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Sweet Talk 101

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meet Darla, younger sister of a vampire.

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"What in the hell was that all about, Darla? We were out there to hunt. When you knew he wasn't one of them you know what should have been done. We were watching you to make sure no one attacked you, but you KNOW none of them will attack you unless they believe you are alone!"

Peter was practically screaming at Darla as she sat in an oversized chair picking out dirt from her black lacquered nails. She was uninterested in the things he had to say, and was not above showing it.

"Shut your goddamn face, Peter. For one thing, you're right, they fucking know not to attack unless I am alone. And on top of that they know you would never leave me alone so that right there is fucking stupid reason to keep using me as bait! And not everything is about you and the fucking dandies. Sometimes I want to have some FUN. I know you have forgotten all about it since William got to you, and I KNOW you have Joe and Andy brainwashed into thinking there is nothing more to the world than hunting down your enemies, but I haven't forgotten that there is an outside world that is amazing and fun and waiting for me. Who knows how long I'll have to be in it, so please please please stop trying to take away what time I have.'

Darla stood up, ignoring Pete's calls threats to sit down and listen to him. There was nothing more she wanted to do right then to run, but because of him she knew she couldn't. She had to wait for the cover of day to hide from them all. She was turning down a hall, headed through the warehouse that they called both work and home, she ran right into someone. His longer brown hair was wavey and his labrey was pierced. He wasn't wearing a shirt, was dripping in sweat, and looked to be carrying drum sticks.

"Hey, Andy. Sorry. Training for fights or playing your drums?" She smiled slightly, looking down as he squeezed one of them and the end of the stick grew into a blade. She had created the toy in her friend's hand and was glad he was finally using it.

"Training, Darla darling. Pete's been on my case all week about amping it up and how William is going to attack soon, so I thought I would try these. They are amazing, by the way." She smiled and nodded, thanking him for his kind words.

"But Pete's been on everyone's case lately. He is turning into such... such a Dandy." She spat the word out like it were a poison she was expelling from her body. Andy looked at her in shock. That was an insult worse than anything she could have come up with.

"Darla Wentz. How dare you say something like that about your own brother? He loves you and only wants to protect you. You should know that by now, especially after everything that has happened."

Andy was actually upset with Darla as he said this, even though she had only meant what she said as a joke. A dark joke, of course, but a joke none the less. To be honest, there was no one she knew who was as laid back as the three boys she lived with. Of course, when the time was right, they would be willing to kill to save one another. So, to avoid the upcoming fight with someone she cares about, Darla shrugs, apologizes, then leaves. She didn't want to deal with it. She never does. Andy knew that when he opened his mouth, and silently Darla wondered why he ever bothered speaking to begin with.

When she made it to her bedroom she locked the door behind her. It was another rule of her brother's that she was breaking. What if he needed to get in there? What if the Dandies attacked? What if there was a fire and she was trapped? She didn't care about any of that. The only thing she wanted to care about was the things an 18-year-old girl should have to care about. She wanted to worry about boys and makeup and clothes. The last boy she worried about turned out to be using her to get to her brother. The only makeup she had she was forced to share with her brother, Andy and Joe. The same went for her clothes. Only the boy thing had to do with her brother, and the fact that he was who he was. The rest was just because she lived in a house with three boys.

"And they want to make it four? The fourth this, the fourth that. So fucking what? When the fourth comes, everything will change. I am so sick and tired of looking for this magical fourth. There are four of us here, and yet until the fourth shows up I'll always just be the bait." Darla flipped over onto her stomach before issuing a scream into her pillow that could have destroyed a five-bedroom; two-story house. And the two-car garage addition. Sometimes life was brutal.
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