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Corrupting Innocence

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"In the darkest recesses of a blackened mind a creature stirs, as a bright new day dawns in a world reborn." A new enemy is here and he plans to use the digidestines hope against them whatever the ...

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Corrupting Innocence

This is a pre-slash fic, set in season 02 although I'm making all the kids older then they actually are for slashing purposes. This fic is in the process of being rewritten and updated from it's older, crapper form.

TK - 14
Yolie -15

All the original DD are 18 barring Izzy who is 17

Pairing at present is TK/Davis- Daikeru - pre slash - possibly one sided.

Disclaimer: I own nothing and nobody and am sad as such.


"In the darkest recesses of a blackened mind a creature stirs, as a bright new day begins in a world reborn."

It had all started out as a typical day; the sun was shining, digibirds were singing and some huge slimy monster was trying to eat them. Pretty much standard for the digital world of late; TK sighed inwardly, it's going to be a very long day, he mused, idly glancing over at Davis. The proclaimed leader of the newest digidestined was strutting in front of the group insisting that no monster or digimon especially one that smelt as bad as this one could beat them. TK was only half listening at the other boy having learnt long ago that if it was said in front of Kari most of it wasn't worth listening too. Although TK did have to admit (if only to himself) that Davis did sometime have good ideas; much as he was hotheaded and sometimes a little obsessive Davis was a good leader.

Well he's right about one thing - that digimon really does stink, TK thought screwing up his nose in disgust at the vile smell emanating from the creature; out loud however he volunteered, "That's Raremon. I remember Izzy once met up with him before- he's just a champion Davis, just one of our digimon could take him."

As Davis turned and flashed TK a winning smile the blond felt his stomach jump slightly; he couldn't help grinning back until Davis gave him his patented thumbs up pose and smirk, "well in that case I think our strongest digimon should do it. Flamedramon, Digi-armour energize!" he cried holding his D3 in front of him like a trophy.

TK rolled his eyes only his clenched fists giving away his annoyance, why does he always have to do that? he thought angrily, Isn't enough that he's always trying to get Kari's attention, he's got to show off in front of me too? Does he think he's better then me or is he just trying to make her believe that? TK frowned musing on his thoughts as the other team members around him shouted in joy as a 'fire rocket' from Flamedramon sent Raremon soaring. He wasn't sure why he felt such strong feelings for Davis when it was obvious the goggle headed boy was in love, if not obsession, with Kari; when Davis wasn't irritating him, even sometimes when he was, TK couldn't help the strong confusing attraction he felt for the other boy. The attraction itself was something he'd felt before for other boys, especially older members of the digidestined, namely Joe and Tai but with Davis is was stronger; TK had known from even before puberty that he was more comfortable around girls especially given his best friend was one and he'd never felt in anyway enamored to them as he had to guys. Since he could remember his first vaguely erotic dream, TK had been gay. The bearer of Hope had yet to confess to anyone except Patamon; he'd been too worried one of his 'crushes' would find out how much he liked them, he hadn't even come close to letting his brother or Kari in on what he considered his secret.

By the time they got back to the computer lab TK wasn't in the mood for 'fun' as Davis put it all he wanted was to be on his own- to think about things, Davis being one of them; he really wanted to speak with Patamon but the digimon had stayed in the digiworld with the rest of the teams, to guard against anymore Raremon attacks and TK wasn't comfortable blurting out his inner most worries through a digiport.

"Uh!" TK gasped as Davis threw an arm over his shoulder, the blond instinctively shifted and pulled away, blushing slightly as he realized how much he'd wanted to lean into the casual touch.

"Come on T.S drinks are on me!" The brown haired boy didn't seem at all perturbed by TK's flinch.

Shrugging his shoulders TK forced a smile that, as hollow and fake as it was, was the closest he could get to the real thing. "Sorry Davis, I have to go home; moms working tonight so I've got to make dinner." he said as apologetically as possible forcing another smile hoping to placate the others. It seemed to work on Davis at least who merely shrugged, apparently not bothered,

"Well okay, if that's what you want I'll just treat Kari and the others!" Davis thumbed back at him getting only a half hearted shrug in reply from TK who looked at the other members of their team; Kari's normally gentle face displayed worry, neither she nor TK had seen much of each other recently, not like they used to and Kari was deeply worried about why TK was spending so much time alone. Yolie looked confused, Cody too and Ken well the only way to describe it would be unsatisfied.

