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Twilit Hierarchy

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Over the horizons of peace and tranquility peak darkness and despair. Skies blacken, clouds gray and twilight is the only sunshine. Novelization of Twilight Princess.

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-The Prologue-

Sunlight, unadulterated by any visible blemish shone gallantly, grinning over the villages, towns and castles below. Mountainsides, crested with iridescent beauty and uncanny terrain returned the favor, painting all of Hylia with the unmistakable aroma of peace.

Amidst the rolling hills of warm, velveteen grass and pristine creeks, frogs and turtles alike crouching at their shores, sat the cobblestone streets of Castle Town. Undoubtedly its source of pride, wealth and name, Hyrule Castle formed the thoroughfare's northern borders, surrounded strategically by miles of outer-wall.

A single café, situated at one end of the city square, bustled with activity. The clerk, a plump woman with earrings which dangled peculiarly beside her jaw, leaned over the bar-topped counters. Her blue eyes, filled with majestic fascination, focused intently on a young couple chatting vociferously by the door.

"We should get married!" the woman exclaimed, clutching her boyfriend's hands tightly, "tomorrow!"

"Yes, yes we should!" he returned, his form quaking with joy.

"Now hold on, you two," the clerk paused, a pleasant smile gracing her lips, "I made the same mistake when I was young and ended up marrying the man that damn near drove me insane."

"Oh, but, Marion," gasped the girl, referring to the clerk's surname, "Madame Fanadi saw us with an everlasting life together!"

"Maria, I just hope you don't rush yourself into anything you're regret later on, love."

"Marion," the man suddenly grew stern, releasing Maria's hands, which fell defeatedly to the table, "I have regretted many a choice in my lifetime, but anything related to Maria I am sure not to."

"As you wish, Talus," Marion sighed heavily, wiping her palms about her apron in feverish anxiety, "you have my blessing."

Pleasure, happiness, soared through the two, evidently resulting in them grasping each other, their lips coming in contact soon after. A teacup, adorned in a floral ambrosia, fell to the floor, shattering instantly, an elderly man snort with disdain, but neither tore them apart, for they lost themselves in the moment, Talus' hand falling down her back. The arrival of a soldier, bloodied and terrified, however, intercepted any further goings on.

"Marion..." the arrival stopped short, groping for anything to lean on. Marion in turn provided a chair; cursing with bewilderment all the same, "the castle... it's... under attack."

"Wh-what?" she demanded, dapping hopelessly at a wound relenting his forearm with her sleeve.

Outside, oblivious to the specks of blood into which he had trodden through, a Goron jogged breathlessly across the courtyard. His flesh, yellowed and tough, shone with the droplets of spring water in which he had just previously doused himself with. Eventually, he came to a stop before the figure of yet another Goron, strikingly similar to even him, if not for the slight size difference.

"What's the news, o' brother?" the Goron opposite him inquired, his facial expression grotesque but far from unlike how it usually seemed.

"Town's talking, brother, about the castle. Something, dunno what, is very, very wrong in there," his voice was drawl with exasperation, but deep nevertheless.

"As goes the legend, o' great brother, as goes the legend." The larger Goron sighed, nodding in mournful agreement.

"Say, brother, do you think...?"

"-that the legendary tale will ever end? No, dear brother, I do not."
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