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Chapter Twenty One

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Ashlee swings into the picture.

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Pete’s POV-

I miss William so much. I would find out later that in my life there would be times where I miss William more, but that’s then, and this is now.
I miss him so much. I haven’t seen him in 3 months, and even though we’re almost done with the album, we’re going on tour after.

“Pete, grab your fucking bass, we need you in here!” I heard Patrick yell from inside the recording room. I got up from behind the sound boxes, and switches and knobs, and grabbed my newest bass, as I went into the room.

“Take it from the top.” Patrick said, as me and Joe started the intro.

“Baby seasons change, but people don’t and I’ll always be waiting in the back of the room I'm boring but overcompensate with headlines and flash, flash, flash photography, don’t pretend you ever forgot about me, don’t pretend you ever forgot about me, wouldn’t you rather be a widow, then a divorcee, style your wake for fashion magazines, widow, or a divorcee, don’t pretend, d-d-d-don’t pretend.” Patrick sang. Then he stopped and let me and Joe play more of the intro and up to the part where he stopped, recording and things like this have to be taken in small steps.

“Pete, are you okay?” I heard, after Patrick finished the rest of the song.

I shook my head, I had been spacing out.

“Yeah-uh huh.” I said, looking down, then in back of me.

“Your sure?” Joe asked.

I nodded.

“Sure.” I said, running my fingers through my hair.

“Alright boys, that’s a rap. Let’s head back to the apartment.” Patrick said, putting his guitar in the corner, and leaving out the door.

“Hey, I’m going to swing by Starbucks. Meet you there?” I told Joe as I put my bass away.

“Sure, I’ll thee you there.” he lisped.

“Take it easy.” I said, grabbing my keys off the table, and skipping out to the car.

I headed off to Starbucks for a latte, and when I arrived, I parked the car, and started in.

I opened then door, and shoved my keys in my pockets.

I walked over to the line, and started to play with my feet a little, and pat my knees, looking down.

“Pete Wentz, hey!” I heard. I looked up, and smiled when I saw Ashlee Simpson. You know, that girl who sings the L.O.V.E song.

“Hey, nice meeting you!” I said, shaking her hand.

She giggled, and smiled at me. Same old whores, they draw me in.

“You too, I adore your band.” she said.

“And I l.o.v.e your music.” I said, cracking a smile, and hoping that the wrinkles around my eyes wouldn’t set off the older-then-you vibes. Maybe I could get some easy ass out of this one.

She laughed, quite bouncy for a lip syncer.

“Thanks baby. Hey, it’s your turn.” she said, pointing. I turned around, and smiled widely and cluelessly at the clerk.

“Hey Tiffany, can I just have a latte please and thanks?” I said.

The clerk smiled.

“Sure thing Pete.” she said, blushing.

Did I mention I was on first name basis with every employee of Starbucks here? It’s right down the street from the apartment we share for the recording, so I live here.

I heard Ashlee laugh.

“She’s not the only one you make blush.” she said.

“Oh, I’m well aware.” I said, not getting the hint.

I’m gay, remember?

She giggled.

“Wanna hang sometime?” she asked.

“Uh, sure. I mean, I’m working on an album, but I’m certain I could find time.” I said.

“Okay. That sounds great. Want my digits?” she asked.
“Um, sure.” I said, awkwardly. I hope she doesn’t think I like her. I mean, I’d screw around with her, but never would I like her.

“Okay, here they are.” she said, jotting them on my hand with a pen she had in her purse.

“You know, I’ve got a sidekick.” I said, stopping her.

“Oh, hehe, silly me.” she said, taking the phone I handed her.

She punched in her number, and handed back.

“Thanks.” I said.

“Pete, your coffee?” I heard.

“Thanks Tiff.” I said, grabbing my coffee, smiling at Ashlee, and heading towards the door.

“Bye Pete!” I heard Ashlee call.

“Bye.” I mumbled, heading home.

I got in my car, putting my coffee in the cup holder, and turned on the radio.

“DON’T BE SO SCARED WE WILL NOT LEAD YOU ON LIKE YOU’VE BEEN DOING FOR WEEKS!” the radio blasted in my ear. I jumped, and turned it down.

Why was Almost Here in the CD player? I definitely don’t remember putting it in.

I listened to it on the ride home, though.

I had to stop it though, because it reminded me how much I miss him.
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