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A collection of five 100-word drabbles. All told from Brennan's viewpoint. Major, major spoilers for the Christmas episode, "The Man in the Fallout Shelter".

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Disclaimers: I do not own nor make a profit from this. Rightful owners are Josephson Entertainment and Far Field Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television.

Warning: Stop if you don't want to be spoiled! Major spoilers for the Christmas episode, "The Man in the Fallout Shelter".


Additional Author's Notes: Last warning about spoilers.
Here is a little background so that this makes sense: Each 100 word drabble represents Dr. Brennan's thoughts as she watched her quarantined friends meet with their families through the protective glass door at the Jeffersonian after a biological decontaminate was released inside the building.


Dr. Daniel Goodman

The twin girls looked so happy to see their father. Tempe overheard the children babbling, trying to out talk each other. She heard her boss laugh at the girls' speculation that Santa was in Florida and headed towards their house.

She knew that Goodman would give anything to be home. To be the one tucking them in and reading them the coveted story, "'Twas the Night Before Christmas". She knew that he would happily dress in a Santa Claus suit and place the wrapped gifts under the tree. She knew he would have done anything to be with his family.

Zack Addy

Tempe's mouth fell open as a clan of Zack's relatives invaded the lobby of the Jeffersonian. She was surprised to see practically his entire family from Michigan in DC. She could almost feel the love between kin and saw Zack's boyish reflection in the glass. She knew she treated Zack like a kid sometimes, but he was a genius and she was grateful that Goodman had allowed her to teach such a person, who was ready, willing, and able to learn. She felt a lump grow in her throat when she saw the parting look between Zack and his parents.

Dr. Jack Hodgins

Jack's girlfriend was gorgeous; she was tall and had long, brown hair. Tempe didn't even know he had a girlfriend but guessed by Angela's whispers to Zack that no one knew. They all just assumed he was making up some girl in Quebec to be his personal masseuse for the Christmas holiday. The thought did cross her mind that Jack could have been stretching the truth, but there was no doubt that he definitely did have holiday plans.

She overheard some of Jack's conversation to the woman. The dialogue was completely in French. Something else Tempe didn't know about Jack.

Special Agent Seeley Booth
(Also spoiler for "A Boy in a Bush")

Tempe watched the FBI agent pace back and forth. Goodman stood off to the side watching, also. The way Seeley kept eagerly looking for Parker made it hard for Tempe to watch. When Sid brought the young boy to the glass, Tempe had never seen Seeley so happy. The way Seeley knelt down and placed his hands on the glass in an effort to touch his son tugged at Tempe's heartstrings. She never knew Seeley had a son. The revelation had shocked her, especially after they had discussed children and how the Sanders case had affected everyone at the Jeffersonian.

Angela Montenegro

When the bearded gentleman approached the glass, Tempe thought that it had to be a mistake. The man didn't resemble her best friend at all. She recalled Angela's words and studied what she could see of the man. She didn't recognize him, but Zack and Jack must have since she heard their whispers and saw Goodman shoot them a warning glare. Tempe smiled as she watched Angela and her father interact. They talked quietly, and she could hear her friend laugh at a few things her father must have said. They seemed more like strangers than relatives. Tempe wondered why.
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