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it'll all be okay... i promise

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umm just a little dream ok so yea this just something i just wrote on the top of my head when i was bored. a one shot thing..enjoy.

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* Brooke's dream in the past*

okay so Brooke knew Gerard, frank, and Mikey since she was born but unfortunately had to move to Arizona with her mom when she turned 4. she wrote to the boys she met Ray when she turned 12 the boys brought him with them from Jersey for my 12th birthday. from then on the boys came out to Arizona every year for my birthday and that was the day I looked forward to all year oh and Christmas too I got to go back home to Jersey to visit my family for Christmas and of course I would hang out with the guys. I remember one year frank and me got a whole bunch of trash cans and we got the tops so we each got one well me and Gerard were racing down this hill and there was trees down the hill ((we didn’t think things threw)) well we were racing and it was going pretty good I was winning when I felt him bump into me then we were like 2 inches away from each other and then all of sudden I felt both of us just stumbling down this hill and there was about 5 more feet of hill. I felt him kick me then all of a sudden he was gone I kept going and crashed into a tree I tried to get up but the pain all I could do is scream I turned out I broke 3 of my fingers and broke my leg. ha-ha Gerard the sweet heart he was picked me up and I screamed it hurt A LOT. he just laughed I started yelling at him I remember he covered my eyes while I was yelling and a all of sudden are lips just collided it was amazing I just kissed back I didn’t try to fight back I was liking this he then stopped and took his hand off my eyes and just gave me one of his famous half smiles. then I just started to yell at him again. I pretended like none of the guys saw that. I wasn’t ready to face reality. I was only 13. I'm not saying that I was to young to have my first kiss I'm just saying I was shocked, this wasn’t in my plans. then It happened me and Gerard were together like a couple. a year had passed me and Gerard were no longer together just friends but still best friends. the next year the boys came for the summer the whole summer I was so happy the first thing we did was go take the sea doo's out and go to the river I know I was supposed to be 16 to drive the sea doo but I did anyways- I now liked Frankie. I had a huge crush on him. I remember now my mom and dad were back together and my big sister lived with us now we were living in a trailer on the river. we only lived there for the summer. I remember there was this dock and the security guard Mr. McClellan was always asleep. so me and frank thought that if he was asleep that we could run on the dock so we started out good but he woke up rite when we jumped off into the river oh my god he was mad hot really he pulled me by the arm and threw me on the dock he did the same to frank he sat us on the dock me and frank silent. he looked at me and tackled me so he was on top of me....I was 14.... only 14 and I honestly thought he was going to fuck me there on the dock luckily he didn’t... ha-ha false alarm. he just kissed me the first time very passionate the second force full I wasn’t doing anything to show him I really liked him so he stopped I kissed back just as forceful as he kissed me we rolled over and over and over until we fell in the river. then me and frank had a go at it we were together for 2 years until we broke up.... I made out with Mikey a couple times too and with ray ive made out with all the boys...I feel like a slut... I remember as the years got longer I saw the boys less and less. they never called or never wrote I didn’t see them again until I was 20 frank had a girl friend named Jamia... she was fairly attractive and I thought she was so nice too me. then it was Mikey ,mikey had a girlfreind named Alicia and well she was just as nice as Jamia gerard still still single also, so a couple years had past my chemical romance was now famous I was 27 and gerard 30 now gerard had a girl friend her name was Eliza she was nice but she got my nerves.... me still single... when gerard turned about I don’t know 26 he stopped drinking but me I didn’t. I drank and drank and drank. then finally gerard took me to a rehab center...that didn’t work. after a couple years I stopped but then I got fat, that got me really depressed. so from then on anything I ate I threw up... I became bulimic. the boys didn’t know that tho. .after that I started drinking again. and I got really sick. the boys were never home they were always on tour... I remember one year they came home and well someone was knocking on my door but I was in the bathroom I was really sick and I couldn’t stop throwing up so you know I just stayed there with my head in the toilet.. I heard the door open I couldn’t stop I heard someone call me I couldn’t say anything they were walking down the hall now there was more than one person I was dizzy and still throwing up then the door started to open when it opened I heard something drop on the ground it was glass I felt someone pull my hair back I looked to the side it was gerard. I finally stopped I looked up and he asked me if I was okay I just started to cry..I still loved him.... I thought it was all over when a big chunk of something came up gerard still holding my hair.. he was always there for me I was pretty sure I had nothing left to throw up so when I was done I just put my head on his chest and cried, there was someone in my room I didnt know who gerard helped me up but I fell I couldn’t walk I was so weak. he picked me up. and took me out of the bathroom there in my room was gerards fiancee Eliza I starred at her I just cried even more looking at her she was so lucky. he carried me too his car he kept telling me things would be ok he sat with me in the back of his car and eliza drove me to the hospital I remember they put me on a feeding tube they said my blood sugar was down 42 wich was really bad. I rmember the next morning gerard was in my room no eliza just him I had ivy in my wrists and these little sticky things on my chest. he was asleep...the nurse came in to take my blood sugar it was 75 today still really low. gerard started waking up. he told me to never scare him like that again he told me I was beautiful he said he slept in the hospital all night just to make sure I was okay...
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