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Cold Comfort

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Watching your friends die isn't easy, but when your lover tells you he'll see you in hell, it's strangely comforting... rating for violent imagery.

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Cold comfort

By kira

Author’s note: Just a little something that popped into my head while working on another fic…

Bankotsu watched as the last member of his army was led before him. He smiled despite the gravity of the situation as Jakotsu, true to form, was flirting shamelessly with his captors. It was only when Bankotsu laughed at the cross-dresser’s offer to suck off his executioner as he was forced to his knees in the blood-stained snow that Jakotsu looked up and smiled at him.

The cross-dresser kissed the air as he looked in his lover’s direction. “See you in hell, Aniki-chan!” he said with the same lighthearted tone he had used hundreds of time before when arranging a meeting with Bankotsu in town.

In a few seconds it was all over; fresh blood once again staining Bankotsu. But this time the fear he had felt at knowing he was going to die shortly after the others was gone. Somehow Jakotsu had unwittingly given him comfort in his final moments the way he had always given him the courage and the strength to pursue his dream of becoming the most powerful man in Japan.

Jakotsu’s severed head rolled towards him and Bankotsu smiled to himself at how pretty his best friend and lover was in death as he was in life. Surprisingly, the faintest hint of smile graced the deceased cross-dresser’s lips and Bankotsu took comfort in Jakotsu’s certainty they would meet again.

Bankotsu took a deep breath, forcing himself to relax when they pushed his head down, exposing his neck. See you in hell, Sweetness… he thought when the cold hard metal bit into his neck as his world went black…
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