"Later!" he called to the others as he made a hasty exit out of the room hoping to avoid a mass talking session- Kari's talks he could deal with but anyone else's would have just been an aggravation especially talking to Ken; TK was worried given the other boys intelligence and keen observation that he would pick up on what was wrong.

"Don't forget to check out my poster!" Davis sang after him inadvertently annoying TK even more.

Grimacing TK stopped, oh yeah I know about the poster he thought bitterly, that should have been my poster and he knows it. TK's fists clenched; he wasn't a bad sport and he knew he was the new kid but he'd been the one to deserve that poster and .. He stopped turning to stare at the poster. The middle picture of Davis with his thumb raised mocked TK silently just as the real boy was prone to doing, it was all TK could do not to tear it off the wall. Repressing his feelings for Davis was starting to get to him, his temper was flaring and he felt trapped all the time even normal things that he'd just brush off caused him to rage; the poster, innocent as it seemed, reflected all that and the self-loathing TK had started to feel. It wasn't so much what the poster said even if the words did grate on TK's nerves slightly- 'Davis Motomiya, best basketball player in Odaibia.'

Davis Motomiya- best at everything, far too good for me, TK sighed, "what would be the point in getting upset? People would only think I'm a bad sport or a cry-baby," he murmured remembering the game Davis had received the poster for.


Davis had been over the moon when he'd got it, TK couldn't remember ever seeing him grin so much; they'd both been playing the same basketball team all night and their were losing the game in a big way. Basketball, being TK's passion, was the one sport he was actually good at and stood out in. He'd already scored four of baskets but the other team was still up by one and time was running short.

'Wham!' TK had scored another basket and tried to catch his breath before focussing on the ball again. They were neck and neck now, he just had to score once more and they'd beat them for the first time this season. Sweating hard he'd glanced at Davis, who'd definitely been more then a slight distraction; panting and flushed, the other boy had caught TK's eye as he'd tried to intercept the other team and grab the ball.

TK had grabbed the ball again and caught the downcast look in Davis's eyes as the crowd started to cheer for TK again. He glanced around, there were players on every side of him. Focussing on Davis he'd threw him the ball.

"Davis score!" He'd yelled hoping that he would be able to, the shot had been easy for TK to take but he'd wanted to give Davis the chance to prove he could do it to.

And Davis did - boy did he score, he must have leapt about a foot off the floor but he'd got the ball in the basket just as the buzzer went for finishing time and won the first game all season.

~end flashback

TK bit the inside of his lip as he remembered the game, "It wasn't the game or even the stupid poster they gave him for it," he whispered to himself as he leant against the wall. His face flushed slightly as he thought back on the game, after wards I ran to him, I don't know what I expected- a team hug maybe? But no he shoved me out of the way to hug Kari and swing her round; there I was sitting like an idiot on the ground, my feelings must have been written all over my face. I felt so rejected; all that mattered to him was Kari, he didn't even spare a glance for me. Sometimes I even wonder if he counts me as a friend or someone he puts up with just to be with her. He grinned to himself as another thought struck him, Or someone he has to put up with for the sake of the digiworld.

None of the thoughts sat well with him and he stood up abruptly murmuring to himself, "I'm not due home tonight, not really. Maybe I should go to Matt's, mums out of town and I don't want to sit in by myself." he laughed bitterly as he rubbed his head, "I'm not exactly good company at the moment." TK squared his shoulders determined to put his thoughts aside, okay don't be a cry-baby, you out-grew that long ago, he told himself sternly and walked out of the school, through the door, not noticing in his daze that his hat had fallen off and onto the floor.

Later he sat, musing alone on a bench in Odaibia park trying to get his emotions under control whilst trying not to look like he was brooding too much, To be honest all I want to do is curl up in bed, he thought resting his chin in his hands. He jumped as someone unceremoniously plunked themselves down next to him with a bang, he turned to look at them and groaned silently, great just what I need.

"Hi TK!" Jun Motomyia chirped happily not picking up on TK's inner angst.

