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Everybody Tie Your Shoes, Clap Clap

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Flying playstation controllers? Monster energy drinks? Pandas? MCR? COFFEE? What more could you want?

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Bob didn’t really want to go to that bar or whatever- but hell. He was bored out of his mind; why not?
It was kind of quiet, actually. A quiet band played on-stage, a few people were scattered in groups around the room. There was this one girl that looked so familiar- but he couldn’t place a name.
“Hey Bob, drinking game! C’mon!” No, he wouldn’t get drunk tonight.
“Not tonight, Frankie.” Came the reply as he sat next to the band, shaking his head.

The girl got totally wasted. Bob kept thinking how easy it would be to take advantage of her- just go over there and get a number, give her a kiss like he wanted to do.
“Ooh, Bobbie, truth or dare?” Twiddling a beer bottle in his hands, Mikey gave a sly smirk.
“Dare, Mikes. I’ll go with dare.” There were some ‘oohs’ among the band, and Bob instantly knew it was a mistake.
- - - -
God, I was totally wasted. And this guy to my right- he was really hot... I think. I kept telling myself I was drunk, nothing was real and I wouldn’t remember it in the morning, but I still wanted to kiss the boy.
He might’ve been ugly as hell, actually- I couldn’t tell right then.

Slowly, he approached and gave a sheepish ‘hi.’ Giving him a nod as he sat down, I took another drink of my beer.
“I don’t want to seem... Eh... Like I’m just going to make out with some random girl at a bar or anything, so I’ll just put it straight. My friends over there dared me to come over here and make out with you. I don’t know you or anything, and blah blah, blah blah. Blah blah blah blah, blah blah... So I’ll just make this short. Blah blah blah, blah blah. Only if blah blah you.” Most of his words I didn’t comprehend, but I didn’t care. Giving him a nod and a crooked smile, I leaned forward and kissed him, gently at first.

I made it to the bus, flexing my fingers as far as I could make them go. At least I wasn’t right handed... That would’ve been terrible. Running a hand through my messy, wavy brunette hair, I met up with Ian as I walked into the bus.
“Fucking sprained.” I muttered, walking into the kitchen and grabbing a Monster before sitting down next to Ian. Just before I opened it, he snapped awake.
“Oh, sorry. We were going to stay at the hospital, but Syn got into a fight with some doctor and they kicked us out. And at the bar... You were making out with some guy so we left you alone. I’m gonna go to bed... G’night.” Giving him a nod, I opened the drink.
“Wait a minute, I don’t have to stay awake. I can go to sleep! Hah!” As I was stumbling towards the bunks where the others were sleeping, I realized something.
We were meeting the band in four hours. The band we were touring with... I didn’t even know who it was.
“Fuck! It’s six o’clock already!” Syn stirred, glared at me, and flicked me off. “Sorry.” I said, taking a swig of the drink. If I went to sleep right then, I wouldn’t wake up in time to get the guys up. Alarm clocks all broke when I set them too early one day... I was their alarm clock instead.

I couldn’t believe I actually made out with that hot guy at the bar. Still I didn’t know his name, all I remembered was his taste... And a lip ring, yes... A lip ring. I liked lip rings.
Wait, I had to like lip rings, because I had one. Didn’t I? Licking my lips, I felt it instantly.
“Lip rings are cool...” Smiling, I fell into the kitchen. “Cofffeeeeeeee, ah, sweet coffee. There should be a song like that.” There was still cold coffee in the coffee maker from that morning, so I poured it into a cup and dumped mass amounts of sugar in it. “What do you do when you finish your energy drink? Oh, oh, oh, coffeeeee....Everybody now...No, the shoe tying song! Everybody tie your shoes clap clap. Everybody tie your shoes clap clap. Everybody tie your shoes, I don’t care about you. Everybody tie your shoes, clap clap. Wheee!” A shoe flew from the bunk to smash into the counter where I was drinking my coffee.
“Shut the fuck up! You know what I’m gonna do? Next time we have an interview, I’m bringing this up!”
“Shut the fuck up, Syn!”
“You shut the fuck up, Ian!”
“Everybody fucking shut the fucking fuck up!” Ben’s voice overpowered ours.
“I didn’t know fuck could fuck.” As I muttered that, a Playstation controller smashed into my side.
- - - -
“They probably got totally wasted last night.” Frankie said with a chuckle, biting into his microwaved pancake.
“No shit. The guy’s wrist is sprained, what would you want to do?” Bob said from the kitchen as he made his Pop Tarts in the toaster. As the Pop Tarts popped, a realization struck him. That girl he kissed last night- she looked a lot like Panda. And her right wrist- it had a cast on it.
“Just a coincidence.” Shaking his head, his girlfriend’s ringtone echoed from somewhere. “Shit!” The boy cursed, scrambling towards the sound. Finally, reaching the cell phone, Bob flipped it open. “Alexa? Yeah, sure, sure babe... Hey what’s wrong? O-okay, I’m on my way.” Closing the cell phone, he stood from his bunk where he had found the phone. Checking to make sure he had pants on, Bob slid the phone in his pocket and walked towards the door. “Peace out, guys. Going to see Alexa.” There were murmurs of agreements and such.

A banging on the door startled Gerard into consciousness. Who the hell was at the door? They were parked in the middle of New Jersey, on their way to... New York, maybe? Who the hell knew where they were?
“Time to meet... Me... In all my freakin’ glory. Kiss it, bitches.” Came a murmured slurring of words from outside.
“Panda, shut the fuck up!”
“You shut the fuck up, Ian!”
“Everybody shut the fuck up, all right? I’m not in the mood!”
“Are you kidding me? You? Not in the mood? If anything, Panda was the one who got totally wasted last night. Seriously. He’s probably not even comprehending what I’m saying.” Oh, right, Gerard thought, The band that was supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago to “chat.”
“Um, hello?” Came Gerard’s voice, tired as he opened the door. Four men stood outside.
“Panda, don’t fucking say anything.” One said, who had a red, medium-sized mohawk with black sides.
“I’m not saying anything, Syn. I never was. But now I did. Ah! Statement. Trick statement. Jerk.” Said a boy with black hair that swerved around his head and cut into his right eye, who was chewing on a green guitar pick and clutching a fake panda to his chest.
“Bitch.” Muttered the other.
“Shut up! We’re trying to fucking get a place to stay for like, a day, and you’re fucking screaming at each other!” The larger one stood up for them, shaking his red haired head.
“Oh, snap, it’s Gerard!” The boy- Panda, his name was- said with wide eyes.
“‘Ello.” Gerard gave his princess wave and then Ian straightened.
“Shut up, Panda. Hiya Gerard. Our bus crashed into a tree...” All eyes glared at Panda.
“It wasn’t my fault! Ahhh... Headache. Ignore me...” Sliding to the pavement, the boy closed his eyes. Gerard bit his lip and continued to hold the door open.
“Try and pretend that we didn’t say anything. Anyway, we’re on the same tour, and we have no place to go, so... Eh... How you doing? Aren’t you from New Jersey or something?”


I know it's still messed up.
Hope you can read it well...

R E V I E W = L O V E
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