Angel Carden was born. She was born with her daddy's eyes and her mommy's smile. She was just as beautiful as her mommy and just as cute as her daddy. Mike and Trish couldn't be happier.

After awhile Trish had fallen asleep and Mike was holding his new born daughter in his arms and he was quietly talking to her. A very special new daddy and new baby moment.

To Be Continued....
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