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America's Most Wanted (Rockstar Addition)

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Uh ohhhhhh

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The next day, Joe woke up early with a bright idea. He was going to have a party. Although, he wasn't quite sure what for. Patrick's birthday had already passed, and no one elses birthday was for another few months. Maybe, it would just be a small party where him and his friends got together to hang out.
Once he rose from his bed, he decided to go into Pete's bedroom, to see if he wanted to accompany him on his trip. He walked into the room and stood above the bassists head. With one full swing of a pillow, Pete sat up.

"What the fuck, Joe?" He yawned.

"Sorry Pete. Wanna go in town with me?"

"Uh..No." He layed back down in bed to go to sleep.

"C'mon Wentz. It'll be fun. Plus, what are you gonna do all day? Nothing, unless you come with me. Meet me downstairs in three minutes." Joe skipped happily out of the room and down to the kitchen.

He waited patiently for his friend to hurry up and get his ass downstairs. Finally, after eating three bowls of cereal, he finally came down the stairs, still in his pajama's.

"Finally!" Joe stood up and opened up the door.

He paused. "Why arent you dressed?"

Pete looked at him. "What? I'm not allowed to go shopping in my pj's?"

Joe shrugged his shoulders and went out the door. Pete slowly followed behind after getting on his Converse. They both jumped into the car and drove.

"So, where are we going?" Pete finally asked.

Joe smirked. "It's a suprise."

"Ok then." Pete went back to looking out the window.

15 minutes later

"Ok, close your eyes." Joe said as he pulled into a misterious parking lot.

Pete put his hand over his eyes.

"Where are you taking me? Wait! Don't tell me....Your taking me to Dairy Queen aren't you! No! Wait....Aw Joe, are you gonna get me a rabbit?"

"No no silly. It's even better than that." Joe giggled.

"Ok, now keep your eyes shut. I'm gonna lead you inside."

Pete was building up with excitement.

Joe lead his blind friend into the large store. He yanked Pete's hand away from his face and yelled, "Suprise!"

Pete opened his eyes to reveal a store full of balloons and party things. Without saying a word Pete turned around and went to run out the door. Joe leaned over and grabbed the back of his shirt.

"Where do you think your going, mister?" He asked in a baby voice.

"Joe! You don't understand! This was the party store me and Andy talked about! We stole from here! Don't you remember?!"

Before Joe could answer, a cop came around the corner and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. "Your under arrest, son." The cop came walking towards Pete.

"There is no WAY i am going back to jail." With that, he turned around and ran out the building with Joe right behind him.

They both ran and got into the car. While Joe used the door, Pete ran and jumped through the open window.

"Drive Trohman, drive!"
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