"Jun" TK answered shortly wincing slightly as he did, he usually hid his annoyance better; he hoped she wouldn't pick up on it but as Jun looked at him, her eyes widening in confusion, he saw it was useless wish.

"TK, are you okay?" she asked, her usual sunny smile fading slightly as she appraised the boy.

Like brother, like sister? Maybe she's hoping Matt's around somewhere, TK thought to himself, in a resigned tone he merely stated, "Matt's not here you know."

"I know that," Jun murmured crossly slightly insulted by his comment, "You looked upset, so I thought I'd cheer you up."

"Sorry," TK flushed looking down at the floor and scuffing his shoes on it before continuing, "I'm just not great company right now - too many things on my mind I guess." he slumped down on to the bench and tried to force a rueful grin to appease her.

"Oh? Well I bet I know the main one!" Jun grinned at him winking slightly.

TK raised an eyebrow and looked at her in disbelief "Oh yeah?" He answered sarcastically, "What?" Too many girls, I suppose? Or maybe not enough."

"No.." Jun countered still grinning widely, "Davis!"

TK shot bolt upright to stare open mouthed at her, "What!" he spluttered trying to find the words that would deny her claim, unfortunately everything his mind threw up would have just fuelled her belief.

"Oh don't be shy I've seen how you look at him," she blathered not at all bothered by his fluster, "so shy and embarrassed. You really like him don't you?"


"Oh I can see it every time you look at him." Jun laughed and then frowned "Only one who can't is Davis."

"How did you .. I mean don't you?" TK tried to get the words out his tongue failing him completely as his brain started to shut down. A cold dread swept over him as he stared at her, horrified to find his soul bared so easily.

Jun smiled gently, "I think it's sweet, go for it" she advised, "you might be surprised." At that point a gurgling from her stomach interrupted them, she blushed and faced him, "I'm starved! Let's get a pizza and we can talk some more." she offered, "I'll buy."

TK smiled his first real smile for several weeks as he felt some of the tension ease off, as the warmth returned to his body; he couldn't say he should trust her, he barely knew her and she was Davis' sister after all, but she seemed extremely sincere and easy to talk to. "Well I am kinda hungry," he ventured and was dragged off his feet by the motivated Jun "Let's go before I eat a horse!" she exclaimed.

The creature slithered, emerging from its hiding place deep within its host's mind. It stared round the cavern using its host's eyes and taking in every detail. Grimacing as one, the host/creature moved sluggishly out of the cave and into a clearing, the creature forcing the host onward towards the digital port it could sense was ahead. The pure goodness that had fully awakened it from its hibernation and reformation was dimmer now but the creature sniffed the air delighting itself, as it smelled a familiar delicious smell, the faint smell of despair. It followed the enticing scent towards the open digiport, the creature raged silently unlike before, this time it would have to leave its host for a short while as it couldn't enter the human world with him. The creature felt a surge of agony rise within it host as they separated and fed on the anguish rising inside its hosts shattered body. Regretfully leaving the collapsed matter behind it transformed itself into dark energy and tasted freedom as it entered the human world.

The creatures' brief taste of freedom soon began to fade; its need for a host was overwhelming but the creature only had one host in mind, the one whose despair had led it to the human realm. It searched the corridors frantically, pausing only to pick up the strong scent once again. It sniffed delicately and shuddered in glee, despair was centered on the area; it scoured the wall seeing only a human photo upon it. Confused the creature followed the trail one more and it came upon a hat that reeked of hopelessness; it savored the smell and, rubbing itself around the hat, searched it psychically. Several images came to its mind; children laughing, vaccine digimon, a Patamon, an older human female telling him to take care of a small girl and predominantly a human boy with a strangely captivating smile.

The hopeless was concentrated around thoughts of him, Davis Motomyia, the creature mused. He loves him? As a sharp pain traversed its being the creature knew it had to hurry to join it's host before both of them died. The picture on the wall, it thought vengefully, destroy what he loves best. The raw need for TK's body and soul filled the creature, soon it thought as it ravaged the poster and walls, TK Takaishi, you will be mine it vowed.

It left through the digiport stopping fleetingly to drop TK's battered hat into the mess that had been the poster; its last conscious thought before it was sucked back to its host, its prison, was to stop at nothing to take the lost bearer of Hope as its new host .
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