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The Nightmare That Was... Justin Timberlake

by Jimee 4 reviews

If you thought that it was safe to walk around a jetty at night and alone, think agian coz you never know what could be lurking around the corner. REVIEW!!!!!!!!! pwease? :D

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It was late at night and I was down the beach near the jetty, there was no one around, not even on the jetty. I had felt that there was something wrong about this situation, coz like seriously, alone, in the dark, near a jetty, something was bound to go wrong.

But I had no idea just how wrong things were about to go.

I started to walk towards the car park that was close to the jetty and I heard some music getting closer to me. I figured that it was someone playing music in there car, really bad music at that, it was Justin Timberlake- Sexy Back. So I turned around about to yell "TURN THAT GOD FORSAKEN CRAP OFF BEFORE MY HEAD EXPLODES" but to my surprise as I turned around there was a man now standing in front of me singing Sexy Back.

I looked up at this man and saw that it was to my horror Justin Timberlake!

I screamed and started to run onto the jetty (now that I think about it was not a good idea), he followed closely behind me singing and dancing and what made it worse he was doing the worst dance moves ever!

I ran all the way down the jetty screaming for help, but no one was there. I was alone, on a jetty and being chased by Justin Timberlake, my life couldnt get any worse, but to my surprise it did, it started to rain, how cliche.

I reached the end of the jetty and had nowhere to run or hide, I was trapped and soon my head would explode due to bad music. I could see the front page now "Teenage Girls Head Explodes Due To Very Bad Music".

He was getting closer now, I could feel my head about to explode, I had to do something to get away from this tragedy that we call Sexy Back.

I had no choice but to jump into the ice cold water below me. I took one last breath and jumped just as Justin was about to start the next chorus of Sexy Back.

I hit the water hard and it hurt like hell. I could feel the water fill up my lungs and I was about die, but I didn't care, I was away from the music and that was all that mattered.
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