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D is for Dismissal

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One of Leon's nightmares is very simple.

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One of Leon's nightmares, one of the ones that send him stumbling out of bed at stupid hours of the morning for a drink of water and a cigarette, is very simple. Barely even a nightmare at all.

In it, he's searching for D (It's not as if he's not doing enough of that during the day, is it?). He doesn't know where he is, which is a usual state of affairs for him. All the cities he's been to, all the China Towns he's ransacked, they've all blurred into one. Not just inside his head, but outside of it: they all look the same to him. People and voices and landmarks are all one mess of city and humanity to him.

But in his dream, he's walking through a city - not even the China Town - skirting round chattering clumps of people and trying to spot something. A sign? A hotel? D? He never remembers when he wakes up. All he remembers is that he's craning to see over and around people, and the bunch in front of him finally shift their lazy asses out of his way.

And D's there.

Right in front of him.

In his dream, he'll start forwards - maybe to punch him, or shake him, or hug him, or something - but then he meets D's eyes and stops.

It's not that he's found D's granddad instead of D. He'd be almost be /relieved /if that was all it was.

It's that D's eyes move over him like he's not even there, like he's just another face in the crowd. No recognition, no acknowledgement, no anything. He might as well not have been there for all the reaction he got.

D's eyes skim over him, and then he turns and walks away. And Leon can't move, can't chase after him, can't even speak until D's gone his way and left him behind again.
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