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Peepshow Fox

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Watanuki and Doumeki get a little surprise in the middle of the night. Written for an LJ story challenge.

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Disclaimer: They belong to the wonderful group known as Clamp. Just borrowing 'em. And to be all honest, the more I read this one, the less I'm happy with it. Ah well, my friend thought it was great and since it was written for her, I'll just cope.


A pair of small black eyes open as the snakelike fox moves towards the partly open bedroom door. The fox peers around the edge of the door and slides forward, heading towards the groans and moans filling the air of the room. He pauses a few feet away, rising up to see better. Movement visible in the moonlight spilling in through the large windows.



The breathless whisper causes the small spirit to inch further some more until he is nearly right next to the futon. His slender body swaying side to side before he dives into the covers. Shrieks instantly fill the air as the smaller of the two boys starts to flail around wildly.


Silence (if you ignore Watanuki's screams.)


Frantic movement.



"You have a peeping fox, idiot."

"......YOU.....YOU....YOU IDIOT! GET OFF ME!!!"

A shrug then he pulls back and settles down at the foot of the futon as Watanuki frantically digs around for the pipefox as it slithers along his body, trying not to laugh from the feel of the fur on bare skin. He finally catches it and jerks it away from his groin. The fox just blinks innocently then stretches his body out to rub against his master's cheek, little hearts appearing around his head. ".....Shizuka....I think you're right..."


"What now?"

"Throw it back and shut the door."

"Huh? Wah! WAIT! WHAT ARE YOU...Oh........"


The little fox rolls over and stares at the now closed door where the noises are coming from before slinking off to find a place to sleep.
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