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Missing you

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Quatre goes to find Trowa after being separated for several months. Will he find him? LJ story challenge fic.

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Disclaimer: Nope, not mine. In any way, shape or form. Just borrowing them for a little while. XD


Shielding his eyes with a hand, Quatre gazes across the open fairgrounds that the circus is filling up. His blue eyes flicker around as he searches for the person he traveled all this way to see. He lowers his arm and starts moving, heading towards the largest tent as he hopes someone can tell him where to find his partner. They having been seperated for months now and misses the taller man. "Excuse me." He stops one of the clowns, smiling politely. "May I ask if you know where I could find Trowa Barton, please?"

The man eyes him suspiciously then his face breaks out into a smile as he recognizes the young man. "Mister Winner. Haven't seen you around. Last I saw of Trowa, he was in his trailer. Over that way." He points the blonde in the right direction then pats him on the back. "You'll be staying for the show?"

"Yes, I am." He smiles then thanks him before heading towards the trailers, thankful that he didn't ask why he hasn't been around recently. After coming to the trailers, he stops and looks at them, trying to remember which one is Trowa's. A smile spreads across his face as he notices it and immediately heads towards it. Skirting the small puddle of mud, he climbs the stairs, he pauses then lifts a hand to knock when the door flings open, knocking him off the stairs and flat on his ass in the middle of a mud puddle.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" A female voice cuts through the air as a pair of feet appears at the edge of his vision. He blinks dirty water from his eyes as he lifts a muddy hand to brush damp bangs back out of his eyes. "Quatre? Here, let me help you up." Hands latch onto him and haul him to his feet. He comes face to face with his partner's sister who looks embarressed and concerned. "Are you alright?"

Nodding, he gives her a small smile as he accepts the small towel she's holding out to him, drying off his face. "I'm fine, Catherine. It was an accident, nothing more." Hesitates in handing the towel back to her, looking from the now wet and mud-streaked towel to her, not sure what to do with it. " Trowa around?"

"Give me that!" She snatches the towel from him and grabs his arm with her free hand, hauling him towards the trailer. "He's inside getting ready for tonight. You, however, are going to take a shower to clean up, while you're doing that I'll go find you something else to wear and have your clothing washed." He stops understanding what she's saying when he sees Trowa standing there, watching them in what can only be called amusement.



"Ummm...." His voice uncertain as he stands there, craving to touch his partner but at the same time, doesn't want to get his clothing covered in mud. Catherine rolls her eyes from behind him as she moves past to go raid Trowa's closet for something to give Quatre after he showers.

With a long-suffering sigh yet a small smile on his face, Trowa stalks forward, grabbing the smaller man in a tight grip as he leans down to press a kiss against his mouth, speaking against his lips. "I missed you."

Smiling brightly, Quatre returns the kiss just as deeply.

"I missed you too."
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