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007--Patrick Stump

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We're Trapped and Well Concealed

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July 25th 2005
My wedding day
The day I married the man of my dreams
The day I became Mrs. Josie Stump
Sure most girls would kill to be me, but they don't know Patrick like I do.
He promised me he would change, but he lied.

baby, seasons change but people don't

He never used to be like this, he cared about me, he cared about all of us, but now it's like we don't even exist. He stays out late, he comes home drunk, and he brings home groupies. Sure he is a rock star but I have to draw the line somewhere.
Tonight was different.
Patrick came home sober for once. He kissed me softly as he came through the door and carried me upstairs in his arms. He changed into some nice clothes and gave me a beautiful dress to wear. Once we were changed we went downstairs where he covered me in flattery as we drove to a restaurant. We sat in a private booth with roses and candles. We talked like we used to, we acted like we used to, we were like we used to be.
It's nights like these that make me stay with Patrick.

and i'll always be waiting in the back room

/Patrick's P.O.V/

I have to make things up to Josie. She's put up with me for 3 years now, my constant partying, my drinking. I have to make things right, I love her more then anything. Then why can't I stopped drinking, I promised her on our wedding night.

After dinner we went home, Josie seemed distracted, so I thought I'd just go to bed.
I was lying on the bed with my eyes closed when I heard Josie's voice. It sounded like she was on the phone.

"No Jessica it's not that simple" she cried "I love him!"

She paused for a moment, letting the other person respond.

"Maybe you're right, maybe that's the right thing to do." She sighed, "I've put up with this for too long. Wait.." She looked over to me I closed my eyes again.

"No he's asleep" she said finally. "Sure come pick me up in 5 minutes."

Oh no, maybe she wants a divorce! He friend Jessica is a lawyer they could be planning it right now. I've done everything to prove to Jessica I'm good enough for Josie, but she never believed me. To her I'm boring and I make things bigger then they are.

I can't lose my wife, it would kill me. I won't be a divorcee.

i'm boring but overcompansate with headlines and flash flash flash photography

/Josie's P.O.V/

Jessica was right, a girls night was just what I needed to think this through. I don't want to divorce Patrick, but it seems like maybe that's what I should do.

Whenever he isn't drinking, he working with Fall Out Boy. He never has time for me.
No, I won't get a divorce, but maybe I should take a break. Go away for a while, let us both think this through. If Patrick really wants me if he really loves me, He will wait for me.

"Come on girl DANCE" Jessica screamed at me. The club we were at was packed. It has been forever since I went out dancing.

The song was "The Party Scene" by All Time Low. I absolutely love this song. It makes me think of better times, when Patrick was always with me, when he was always sweet to me, when he never got drunk. I shouted the lyrics at the top of my lungs but it was hardly heard over the pounding of the music.

"I know she hopes I choke on this last drink,
drop dead before my influence gets to her head...
She said, "I'll love you forever, or find something better.
It's all just the same as when we sleep together.
We wake up with headaches, and trouble remembering
what went wrong..."

Stay seventeen,
the party scene has got the best of me and you,
we've got to let this go"

I completely forgot about my Patrick problems when I was on the dance floor. I got lost in the rhythm of the music and before I knew it Jessica was dragging me to the car.

"I was having fun" I pouted.

"I know and I'm glad but its 4:30 in the morning, won't Patrick be worried about you when he wakes up and your not home."

"It would be a taste of his own medicine" I spat back Jessica sighed and looked at me.

"I know things with Patrick have been difficult, and that it seems like he's not trying but he is."


"I see the way he looks at you, and the way he tries to resist drinks. He's trying Josie he really is."

"What should I do?"

"Well they have A.A meeting by my work." She said "You could bring him there; it could save your marriage."

I sighed.

"Josie, you love him don't you?"

"Of course I do."

"Then maybe he's not the one who needs to try harder, maybe it's you."

"What did I do wrong?" I sobbed

"It's not what you've done wrong," Jessica sighed "Its what you haven't done. You don't support Patrick's efforts or yell at him when he gets drunk, you just stand silently and take it. Maybe you should tell him exactly how you feel"

"I'm afraid he might leave me."

"Hello! Josie you are the one planning on leaving him!" Jessica yelled at me.


"Oh Yeah How?"

She was right, I'm just a coward. I sighed and got into my car, I drove off leaving Jessica at the club screaming her head off. I needed to set thing straight with Patrick. I pulled into the driveway and the sun was just coming up. Hopefully Patrick would be awake. I ran upstairs yelling his name.


"Yeah I'm right here."

I was close to tears I turned and hugged him.

"I love you" I cried into his chest "I'm sorry I haven't been trying."

"You, I should be the one trying. I've even decided to get my....condition under control."

I smiled up at Patrick and kissed him, he seemed surprised.

"I...I thought you were leaving me." He stutter with tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Patrick we can make this work. I want this to work, I want to grow old with you." I laughed "And have little Patrick's and Josie's" He smiled at that.

"But I'm such a screw up"

"I know that, after all I am married to you."

"That was a low blow Josie." He smiled.

I smiled and kissed him again "Besides I'd rather be a widow, then a divorcee."
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