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Thoughts in The Rain

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I don’t own Naruto or the characters within this fic.

This fic is for my friend Mek, whom asked for Sai-centre fic. Five or six months ago. Hope you enjoy this.

It was suppose to be a pure Sai fic without ANY other characters being involved but somehow morphed into THIS monster. slanted eyes it Well, it still is a Sai fic, just not what I expected to write.

Also, I have VERY limited knowledge on Sai. Haven’t been reading the manga lately and am about 100 chapters behind. All I know is that Sai is an artist, can make ink creatures and is obsessed with the word penis. So I’m taking massive liberties with his character in this.

Sitting on a branch, Sai stares out at the rain falling beyond his leafy cover. He doesn’t blink as he regards the rain coming down before looking down at the empty street running in front of his sanctuary. His eyes move to the side as he senses someone approaching and tilts to the side in order to locate the person.

His eyebrows knit together as he tries to place the brown, pony tailed man heading up the street, vaguely recalling him from somewhere. He watches the man pause, in front of his tree, to shift the bags of groceries in his arms while struggling to keep hold of the umbrella.

Sai gazes at the man as he opens his sketch book and starts to sketch the man before him, there something about him that catches his attention in a way few things have. His eyes follow the man who begins to move off and watches him go before rising and following him from a distance.

Following him to an apartment complex, Sai pauses and carefully climbs the tall tree nearby the building. His gaze never faltering as he watches the man climb to the fourth floor and juggle the bags then reaches for the door to open it. It swinging open on it’s own before he can even touch the doorknob. Another man is standing there, partial covered in shadows from the light spilling out behind him. The taller one reaches and removes the bags from the brown-haired man before guiding him inside.

The door shuts and Sai turns his attention on the lit window that can only belong to the apartment the man vanished into. Soon enough, the two men appear in the kitchen and begin placing the groceries away.

Sai cocks his head to the side and studies the scene before him, suddenly placing the taller, silver haired man. Surprise flickers across his face as the silver haired man reaches up and peels his mask down then pulls the other man close, kissing him on the mouth fiercely.

The rain starts to come down harder, working its’ way between the leaves and branches shielding him. Looking up, a drop of water lands on his nose before he wipes it off and turns his attention back to the window. The two older men just holding each other now, clearly speaking. The darker of the two lightly touches the paler one on the cheek, asking something. A nod and smile is his response as his companion tugs him closer to bury his face into his hair.

Relief surges across the scarred man’s face as he hugs his partner then releases him, stepping back. His mouth moves and stares sternly at him before moving past towards the oven. A glance over his shoulder, he motions for the other one to get to work. A leering grin is flashed at him as he gets to work on cutting up vegetables.

Watching all of this, Sai feels a sudden longing to have something similar. He turns his gaze from the window and up towards the sky as it rains; unable to watch anymore and rises to his feet to leave. Giving those two the privacy that they deserve.

One final thought passes through his mind as he moves to the other side of the tree, preparing to head to his own empty apartment.

‘It looks like the sky is crying.’
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