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Next To Mine

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Only mere curiosity made him look. Post WWRY. Scaraleo.

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Next to Mine

Rating: T

Setting: Europrecinct of Planet Mall, Lake Geneva. July 12, 2337. (Points to those who realize the significance of that date)

Word Count: 645

Warnings: Character Death, massive angst.

The Seven Seas of Rhye, now once again known as Lake Geneva, despite their reputation were actually rather beautiful. The trees and flowers had water to grow. It was secluded. There were few buildings in the area, aside from the old bar and the small cottage built there.

The rivers, slowly winding into the lake that was almost as low as it was three hundred years before. The trees, surrounding the lake and providing shade to counteract the heat. The animals, seen almost nowhere but near the Seas were hidden among the foliage. It was peaceful. It was perhaps the best place that Galileo Figaro could be.

Only mere curiosity made him look. He hadn't thought about those days since, well, since she had died. It had been exactly twenty years since he fulfilled the legend, and almost twenty years since he had been on the internet; an amazing feat for someone who was once a GaGa.

He found it somewhat ironic; the Dreamer being a GaGa. The first step is admitting you have a problem, he had seen on a pah-ster once. It had been a few years after his first dream that he realized the problems of the world; realized that he was different. A few years afterward, he finally threw off the moniker of "GaGa", and a few after that, truly become Galileo Figaro.

It was almost funny; Killer Queen had come back to power afew years before the Great Crash of 2321 and had started a war against the Bohemians, using old soldiers who had not been freed by the power of Rock. Khashoggi had fought on their side this time, commanding the Bohemian forces from the Seven Seas.

For two years, Galileo had fought to protect the free will that he had established. That was when she... Scaramouche... died... He remembered the exact words he had Dreamed, and had sent their foe: "tell the Queen of Rhye she's lost her throne". Killer Queen had been defeated, at his hands, which provided some comfort for their losses.

He had gotten scars. His eyes were no longer filled with aboyish charm, but appeared weary after the years of fighting to destroy Globalsoft once and for all. Galileo couldn't even remember what he looked like before.

He no longer remembered his 'real' name either; it had been two decades since he used it, after all. He supposed that he could have asked the former Commander, whose memory was as good as one's could get, but somehow he felt that he had to find out for himself.

After the Crash, much of the data stored on the internet had been wiped away. Hell, he was half expecting to not be able to connect as it was, but he did find an ancient computer with a wireless card that surprisingly worked. Sheer, dumb luck was what had kept this particular website functioning.

Curiosity fried the computer chip, he had once been told. But despite all he had been through, he had maintained his curiosity. So he looked online.

How he found it, he didn't know, but somehow he had gotten onto the Virtual High homepage, ironically not updated since the music had returned. A section was dedicated to alumni, and he looked through the Class of 2317.

He scanned through the photos for a while, pausing to consider which might be him. www/Gordon (at) theJoneses (dot) com. Yes, that looked right. Especially considering he could make out the dark blue shirt that no GaGa would ever wear. He remembered some of the faces, memories flowing back. That one was the one who never talked to me... Oh, she was the one that asked me out in year three.

But then, as he looked at the picture beside him, he saw something he never thought he would see again.

Her picture was next to his.
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